Top Ten Reasons Why Sealand is Better Than the United Kingdom


The Top Ten

1 Friendlier People

Sealand really does have better people. - Legoguy

2 UK is Imperialist

Sealand captured invaders and made a german diplomat come and get the hostage, so they only ever captured one person while uk just colonized a bunch of countries - Legoguy

3 Sealand is Funny, the U.K. is Not

It really is. - Legoguy

4 Sealand Has Better History

It is also funnier. - Legoguy

5 Better Monarchy

Roy Bates is the best prince besides the Nigerian prince - Legoguy

6 Better Flag Better Flag

It has a cool toking flag - Legoguy

The UK flag is much better and sealand is the smallest country with1 population

7 United Kingdom Has a History of Enslaving People from Many Countries, Sealand Didn't Even Enslave One Person

India, USA, South Africa etc, and sealand did not enslave anyone - Legoguy

8 Sealand Helped Protect the U.K. During World War Two

They allowed troops to be stationed at sealand to protect the uk from nazi attacks - Legoguy

9 Better Currency

Cool looking currency - Legoguy

10 Better Anthem

It sounds really cool - Legoguy

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