Top Ten Reasons Why Sayaka Miki is Better Than Rainbow Dash

I dedicate this list to my friend, TwilightKitsune. So, yeah....I don't like RD. But that's my opinion. And I think Sayaka and Buttercup are better than her(Dash). And since there's a Buttercup Vs Rainbow Dash list. How about Sayaka Vs Rainbow Dash? Enjoy!

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1 Sayaka Suffers, While Rainbow Doesn't

Sayaka's soul and body aren't connected anymore, She made a wish for the boy she loved so he can play the violin again, But her wished backfired her eventually once a friend of hers told her that she also liked the boy Sayaka loves. And because she assumed herself to be a useless walking corpse, Pretending to be alive, she felt that she can't be with the boy she loved anymore and just gave up the bet. She was also mentally unstable. Evidence? She brutally killed a witch(well, they're supposed to. But her killing was a lot gruesome than most), she lost her mind and says things that she didn't meant, and became bipolar. Her death was also sad... And Rainbow Dash? Does she have to went through stuff like that? No! Dash has NO idea what suffering is. - MLPFan

That doesn't mean shes better

I felt really bad for Sayaka while Rainbow Dash saves the town just to be COOL. - DoritosAreLife

2 Sayaka Cares About Her Friends

It really gets me mad whenever they do an MLP cross over with let's say Madoka Magica or PPG, They made Rainbow Dash as Sayaka or Buttercup. Sayaka and Buttercup are good tomboys and cared for others, while Rainbow Dash doesn't really care about others. Sayaka should cutlass Rainbow Dash half or give Rainbow Dash a Witch kiss In her witch form so Rainbow Dash will kill herself or join Hitomi on the collective suicide incident. - MLPFan

Thanks for this list MLPFan. You are like Sayaka Miki. - TwilightKitsune

MLPFan, I agree RD is a jerk and I hate all the people make RD like Sayaka. It looks similar like Danny Phantom fans who make Danny as Chat Noir from Miraculous Ladybug. I'm not PMMM fan but I agree Sayaka is better than RD - ChatNoirFan18

3 Sayaka Doesn't Hunt Witches for the Grief Seeds, but They Protect People

Even familiars! That's another reason why I like Sayaka. And Rainbow Dash? Probably for self worth or bragging - MLPFan

I know right? I agree with you Twilight Kitsune. Even though I don't watch MLP anymore, I remember that episode. Rainbow Dash liked being popular so she saved the people for fame. Then her friends dressed up as mare do well and then Rainbow Dash was upset that her friends were getting the attention rather than her, so she acted like a brat about it. Then when RD realizes her friends were mare do well, she was all like "Why did you do that"?! I am glad her friends did that so she can learn that its not about fame. But like we said, RD never learns.

True, so true. Like when RD was acting really dumb in The Mysterious Mare Do Well, they proved that she only saves people for fame - TwilightKitsune

4 Sayaka Matures, While Rainbow Dash Still Acts Like a Brat

Sayaka knew her mistakes by herself, even that she was about to die. And Rainbow Dash, learns her lesson but acts like a brat in the next episode - MLPFan

5 Sayaka Can Fight Without Super Speed, While Rainbow Dash Uses Her Ability to Fly Fast All the Time
6 Sayaka is a Better Tomboy
7 Sayaka Loves Kyousuke, Even that He Assumed that She's Mocking Him

Sayaka visits him a lot, buys him rare CDs, and takes care of him when he's at the hospital. I never see Dash doing something like that - MLPFan

8 Rainbow Dash Would Probably Wish for "Awesomeness" but Sayaka Used Her Wish for Someone Else

Rainbow Dash "awesome"? Since when was she awesome? Never. By the way, I like this list MLPfan.

9 Sayaka is Actually Nicer Than Rainbow Dash

I have to agree with this one. - RoseWeasley

10 Rainbow Dash Only Thinks About Herself, While Sayaka Thinks About Others

Sayaka thought about her crush, Rainbow Dash only thinks about becoming a wonderbolt.

Sayaka got turned into a zombie just for Kyosoke - TwilightKitsune

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11 Sayaka Smokes More

Umm, when does Sayaka smoke exactly? I never saw her smoke - MLPFan

What? why do people think smoking is good! Its bad! I think Miku is cuter and nicer than RD but, she does not smoke

12 Sayaka is Hot
13 Sayaka is an Anime Character While Rainbow Dash is a Baby Show Character
14 Sayaka is For Adults While Rainbow Dash is For Kids
15 Sayaka Has Bigger Boobs

If you think that having bigger boobs makes you surperiour, then you need to get a life. - RoseWeasley

If you think this item or list is meant to be taken seriously, then you need to get a life. - Discord1

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