Top 10 Reasons Why Serena & Bonnie from the Pokémon Xy/Z Anime are Better Female Characters Than Iris and Always Will Be

Lots of people hate on Serena on this site and even Bonnie and I barely see anybody hating on Iris for some reason. I don’t really know. They’re both very over hated and only Iris should deserve hate, but that’s my opinion. But here are my reasons...

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1 They are both very nice & sweet to Ash unlike Iris

(I had to vote for this to comment despite not really agreeing with any of the reasons).

Serena? Sweet to Ash? Like when she physically assaulted him because he dared to be sad? This is not a right way to treat someone you care about not matter how you look at it. If you're sad and you want to be alone, how would you feel if that clingy person followed your ass in the woods then physically assaulted you because you don't "act like the real you"?

Outside of Iris' catchphrase, which is just words and can be seen as teasing, she's never done anything mean to Ash unlike the above example. - Liinde

2 They’re closer friends to Ash than Iris is

Serena isn't even his friend, she doesn't even bother to properly interact with him, she just wants him to be her perfect toy boyfriend as seen whenever she tries to manipulate him then whines and pouts / throws a tantrum when things don't go her way (Snowball scenes, giving him those cookies she bake with no even a thought for Bonnie or Clemont, returning the handkerchief, etc). - Liinde

3 They don’t insult Ash and call him a little kid like Iris did

So what if Iris calls Ash a kid? It's just a catchphrase used when Ash does things the fandom has called him out on for years. And honestly I'd rather someone who calls him a little kid rather than someone who throws snowballs at him if he dares being depressed. - Liinde

4 They respect him

A kiss = Sexual assault, Ash clearly disapproving and being confused and borderline uncomfortable after
Throwing tantrums when things don't go your way, even trying to buy them with tears if necessary = Typical manipulative behaviour
Physically assaulting a depressed person and not respecting their wish to be alone = Definitely not a way to treat ANYONE if you're a person with a minimum of decency. Even less a way to treat your supposed "crush" (Obsession). - Liinde

5 They are cute, unlike Iris

While I do find Bonnie cute, I never found anything cute about the manipulative stalker. Even if there were, the value of a character shouldn't be based on whether they're cute or not. - Liinde

That is subjective and not really a legitimate reason why Serena and Bonnie are "better" than Iris. Just because a character is cute does not mean that they are automatically superior. If that was the case, then Faye from Fire Emblem Echoes is ten times better than Celica (despite Faye being one of the worst characters in the game but having one of the cuter character designs).

6 They had better reasons to travel with Ash unlike Iris

What reason did Serena have to travel with Ash besides following him around like the creepy stalker she is? - Liinde

7 They’re both FAR more mature than Iris

Crying when you lose your first performance then dramatically cutting your hair pointlessly without developing at all from it. Whining and pouting when things don't go your way like a little kid whose parents didn't buy them the toy they wanted. How is Serena "mature"? It says a lot when the young child of the group, Bonnie, is more mature than her... - Liinde

When Bonnie and Serena are on the cave of when they hear some "ghostly noises", Bonnie isn't scared of that. But Serena? She IS. Ghost noises are not THAT scary. Try to think before you text.

8 Serena & Bonnie are actually likeable characters while Iris is not

I actually always found Iris more likable than a manipulative stalker like Serena. - Liinde

Iris: A very cool dragon trainer and a champion in the games,She has a unique personality in the anime but she is hated for her "What a kid! " when sometimes Ash deserves it.
Serena: A stereotypical girly girl and a mary sue. She is extremely annoying,ignorant to all of Ash's other friends and is even mean to her mom.
Bonnie: While I admit she is cute and cares for pokemon,It's extremely annoying how she keeps getting lost and getting seperated from Ash,Clemont and serena and all their pokemon. - DemonSpiritGhostKitten

9 They actually help Ash out and support him instead of making him feel incompetent

As I said, throwing snowballs at a depressed person who wants to be alone is NOT a good way to support someone. Won't repeat myself. - Liinde

10 They’re very fun and entertaining traveling companions unlike Iris

Never once found Serena fun or entertaining. She's extremely boring, annoying, Ash this, Ash that, Ash Ash Ash... This gets boring after a while. And honestly, I'd rather have someone calling someone a little kid than someone who tries to force random women on her brother despite BOTH the brother and the girl being uncomfortable. Speaking in term of "fun ness". I love Bonnie, just... Not that gag. - Liinde

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