Top 10 Reasons Why Serena from the Pokemon Anime Should Not Follow Ash to the Alola Region

Since the fandom is incredibly salty and whiny about her leaving, let me explain how it's very petty of them to be like that. Especially wanting her to stay for a ship.

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21 If she returns and sees Ash kissing Lillie, she would regret not choosing Clemont
22 Pokemon will become a drama show

By that you mean the Sun and Moon anime would be a drama show. Then the ratings would be T.V.-PG,T.V.-14 or T.V.-G, whichever it is that the FCC would choose, and then the writers would screw it up and would probably have to cancel the ENTIRE anime. - ClassicGaminer

23 Then Serena will try to kill everyone if ash likes someone and make it not for kids

No she won't. Either this is a joke (which wouldn't makes sense because this seems like a serious list) or an exaggeration in my opinion lolol. - HeavyDonkeyKong

24 She will try to kill the people there if Ash likes one of the girls

I believe that Serena would not kill anyone, just avoid letting ash have contact with the other girls. Especially if one of them likes him. Or even better. All three.

25 Dawn should return instead

So truee serena is a crab so I told shrek to eat her

26 We already have 3 female main characters (Lillie, Mallow and Lana) in Sun & Moon series' cast. A 4th girl (Serena) would not only make females outnumber males, but would also be a bad message of sexism.

As I can see why this is submitted on the list, can someone elaborate the reasoning though? I'm not catching it fully. Sorry in advance. - Ruee

27 Serena already made her choice and she choose to go to Hoenn to keep performing

She might still make some appearances like May did for the Wallace cup

28 She already left for Hoenn
29 Serena doesn't fit in Alola. She's classy, so she needs to be in a city, not a beach.

I know Lillie's classy, but she's made to be out of place. If Serena came along it just wouldn't feel right. We already have a much better Serena (Lillie) so why bring her?

30 She already went to Hoenn
31 It's highly likely that they'll find a better way to please everyone
32 She will lose any respect people still have for her
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1. Dropping everything such as your goals for a guy is a bad message to young girls
2. Serena has the right to her own direction.
3. If she neglects her goal, she is proving to her mom that she can't commit to anything
1. Amourshipping was nothing but bait to the XY series
2. Amourshipping is one sided
3. Amourshipping ruined Serena's character



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