Top 10 Reasons Why Sexism Should End


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1 Both genders are human

I feel like this list was very unnecessary to make. What was the point of it. I highly doubt that anyone is for sexism. Many lists of top artists or films are to introduce viewers to other artists of films. I highly doubt that anyone who thinks differently than this will use this site. Very few people in the first world are sexist. Even if there are some who are that go on this site, this will not change their mind. It isn't even all that big of a problem, as very few live by it. - Caleb9000

Yeah. I'm really sorry for being sexist. It's not my fault that I only like guys. - AnonymousChick

I am a boy and I agree. Women can be strong or weak so can men. We both bleed the same. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

Finaly I found A good list on this site I MEAN I can't ANYTHING FR THAT I'm A GUY

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2 Men and Women should be treated equally

I agree, I'm sick of sexism around this site. I'm looking at someone. - Delgia2k

We're not supposed to debate who's better. - Therandom

I agree. Men and women are equally the same. - Finn-Mordecai-Gumball

3 Both genders have their weakness

Men tend to be more reckless(we have to admit guys, it's kind of true) while women are more vulnerable to rape. - Therandom

Finch makes a good point. But still, we are more reckless. Fine, women tend to get overly dramatic. I was trying to avoid saying that. - Therandom

Yeah quit saying men are stronger. It's not right. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

4 The sexist lists use stereotypes
5 Both genders have their strengths
6 There are sexist lists towards both genders
7 Both play a key part in making life

While this is true, I should point out that scientists have figured out a way to use bone marrow for women to impregnate themselves. However, we still need the genetic diversity another gender offers in case of... I don't know, a pandemic? - keycha1n

Valid points. Creating life can be done by many scientific methods without much involvement from any actual complete humans. Perhaps people should be more concerned with masculine and feminine instead of male and female. A person's sex only matters so much, their gender matters even less. Their qualities make a bigger difference. - Finch

8 Both genders have made many contributions to the world
9 Men and women can have similar interests
10 Genders United accomplish more

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11 It doesn't matter what your gender is

I know right - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

12 Stereotypes about genders are inaccurate

Probably because of the people being misleaded as uninformed youths. Readers could listen to some songs from the scariest songs ever written list to possibly figure out what I am getting at here.
This comment is from a human male who is considered stupid by many other human beings because of being unimformed of many things around me.
Replies about my comment here are welcome for me to read and understand the things I could really know now.

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1. Men and Women should be treated equally
2. Both genders have their weakness
3. Both genders are human
1. Both genders have made many contributions to the world
2. Both genders are human
3. Men and Women should be treated equally
1. Men and Women should be treated equally
2. Both genders are human
3. Both genders have their strengths



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