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1 Unrequired

To the person who claimed we need school to read and write: I went to Preschool when I was four years old. We did not learn to do either of those things in Preschool, and if we did in Kindergarten then I don't remember. I taught myself. Literally. By the time I was four years old, I was reading books TO my parents rather than having them read to me, I could recognize short words individually, I knew every single letter of the alphabet and what sounds they made, and I knew how to write. Not very well, but I knew how to write. I was bored when we were learning to read and write because I already knew all of that stuff. If any of you truly believe you need school to be successful, then so be it, I can and will respect your opinion; I don't think that school is completely unnecessary either. However, children are perfectly capable of learning these things themselves, and we do not need to be taught by school systems, that are mostly outdated and failing anyway. If we can learn an entire ...more

One thing wrong with the top ten reasons on this list:
1. Unrequired- Your parents get arrested if they don't send you to school by a certain age, so yeah, it is required. (And homeschool is still school, TheMainReason, just so you know)
2. Early awakenings- That sounds like a medieval movie title or something, also school is the same length no matter what, so giving you an extra hour in the morning would just mean one less hour after school
3. Social awkwardness- How do you make any friends if you don't meet people?
4. Dangerous- Yeah, blame school shootings on our president, not the schools.
5. Long hours- You can't make hours shorter, OK? If you mean school is too long, well, if it was shorter, you'd just have more days of school, which I'm certain is also on this list
6. Unhealthy food- Since when? Are salad bars just so unhealthy that the entire existence of school is completely unnecessary?
7. Teaches you life lessons you could have learned elsewhere- Sure, ...more - TheInsomniac

I'm in 9th grade now, but since 7th grade I've taught myself everything! Even in the smaller grades they didn't teach they, they're, their and my teachers literally fall asleep in class and don't teach us at all. We never use the things we learn in real life, and I'm constantly being bullied and they will not do anything about it.

We are in school for 12 years, not including pre k and pre school, with our longest break being around 3 months. People are smart, make a microchip for babies so that when your born, you know everything!

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2 Early Awakenings

It is unnecessary having to wake up at 6:00 and having to be in class ahead of time. - TheMainReason

When you are dreaming of a good nice happy unicorns and rainbow dream candy land THEN ALL THE SUDDEN DAD/MOM WAKES YOU FOR SCHOOL

I know its unheathy - thunderclanrocks

3 Social Awkwardness

What if you don't get along with other people. - TheMainReason

You'll being noticed and being bullied. That's all. I know, I did. We must be strong. - 09ShamsulBahriel

4 Dangerous

School shootings, crazy students/teachers, dumb safety procedures, fires, I could go on forever. - TheMainReason

Being beaten up by bullies or in America the school shootings.

Americans get out of the past and learn about the way we have guns in Britain.

There was a fire right behind my school while we where eating lunch.

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5 Mean Teachers

Some teachers are mean to you but are NICE TO OTHERS I mean what?

Some are evil

Some teachers are mean - koopatroopaandgoomba4ever

I read on this list about teachers being tired, well actually in my old school one teacher was a pedo.

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6 Unhealthy Food

Breakfast is literally ALL SUGAR!


7 Long Hours

You spend more time in school than at your own home. About 8 hours in school every monday through friday for 9 months every year until the 12th grade with a short azz three month summer break. - TheMainReason

That leaves lot more time to spend at home. Better study your math - Billyv

I agree with this list. We spended like 8 hours and we STLL doing homework. We don't even get time to break.

8 Teaches You Life Lessons You Could Have Learned Elsewhere

I learnd some stuff they taught me in school from a cat no joke - thunderclanrocks

9 Strict Teachers

We already knew it though

10 Homesickness

Home is the best place in the world. - TheMainReason

Unless you're being abused.

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11 Diseases

At my school we had head lice! In kindergarten everyone who sat next to me had it. A kid was gone for a moth and had to get his head shaved. I am surprised that we did not get it in my TK class.

Flu, Ebola, the Cold, STD's, just a couple of the things that are transferred publicly. Another good reason to be homeschooled instead of actually going to the actual school. - TheMainReason

12 Bullies

Not as fatal? I agree that shootings are awful, but if you are pointing a gun at yourself, it is much worse. As much for as the people who love you. - keycha1n

Kind of goes with danger, but their not as fatal. - TheMainReason

13 Never Going to Use Most of the Things Taught

Since when are we going to use poetry in REAL LIFE?

*cough* Everything that was taught in Gym class *cough* - KingSlayer93316

I don't need to high lit every single book I read - thunderclanrocks

I wont need atomic number of neon.I also do not need to know what ligaments in my knee if there are any.

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14 Stress and Anxiety

I missed most of 5th grade because of my horrible anxiety.

Stress is a big one I'm literally slowly dying

It's a pop quiz.

School provides stress in these ways

1) School gives too much homework. It lessens our leisure time. We should have some freedom while
education. School homework ruins freedom.

2) In school, sometimes it has a violence and bullies.

15 Boring Teachers
16 Unnecessary Harshness on Kids That are Trying to Learn
17 It's Boring


18 They Make You Do Things Nobody Wants to Do

Social studies?! Really!

Except math. Because for me when that is math. It is just so wrong - mathguy37

When the states wanted to teach Creationism. When they already had Religious Education. (R.E.)

19 Irrelevant Subjects

I'm surprised people are giving such meaningless reasons? The main reason why school is terrible is because nothing relevant is being taught. I don't need to know about inverse variation, chemistry, how to say "I wanna go to the beach" in Spanish, or what an appositive is.
Adults forget it almost instantly after they finish school, it's a god d-mn waste of time and it gives me a headache that people think school is actually helping students. It's not.

Highschool should be more like college, but freshman year, students should immediately decide on a career as well as back up jobs and study accordingly, instead of students who want to be, say an artist, but they are being forced to learn things that have nothing to do with such. How about how to own your own business? To be your own boss? How to do taxes? And more importantly learn skills essential to your career BEFORE college so you have even MORE experience.

it's bs and I wanna throw up

Gym class. Need I say more? - KingSlayer93316

20 We are All Just Going to Forget the Stuff We Learned
21 It’s a Waste of Time
22 It's Counter-Productive
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