Reasons Why School Is Stupid

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You can't defend yourself

Just because teachers have power over students, they think that they can harass their students and yell at them by picking on them as much as they want to. But that can ruin a teacher's reputation and the teachers will get sued eventually.

Absolutely right

I hate the whole "I'm the teacher so I'm always right" thing.

Teaches never believe u

You try your best in class but still get bad grades

My teacher gave me a bot whooping


My teacher gave me 10 on purpose, because she doesn't like me.

I worked hard and had 70 missing assingments!


One of the reasons why there are shooters at school. Not saying that bullying cause people shoot the school all the time but sometimes this the reason why there are shooters. I don't know to be honest... But I still think bullying is pretty stupid especially if you can't fight them because you'll get in trouble...

Can confirm easily

Bullies are just stupid pathetic weaklings who just bully other kids and expect them to be scared to make themselves feel powerful, and you get in trouble when you try to defend yourself which is stupid and absolutely selfish. When this happens and the teachers notice, the just support the bully instead of the bully's victim, which is all stupid and annoying and when you try to defend yourself the teacher goes "you're being a bully, stop it" and "leave him alone or you're going to detention". Ugh, so annoying, and this even happened to me when I was in 5th grade. I have to agree with a lot of people on this one, including 05yusuf09. He's right, I hope they STOMP OUT bullying, just like when the dinosaurs died by a meteor millions of years ago. (If they stopped bullying, school will be a lot safer than before, and the world needs more buddies, not bullies.)

I'm 14 and their was this dumb 12 or 13 year old that insulted me by calling my hat trash. I called him a dumbass.

Picky teachers

Put yourself in a teacher's shoes. You wake up and have to go right to the school (and way earlier than the students, I might add), they're already tired because they stayed up until like 10:00 grading like a hundred kids' tests and have to wake up super early for work. Then kids (like probably the person who made this list) start screwing around with their friends. So you make them stop because they could break something, and what are you responded to with? "Ugh, you're so mean and annoying". You then teach kids important information. Two kids start talking about fortnite and don't learn anything that day, it's your fault. A kid breaks a window, you pay for it. A kid gets a bad grade, and it's your fault because, "Well, you just don't like me and gave me a bad grade on purpose! " You tell them to take notes because it helps them remember information, but oh, what do you know? You get your tiny paycheck, then go home and grade a million more papers. And this happens EVERY. SINGLE. ...more - TheInsomniac

But my teacher is mean to everyone except me. I'm lucky.

They are extremely annoying they are always getting on you except for the other kids

No masks on Halloween

Makes me cry every year.


Teacher: Jason Voorhees does not attend our school

People showing off

Stupid school

I been here all damn day I'm not going home to do more work and I don't even get paid for it.


If it wasn't for this, I would think school is pretty good.


Math is actually the dumbest thing after 5th grade like why do we have to know this dumb stuff

We should learn math until 5th grade because the stuff you learn after that is useless! They should replace it with another elective - hurjelert

Why does it have to be so complex and complicated?!

, I remember this algebra problem my teacher assigned me, I swear she was being a troll, I was working it out, all the exponents and all, and then I saw that 0. *facepalm*

Make-up work

Being absent is not your fault (unless you were on vacation). The last thing you need is more work than you normally do.

Your absent right?!

Teachers are apparently better than us.

Oh my 5 grade teacher says you have to be 21 to whine! So she whine ALL the time. It's like she shove it in our faces!

They take our rights away.

WE don't!

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Always learning useless stuff


So True!

Mean teachers

Their is this one teacher that is never nice to me

Yea telling you to be more tolerant.


In my opinion schools dumb right now I'm in 6 o'clock club and they deprived me of food for bare long I thought I was going to die. Right now they got me on this tassomai ting which is really stupid because it dos not help me what's so ever. I totally do not recommend forest gate community school.

No video game time


Required to take a language

I am not a teachers pet at all and in fact I frequently get in fights with my teachers, but I think this is for the better when Americans are a worldwide laughing stock for their lack of ability to speak other languages.

Sometimes it's important but y is it that u have to past this to go to the next grade? I failed the first yr of Spanish and I almost had to take 6th grade again what! If u don't want to learn another language than y do u? U already know 1 or maybe even 2 but your still required to!

Gay as dick

How long it is


The bullying victim gets in trouble when the bully should

I've got friends who these people.

Whiny kids
You are stressed way too much!

I know it isn't just me, I am stressed on a daily basis. Teachers literally hand you page after page. They never slow down for you, which makes you seem dumb (even though you aren't).

Kids are forced to do things they don't want to do

I was forced to talk to a police officer, but eh I did get abused at home so I guess I know why ¿¿ :P

Long days

So childhood is supposed to be a time for fun yet we have to go to 6 or 7 hours of useless stuff five days a week plus hours of homework at night! THAT MAKES NO SINCE! - nickisawesome

You have to leave the house

Enough said

Teachers don’t like you

Every time I do somting they just be rude

When students have better understanding of subject than teacher

I absolutely can't stand teachers who have little grasp of a subject which ultimately means the students have to teach themselves and the teacher - crowdiegal

Waste of lives

Getting bored to death with things we aren't interested in is a waste of our lives. They should let us enjoy learning!

Locker troubles
Not allowed to chew gum

Yes! I don't quite understand this one, I understand that gum will make a disgusting mess but that doesn't really mean that would happen all the time.

You don't learn anything

(In math) The teach you how the problem is solved without understanding what are you solving f(x)=cos60 but what is f(x) and what is the use of it (in chemistry) you just memorize everything until the exam and after the exam you forget everything because like math you don't understand and you don't know the use of it they don't tach you this stuff they should teach you by doing uaing labs etc.. schools should be smarter when teaching students

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