Top 10 Reasons Why Sean Murray is a Hack Fraud


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1 Sean Lied

What the heck sean I thought no mans sky would have multiplayer - FlyingSandwichy

2 Nobody Wanted No Mans Sky to Be a Video Games

He should've left it as a book alone, so nobody would have the story ruined - FlyingSandwichy

3 He Stole NMS' Story from Guardians of the Galaxy

Come on sean disney put a lot of effornt into the story in guardians of the galaxy, not for it just to be stolen by some HECKING HACK FRAUD! - FlyingSandwichy

4 He is 100% Mr. Robot V 1 Comment
5 NMS Had No Multiplayer

I wanted to play multiplayer with joey and tristan but sean just had to lie. - FlyingSandwichy

6 Fake Screenshoots (Bullshoting) V 1 Comment
7 Aliens Weren't Possible in Game

All of the aliens in the trailer weren't possible to find in game because NMS is objectively bad - FlyingSandwichy

8 Sean Ran After NMS Floped

He hid from the public eye because he thought people would make fun of him for a pleb tier video game - FlyingSandwichy

9 No Mans Sky Doesn't Have an Ending

Unlike popular belief, Hello games didn't actually finish No Mans Buy. It didn't even have an ending, that's why it got a 58 on metacritic. - FlyingSandwichy

10 Sean Made the Objectively Worst Game in Recent History.

You can argue all you want, but there is no denying that nothing has flopped worse than sean's show - FlyingSandwichy

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1. Sean Lied
2. Nobody Wanted No Mans Sky to Be a Video Games
3. He Stole NMS' Story from Guardians of the Galaxy



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