Top Ten Reasons Why School Is Great

The Top Ten Reasons Why School Is Great

1 Friends

Yeah it nice to have school friends in school - trains45

Yeah, no... Most of the time you're friends turn out to be backstabbers. If you want friends that will stay your friends, find Asian and Indian people. They most of the time turn out to be the most trustworthy. (No, I'm not racist. This is what I found out by experience and observation in High School.) - 4Noobs

I don't have any friends

I know a lot of people always say they don't have friends in their School but luckily for me, I make friends with mostly upper graders. We always talk about games everyday and he at least cares about me and respect each others opinion on something. - Hoenn4Ever

2 Gym

I agree gym was a fun class some games were fun - trains45

It's good if you're not too fat and not too skinny. Oh, wait... Yeah, most kids high school metabolism sucks. It just depends on your body and training. - 4Noobs

I hate gym! I'm terrible at it and I usually get hit in the face with a ball! At least one person has to trip each gym class! Besides, I thought sports were meant to be fun - there's no point grading us on them! And when you're the worst at sports/exercises in your class, despite being the smartest in everything else, you have to deal with some pretty painful taunts.

Yeah, the idiots skip it all they like and chill out while the rest of us, either thuggish jocks or people who actually care about school because of expectations, have to spend hours running around. I'm not sporty and personally, playing sport with screaming boys and girls who can't control their hormones terrifies me. - ArtyLily

3 Your Best Friend

Wait wait wait, What is friendship?

This + drama = sweet - triple9

Hanging with them is epic

4 Drama
5 Recess

I never had recess. ever

Recess doesn't exist in middle school and up :(

The best time of school is recess. I have always been the first to finish eating. Recess starts at 12:20 and I finish eating by 12:30. - Animefan12

I never have recess...

6 Messing with the teachers

Someone should make a top 10 list to give me some ideas

And getting revenge on them for being mean to you! >:D

Heck yea! - Tacocheese

7 You don't need to be near your family

Yes, don't you just love it when there's strangers sitting next to you?

Aw hell yeah. - BigDaddyThiccBoi69420

I cried on my first day of school in kindergarten because I wanted to stay with my family. And I still love to up to this day! (Of course, I don’t cry about it LOL)

8 Chillin
9 Jokes

Yeah sometimes it was fun to tease teachers and students - trains45

Not if they're towards you for years on end by people who can't get bored of the same joke. This happened to me, and they would call me the same name as a demoralizing joke for years. I got over it, they still haven't up to adult years. - 4Noobs

Is this actually the GOOD things about school list? - GrapeJuiceK

I love jokes is so fun and entertaiment

10 School Computers Have Windows XP

what - SuperMiloX

They're so slow

Windows xp is awesome

The Contenders

11 Investigations
12 Math Work

"Anyone who doesn't think so is a retard."
Mate, there could be someone who is extremely successful and smart who didn't even like math as a school subject. Some people like it, some people don't. Piss off with that stuff. - 4Noobs

Yes, math! One of the best and most helpful subjects of the day. Anyone who doesn't think so is a retard.

Math is awesome!

13 Field trips

Field trips were fun, I had lots, I remember having some in high school as well not as much in grade 12 or grade 10 I had a few in grade 11 - trains45

What you talking about...oh wait this was school in UK.

Once you get into high school, they don't exist. - 4Noobs

Yeah the only thing th@ make school fun is field trips - SuperMiloX

14 Seeing your friends at school again

Then they hate you for literally no reason. Happened in high school and had to regain their trust because they forgot who I was. - 4Noobs

15 Essays about something you love

Once I wrote an essay about vomit and I got an A+ on it

16 No need for uniforms

Depends on the school. UK relies on those things like they're some sort of life source. - 4Noobs

It depends where you live. I think in the US, lots of schools don't have to wear school uniform. But where I live, all the schools including mine need all students to wear school uniform. My school is very strict of everyone wearing their school uniform. I much prefer to wear casual clothing! - ivylee

Um, I've had to wear uniforms all through my school life, which is currently... 10 years. Nice to see that I've had my creativity oppressed for a decade. - ArtyLily

There are so many schools that have uniforms...
I’ve never been to one without uniforms.

17 It makes your body stronger and smarter

Really? By sitting on your bum all day? And no, my teacher is very bad at teaching so nah.

18 Fun projects

These don't exist, lmao. - 4Noobs

You mean group projects where you do all the work and everyone takes credit? Ha, fun. - ArtyLily

19 If it never existed, then we wouldn't know the things we know now

If some parts of it didn't exist, lives would be far better in America. But of course, administration wants more money in their pockets over here so they won't fix anything AT ALL. - 4Noobs

If it never existed life would be way less crappy

Yeah this is right since if we didn't know anything we would sure be dumb and helpless plus we gotta know math to exchange money. - ashlyn

20 It teaches us to to be more appreciative

No, it makes you pessimistic and unhappy. It may be considered a true privilege as we live in a first (or second) world country, but it doesn't help us much. - 4Noobs

Oops I voted for this. No offense, but school is awful. I mean it's useful, but teachers way too many unnecessary projects and abuse there power. They give detentions for uniform violations. That's just stupid. - Therandom

Closest thing to what I thought.
Free school is a gift, and education is so valuable! I love to learn, and while it may be annoying at times, I remember it's a true privilege. Especially after learning about Malala. - keycha1n

21 Sports

! At my school we had to do 50 crunches for the girls.

22 Educational
23 Seeing your crush everyday

See section 32 - also I don't have a crush - SuperMiloX

24 Substitute teachers

Yeah that's good because you get to trick them like whenever - SuperMiloX

25 You go for careers

Most people never end up getting a job they studied for. Let alone become successful and manage a family nowadays because life is worse for teenagers now compared to about 30 years ago. Unless you go to Harvard (Lucky you, you stayed in the education system and never learned how corrupt it was,) you're basically stuck in a ditch. - 4Noobs

26 Nice and kind teachers

Sometimes, but rarely. - 4Noobs

Yeah most of them are very nice and understanding
people sometimes take things serious and don't try to stop it really - lol2016

It depends. there are mean teachers as well.

27 Field days
28 You Have Homework Because It Tests If You've Been Listening In Class or Not

No you could be listening in class all day and still have no clue what to do

29 Reading and writing

It's fun if you're class isn't routine over and over with the same subject for writing about. - 4Noobs

its not - SuperMiloX

Reading and writing is great! It's so fun and I also like math and science too.

30 You may see cute girls you want to kiss!

Made this question for no damn reason!

31 You get to make food

Yeah in cooking classes or as they used to call it when I was 11/12 years old Home Economics and changed it to cooking classes...but I'm past school age

Exists in Polytech. - 4Noobs

Umm... nope - SuperMiloX

and eat it

32 The feeling of excitement

Nobody ever has excitement, just boredom here. - 4Noobs

You never know whats going on in class!

33 Music

Best class ever. - Lennox

34 Detention
35 You prepare for the future
36 Funny students
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