Top 10 Reasons Why School Uniforms are Bad

The Top Ten
1 Cost money

Some students may be ridiculed for not having the exact uniform due to lack of money

2 We can't express ourselves

Isn't this on the bill of rights too?

I want to wear my jeans, leather pants and band tees

School uniforms are unconstitutional!

3 Too uncomfortable
4 It is the students' decision
5 It causes teacher-student arguments

This can waste time that is meant for learning. - Themattster12

6 It doesn't stop bullying
7 You can get too hot or cold.

Especially if they're black on a hot day because black absorbs lots if heat. - Themattster12

8 They make everything stressful
9 Results in bullying that can be even more offensive
10 Distracts teachers from teaching

Teachers will get mad fir even one little slight flaw and start arguing with the student and start trying to get he/she in trouble for a dumb,pointless reason. - Themattster12

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11 You don't get to show off your wealth
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