Top 10 Reasons Why School is Good


The Top Ten

1 There are good subjects

Not a lot of good ones, this is wrong. - 4Noobs

Yeah, very few... - 3DG20

Especially History, that's my favorite! - Piplup

And there are trash ones. - mattstat716

2 It's fun

Nobody classifies the education system as fun.. Not even the most ingenious people in our society today. - 4Noobs

I guess if you consider sitting in a room writing on papers all day to be fun... - 3DG20

Depends on what you classify as "fun" - mattstat716

*plays Lie by Halsey* because this is a LIIIEEE LIIIEE I

3 Teachers are nice

Some... - BorisRule

some are - Pokemonfan10

Outright wrong. - 4Noobs

Most of the teachers I’ve had actually beg to differ... - 3DG20

4 There are cute girls

Yet a lot of the 'cute' girls turn out to be rude and complete crazies. - 4Noobs

This is irrelevant, since this can be applied to the movies, shopping, general walking in the park... - mattstat716

Okay? Most of those “cute” girls are bitches too, so what’s your point? - 3DG20

5 You can't swear in class

I love that about school - DrayTopTens

Swearing means you have a higher IQ according to research. Sorry to all you people who hate it, but It's true. - 4Noobs

Actually, there's reports that swearing is good for your health, so... - mattstat716

Mattastat shut up your teaching kids to swear do u kiss your mother woth that mouth

6 You can learn about the history of Romans

Yep, as opposed to learning stuff that’ll actually help us in the future. - 3DG20

Doesn't mean the way you learn about it is fun/good. - mattstat716

7 The lunch is delicious

Nobody considers lunch delicious unless they come from Harvard. And the only reason Harvard has good food is because the kids that go there are just treated well because they fell too deep into the education system. - 4Noobs

I guess if you consider cardboard to be delicious, but I don’t. - 3DG20

8 Elementary school is fun

No, the only fun part about it was leaving. - 3DG20

*Before the 2000's. - 4Noobs

Not all the time

*used to be - mattstat716

9 The bags are fun to carry on your back

Not if they weigh over 30 lbs

If your back can handle heavy backpacks. - BorisRule

If you have a strong back, maybe easy. Not fun though. - 4Noobs

... depends. - mattstat716

10 It keeps adults away from kids

Ahh a poop don't be friends with the poop tjat spreads hate a I'm invading now

Kids are annoying according to Piplup, so him being seperated from them for a god 6 or 7 hours will do him good.Added this for you,buddy. - DapperPickle

Piplup I think kids are annoying too, but you take your hatred for them way too far... - 3DG20

I kind of agree with this one. It’s especially beneficial if your parents abuse you for stupid reasons. - 3DG20

The Contenders

11 You can leave it

Yes I want to leave and never go back - Bammer73

12 You learn
13 You can destroy it

I wish *sobs* - Oliversky

14 You can dance in class

I hate dancing. - 3DG20

Wait, if you are talking about a performing arts class, then I could see. But would you want to be stared at by the history teacher by doing this? - SpectralOwl

Uh, no? - mattstat716

15 They give you tons of homework and everybody loves homework


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