10 Reasons Why Selena Gomez Better Than Taylor Swift

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1 Selena is prettier

I love selena. She is the most pretty girl in the world. Taylor is nice but not pretty. She is little annoying and moody. Selena is best of all. Who says she's not pretty?

Yep definitely much prettier. Beautiful dark hair, gorgeous eyes and wonderful skin. Stays skinny without starving herself too. Yep Selena IS better.

Taylor isn't so pretty. She looks horrible nowadays. Though she used to be a sweet girl but not anymore.

She is the bets she cares about people and she is going through a lot of stuff

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2 Selena cares about her fans

Taylor loves her fans. She wrote Long Live as a love letter to her band mates and worldwide fans. You can't judge how much a celebrity loves their fans without knowing her

Tay cares about her fans way more than Selena

Selena never care about her fans all she does is show off taylor is real who loves and cares about her fans even justin beiber is also love and care his fans

It is awesome that selena cares about her fans that is better then taylor swift I really like selena

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3 Taylor is whiny

Taylor is not whiny...but sometimes she acts a bit rude... If Taylor changed that, I think people will like her much better. I am still a fan of her music, though.

Taylor is not whiny Selena is

Taylor is not whiny

Selena is my IDOL.The only think I hate about her is being friends with Taylor.

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4 Selena can sing

What! Selena just lip syncs and uses auto tune while Taylor does it all naturally

At least Taylor doesn't use autotune.

Selena and taylor sing good but taylor Swift can sing to just because taylor is ugly it don't mean taylor can't sing so selena and taylor does song good

To anyone who is giving hate here,go n hear u sing,trust me when I say,your voice will sound horrible 😡😡

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5 Selena is polite

Taylor has changed. She used to be a sweet decent girl and her songs were good. But now she is making pop. Pop doesn't suit on her. Blank space is so annoying. Selena is the same person. She can sing pop and solo. Her new song The heart wants what it all is great. I am not saying taylor is a bad singer. I just love selena. Taylor is okay for me. Selena is polite and cute. She is bery friendly. Never does anything bad.

I think Selena is better like Taylor can't get along with people forever like the Katy Perry relationship and even though everyone wants Selena and Taylor to be in war Selena is being Polite and a good friend to her Selena has a lot fans, friends and people love her. So I suggest Selena.

Whatever I really don't care because taylor is best and selena is good

NO. For years after they broke up Selena has been making bitchy comments in interviews about Justin, meanwhile he moved on from her. She also made a hella problematic Netflix show and said that the world works in mysterious ways about a rapist. Bitch

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6 Taylor's lips are ugly

Taylor's lips are not ugly. How dare you!

I loved her. She was so cute. But now I can't stand for her. And after seeing her new song blank space she is not my dream girl anymore.

First of all she is right in blank space it happens with everyone and you boy I think you are just afraid now


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7 Selena makes better songs

What's wrong with you people? "Selena makes better songs"? She doesn't even play piano, for crying out loud! She doesn't own a single note in her songs! Taylor have been writing songs ever since she was 12 (note that she wrote "never say never" in that song long before Justin did) and have written 42 known songs without a single co-writer. Sure, the lyrics to SIO, WANEGBT and 22 are stupid but try look at the others - one of my favourite is "You called me up again just to break me like a promise, so casually cruel in the name of being honest". She also plays both acoustic and electric guitar, piano, banjo and ukeuelele. Face it, Taylor is far better than Selena in terms of musical talent

Selena can't sing. Selena can't play instruments. Selena can't write. TAYLOR CAN.

Selena is my idol. I love her music. Taylor's song is boring and if she sings pop it's become horrible. Shake it off it was really stupid. But selena can sing pop well. Her slow songs are great also. As a singer I like selena but both are nice girl.

Selena gomez is the best. Just because of lumps and kidney disease she didn't stop her career. 😍 you selena. Let the haters hate

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8 Selena loves to help, Taylor doesn't

No hate on Taylor. I think taylor is kinda selfish and a jealousy women. She hate people who better than her and love ones whom she better. I love Selena since I was kid. She is friendly and love every one. Even she don't like Miley but didn't say anything bad to her. But taylor always keep saying to other. Katy perry, Eminem, rihanna, lady gaga, Justin beiber, Miley Cyrus, harry style, demi lovato etc etc etc. I know selena is now hanging on taylor but demi as her bff. Selena is a angel but taylor is annoying. Sorry selena if I hurt you for saying about your bff. But I really love you but taylor is selfish. Just care about her and her fans.

There are a lot of grammatical and spelling mistakes in this page. That just made me think that most of you Selenators who hates Taylor just because she's much more popular and far more superior are simply idiots who can't even spell right. I can't help it. Everyone judges.

I'm a Selenator, and the simple fact that you judge someones intelligence based on their celebrity preference just proves how immature, narrowminded, and insipid you actually are. So darling, I'm gonna break it down for you, none of us on this page like Taylor Swift. So if you like Taylor Swift... Don't come on this page. It's that simple. Obviously that's the logical thing to do, but since you couldn't come on up with that own, there you go. Now who's the idiot?

I love taylor though! but I think selena isn't careless but sometimes I feel like taylor is annoying sometimes and it's like she got crazy in her music videos

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9 Selena can act

Funny and creative actor what did taylor do?

Selena can't act be honest with your selves

10 Taylor is jealous of Selena

Taylor is the reason behind Jelena breakup.

She's the one who broke up the friendship of Selena and Demi. Taylor is mean to Demi for no reason. What did Demi ever do to her?

What the heck... does selena has any quality to be jealous of?. NO!.

Taylor is USING Selena for fame

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11 Taylor is a liar

I love both of them. And don't think taylor is a lier. They are best friend. Both are beautiful and pretty talented but if I have to choose one then I think selena is better. I'll go with her.

I feel like Taylor is fake because she acts WAY too perfect. And she also breaks up with a lot of people and writes songs to make HER look like a victim. - AnnaOfArendelle332

She lies a lot I know I have that experience

Selena Gomez Will win Over taylor Swift.

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12 Taylor Swift is overrated

Selena Gomez is overrated.

Of course that is I love her so much she is best but nowdays she is... not like past I am sad come back taylor please

Nice Joke bro!

13 Selena has got talent

You can't say Taylor has no talent. She writes her own stuff and could play four types of instruments minus vocals. She's also very creative whenever it comes to lyrics

Taylor is highly talented

Selena is the best actress

She LACKS talent extremely.

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14 Selena is not annoying

She definitely isn't at least she doesn't try too much she's just being herself which is good. And taylor is doing everything to get attention and fame!

True... Taylor gets so much annoying

She does not love her fans at all she just show off I hate it but I don't hate selena because her true talent is her her singing

She is not annoying bit she is Super Annoying.☺

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15 Selena's a better friend

Well I think both of them are nice people. But I think Taylor is a little bit of a better person.

16 Taylor tells Selena her relationships are flawed but never realizes she's a serial dater

I Do agree MORE what Selena CAN DO better just LIKE Clinton Lewis CAN DO Better In relationship

no offense

17 Selena is amazing

It is actually vice versa.

Taylor is amazing even though Selena is also you can't just say Taylor is not amazing! That is what the haters say. Maybe Taylors amazingness is not on the same level as Serena's

Just shut your mouth
selena is better from everybody
most wonderful person on this whole world

18 Selena respects everyone

So did Ariana Grande! She makes fun of bodies, some races, opinions and etc. Plus she has hideous taste in boyfriends.

Selena has never dissed anyones body, race, sexuality, opinion, etc. Taylor has fat shamed. She called Selena "fat"

19 Selena is cooler

Maybe she is but she is a copy cat

No. She is too plain and childish. Taylor is cool.

Selna is awesome

Selena is the best. Who says she is not perfect. T.swift is ok maybe.

20 Taylor is too skinny

Well that's wrong, Taylor is not skinny even she don't makes songs in which she do's sex, and Selena Gomez is more skinny, even in hands to myself

She is 5 feet 10 inch don't forget and also she got blonde hair and blue eyes she is perfect

No. Selena is the one who is skinny. NOT Taylor.

Taylors a pancake@!

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21 Selena is very kind, beautiful and forgiving

Selena forgave Justin and came with him again Taylor only uses a person. yes Taylor is beautiful but still Selena is better

22 Taylor Swift’s songs are just about her breakups with other people she dated.
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