Top Ten Reasons Why "That Scene" in Infinity War Was the Most Emotional

The Top Ten

His Comments "Please, I Don't Wanna Go, " I Don't Wanna Go"

I flooded the movie theater with tears. also every time I watch it on dvd

That statement using very strong emotions always finds away to make viewers very emotional. Remember the 10th Doctor before he regenerated?

I've heard that that scene was ad-libbed. Anyways, yes, that was a very emotional scene. I really felt sorry for him. - TheFourthWorld

We all know what “that scene” is. You’re not fooling anyone.

It Lasted Longer Than the Rest
Hes Only 15

Yeah... - TheFourthWorld

Tony's Reaction

They even hugged! - TheFourthWorld

His Apology to Tony
The Music
The Silence as He Gets Dusted
It's One of the Last Scenes So It Sticks in Your Head More

Yes, it does. - TheFourthWorld

He Knows It's Going to Happen to Him Unlike the Rest
You Can Relate to Him the Most
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