Top 10 Reasons Why School is Good


The Top Ten

1 There are good subjects

Especially History, that's my favorite! - Piplup

And there are trash ones. - mattstat716

2 It's fun

Depends on what you classify as "fun" - mattstat716

*plays Lie by Halsey* because this is a LIIIEEE LIIIEE I

3 Teachers are nice

Not all of them. - mattstat716

4 There are cute girls

This is irrelevant, since this can be applied to the movies, shopping, general walking in the park... - mattstat716

5 You can't swear in class

Actually, there's reports that swearing is good for your health, so... - mattstat716

Mattastat shut up your teaching kids to swear do u kiss your mother woth that mouth

6 The lunch is delicious
7 You can learn about the history of Romans

Doesn't mean the way you learn about it is fun/good. - mattstat716

8 Elementary school is fun

Not all the time

*used to be - mattstat716

9 It keeps adults away from kids

Ahh a poop don't be friends with the poop tjat spreads hate a I'm invading now

Kids are annoying according to Piplup, so him being seperated from them for a god 6 or 7 hours will do him good.Added this for you,buddy. - DapperPickle

10 The bags are fun to carry on your back

... depends. - mattstat716

The Contenders

11 You can dance in class

Wait, if you are talking about a performing arts class, then I could see. But would you want to be stared at by the history teacher by doing this? - SpectralOwl

Uh, no? - mattstat716

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