Reasons Why Selena Gomez Is Too Good for Justin Bieber

Selena and Justin have had an off and on relationship for years, Selena should dump him for someone that would actually love her

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1 Justin is a very bad person

In like January, Justin had been caught in a drag race with the police and he got his ass dragged in Jail - MorganChambz

If Smell When Your Butt Is Cooking...

Okay Because She's Not A Bad Girl For Real

01. Indeed. Nowadays, Justin Bieber is mostly easy to talk to. >8(
02. Gawd, what's with that kid?! >8(
03. Lest we forget that Justin Bieber beat up Selena Gomez. >8(
04. Just go to hell for doing this, Justin Bieber. You really were jealous after all. >8(
05. Is it even normal to do drugs?! I guess this is because of how taste buds work. O_O
06. In early 2014, he killed a child and crashed Vic Dibitetto's lamborghini on purpose. >8(
07. At times, yes. But at times, she gets jealous of other young women. >8(
08. I wish I could join the UNICEF! I remember that UNICEF video in seventh grade. :D
09. Both are sexy, but hard to look at during the same time.
11. Maybe he should've thought that he was Lucifer back then. >:(
12. So? I, The Ultimate Daredevil cuss a lot.
13. He fights similarly to how Zac Efron does in his movies. >:(
14. I think Selena Gomez is ...more

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2 Justin treats his fans like crap

He pisses on fans, He spits, and then he hits people - MorganChambz

I bet one of the only celebrities that treat their fans like crap is Ariana Grande. Selena Gomez is too good for Ariana Grande, who could be bad enough for Justin Bieber!

What does that have to do with Selena.

Justin has changed he is now a kind person and he regrets all of the bad things he has done I'm 10 and I have been a belieber since I was 4 so I know what's been going on in his life :D

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3 Justin made Selena miserable

Selena gomez can't sing,she's bad singer.

Selena is like so much better than JB. I mean baby baby oohh. That sounds like a cat screaming. I mean Selena's songs are like infinity times better. Compared to JB's songs wow! Also JB went to jail so probably you know he I s a bad boy. Actually his songs are pretty good! NOT! He is totally bad boy.

I agreee...jb is bad n I love selena

4 Justin compares and bashes other people with more talent and skills than him

No, worse. This little girly crapbag disses the best rapper, Eminem! Stomp on his non existent man part. - BetterThanYou

Beatles? Vocaloid? What's next, Pharell? - MorganChambz

I am way too fearful that Justin Bieber will diss Jamaicans in general other than just hate Bob Marley and his family.


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5 Justin had a DUI
6 He does drugs

We all know that he has became some sort of a drug addict and I don't think someone like Selena deserves to be with him.

I don't know why selena deserves a cheater crap like justin (not trying to be mean on JB though! )

7 Selena actually was in the UNICEF, Justin wasn't

And she STILL is in the UNICEF!

She also loves her fans! - MorganChambz

Selena? Too good for Bieber? Bieber donated $2,000,000 to ALS research and gives Selena everything she wants only to get humiliated and berated in return, and gets constantly reminded of it by Gomez's interviews which drives him to near depression, and she's too good for him? Yeah ok lol. - WonkeyDude98

Justin has 22 charities and Selena has 16 and Justin doesn't show his charity

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8 Selena is just too nice

She does not want to date Justin, He's a bad boy, I know everyone likes bad boys but she needs someone her type, and Justin is not it - MorganChambz

Even though she is sometimes a mean-spirited seeker for catfights, like Justin Gayber more is.

9 Justin swears a lot

This guy needs to shut up someone please slap this guy because he is so annoying

He hasn't sworn once in a song

10 Justin thinks he's Jesus

Justin Bieber is not jesus he is a major moron if Justin Bieber thinks that he is jesus gress what Justin Bieber Is not jesus

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11 He's Canadian

I know most Canadians are polite, but This bastard of a Canadian is the worst. - MorganChambz

Let me guess: SelfDestruct added this. - WonkeyDude98

This is so racist, like South Park can pull it off because they make it funny, but yes even if I hate Bieber with a passion this still is racist. - Anonymousxcxc

Whats wrong with that?

12 Selena's hot and Justin is ugly

It is true Justin Bieber is ugly

Selena is one of the hottest girls ever

Selena has big thighs, Justin has fake muscle.

Damn. when did love become based off of looks smh

13 Justin hates Selena

Maybe she should hate Justin Bieber because he is a idiot

He doesn't hate her. If he hates her, why did he write a song for her? I think it's the reverse. - LaST_LiGHT

He obvs doesn't. he doesn't care about that he's a million times more popular. he still loves her for her and makes it very clear

14 Justin Bieber is mean
15 Selena keeps taking him back

Yeah cause shes hungry for publicity

16 Justin fights people
17 Selena can act, Justin can't
18 Justin is an idiot

Only an idiot would write this 🙄

19 He is immature

He is just going to get her into trouble

20 Selena is nice to her fans

She actually takes selfies with them, and was still nice even on her Lupus days. Justin spits on his fans, and cancels meet and greets. At least she shows up as promised to meet and greets.

She doesn't flip off and throw coca-cola cans at her fans. - LaST_LiGHT

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