Top Ten Reasons Why Sesame Street Is Better Than Arthur


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1 Sesame Street helps kids get ready for school

And Arthur helps kids deal with more important things, like cancer and dyslexia.

Yeah and the teachers will be shocked. - EpicJake

I actually didn't like sesame street. It's a disgrace to the words "sesame" and "street". - CardboardBox

Sesame Street is fun,interesting and cool

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2 Arthur and DW are always arguing

They are not teaching kids that it's okay to argue, the show is teaching kids that it's NOT okay to argue. Or that's what it taught me anyway.

3 DW and Brian ruin the show Arthur

I think they mean the Brain

4 Sesame Street has better art.

Uh.. Sesame Street has puppets. It's not drawn in a 2D form like Arthur.

5 You can't tell what animal some characters are in Arthur
6 Sesame Street has better characters

Has anyone noticed that Sesame Street is basically turned into "The Murray Show"?

Grover is my favorite

7 Arthur has some mean characters

Arthur sucks!

8 Sesame Street is funnier

Seaseme Street is puppets which makes it even better. Also, the humans like Maria and Bob are good too.

9 Arthur is boring

No, it isn't. Instead, it's worse than boring.

10 Arthur teaches kids to punch little kids

Actually it taught me NOT to punch little kids.

It teaches kids that you get consequences for punching kids.

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11 Sesame Street uses puppets
12 Sesame Street takes place in a real city

It takes place in Brooklyn. - Curtis_Huber

13 Sesame Street has been around longer
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