Top Ten Reasons Why School Should Be Optional

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1 Not everything you learn is necessary

Music and art, we all know that only those talented kids will pass these classes.

I don't dislike school masked. I made this list since I was surprised no one made something like this already. I feel bad for those who do dislike school. Also, there are reasons why I gave this lit a more positive title. Haven't you noticed it wasn't titled "Top ten reasons why school sucks" or anything like that? - Oliveleaf

Yeah, but what about what IS important? Think about it: If it was optional, many couldn't know how to sum or even speak correctly. The educational system does need change, but this is not the way to go. - Martinglez

I think school should be mandatory up to at least 5th grade so students can learn the core subjects, then students should be able to choose whether or not they want to continue school.

2 Some teachers don't care about the students

A teacher who only taught me last year completely forgotten me! She didn't even recognise me!

My maths teacher once flipped my buddy off.

Jusge a world idea meant for a purpose because 3 people. 10/10 logic - ProPanda

3 Students could spend more time with their family

I go to school for 7 hours straight and get to spend like 2 hours with my dad

Well as a child/young adult you spend more time at school than home )=

Unless you go to a boarding school (and there's probably a reason for that), school isn't 24/7 - ProPanda

4 Some students have a hard time

There are programs for this situation - ProPanda

This is actually normal. - Powerfulgirl10

5 There are school bullies

Beat their asses. Go hard or go home. That's how we handled things out where I chill. Funny thing is that our parents approve of it - Mcgillacuddy

Either fight back, tell a teacher, or ignore those pricks. - Powerfulgirl10

So tell a teacher! - ProPanda

If you have a group then you won't be bullied - zxm

6 Most students forget what they learn

It is true because I'm a 10th grader and I don't remember half of the things they tell me because its not important to me like if school was on topic we enjoyed or got our attention then maybe we would all want to go to school.

You think I care or listen to what we learn its worthless

Well that's their problem - ProPanda

It's so true I'm in a swedish school and I forget a lot of thing. they try to force oss to learn more thing than anyone can then they gives you a test on somthing else

7 School causes a lot of stress

I know it's a silent killer!

It put us kid under a lot of it and the shuv a lot of thing in or heads thanking that were going to remember it

And rewards as well. - ProPanda

They stress ua so much to well on a test about USELESS THINGS.

8 Teachers don't understand the students

Most of them care about money, its like why does it matter if students learnt it or not - zxm

That's why they give so much homework

They were students once as well. They understand - ProPanda

No, not at all they don't even understand that some students are different in developing

9 It is very cool these days to be stupid

I mean, just look at our President!

I like how nobody commented on this item
EDIT: Took you guys long enough to comment on it - Mcgillacuddy

Yes I no haw 2 spelling now

10 Students won't need to worry about popularity

They will worry more about being unsocial - ProPanda

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11 People spend a significant amount of their lives at school

My english teacher said this "you spend 60% of your childhood with your classmates" but all of them are annoying.

Homework is too much with little time to actual finish them, unless you want to spend time of your sleep time to do it.

It's very stressful

12 Lunch tastes better at home

Then bring home lunch! - ProPanda

I meant the freshness of home food. - Oliveleaf

You can't always bring home lunch

Well that is true for my school. - Powerfulgirl10

13 It's a waste of time

We wake up at the crack of dawn just sit in a building for 6-8 hours having to learn the same and see the same people over and over again. And a huge chunk of the things we learn is useless unless you want to join those professions. And when we come home, we get 3-6 hours of work.

You learn the same thing over and over every year its just wasting time

Seriously, 8 hours in a god damned class, summarizing and rewriting and relearning the same stuff? Some of which we don't need? No thanks.

We could be spending time eating chocolate. Seriously.

14 School is similar to sending students to prison for 7-8 hours

This was posted by a nun that chokes on a banana on google just search up nun and you will see me

15 It's all work and no play.

Instead of five days at school and two weekend days, there should be four days of school and three weekend days. - BeatlesFan1964

2 days school, and five days weekends - zxm

School should be seven days.

16 School keeps you away from being a kid

It kills your childhood.


17 We are forced to take classes we know we won't major in

Other subjects you might not do in high school is taught and we should have all subjects or basically school optional

Like I hate how boring Social Studies is so obviously I won't major in it, why am I forced to take it?

I wish it was optional but I’m forced to go everyday

18 School can cause depression

Studies show that kids who are too pressured about school do consider suicide

I was depressed because of school for many years.

You can become suicidal too

19 It teaches as much immortality as it does discipline
20 Sometimes kids don't feel safe at school
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