Top Ten Reasons Why Sexual Lyrics in Music are Overhated

You know, I never really got why sexual lyrics are almost always considered bad. I mean, sure, some do it to get attention, but often I think people make an unnecessary big fuss about it.

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Sex is nothing bad

I have no idea how it evolved that so many people seem to think sex is harmful. It is not, in fact it is natural and healthy. So why not sing/rap about it? - Martin_Canine

Exactly! that's how we're here today!

In the late 60s and 70s, and later on in the 90s, several songs were of sexual nature and are considered some of the greatest of all time now

The time around after woodstock is propably the era with the most acclaimed music, and a crucial part of it was sexual revolution. Then the 90s had a revival of revolution, and again, controversial lyrics became an important part of it.

Sure, all of these artists had a message or uaed it in a daring way, that's an aspect most modern artists lack, but nevertheless what they fought for is that we can openly talk about sex. - Martin_Canine

Even in the middle ages there were sexually explicit songs and poems written

Walther von der Vogelweide, the most important German poet and bard of the middle ages, who will surely pop up in either German class or music class when you're here, wrote a song about the female pubic era. In the early 13th century. Among other works. And he played it in front of several people of a higher social status, both male and female, and gathered acclaim for it. Think about that for a second. - Martin_Canine

It's not very progressive condemning everything that is sexual

No one, or hardly anyone, is "condemning everything that is sexual." A lot of us are simply sick and tired of - crushingly bored with - gratuitous sexualization as a cover for little talent and zero creativity, and could not care less about "disappointing hippies and punks," who've not only not enhanced civilization or music, but markedly dragged them down.

It is simply prude and something you would have done in the 50s. Hippies and punks would be disappointed of you. - Martin_Canine

Sex is part of several pieces of art

Lars von Trier is consisered one of the most important contemporary European art movie makers, and almost all of his movies feature extremely explicit, often unsimulated and sometimes heavily controversial sex scenes. There are performance artists who sat down in a museum nude with spread legs. There are expensive paintings that focus on all the kinky details that people would pay up to millions of dollars to own them, because they are considered high art. - Martin_Canine

Just a suggestion, here. You are engaging in a logical fallacy known as the argument from authority, wherein a position is defended based upon the opinion of "experts." It matters little if art or an artist "is considered most important" (a phrase often used when crappy "art" is being pushed as "relevant" or "edgy" by poser intelligentsia and literati seeking to make themselves "important" by virtue of their elite and brilliant recognition of the cretin who shoves a crucifix in a jar of urine and calls it art). It matters even less that idiots would "pay up to millions of dollars to own them." Just an indication they've got a lot of money they didn't earn through hard work.

Sex in and of itself is not misogynistic in any way

As German rapper Frauenarzt once said (someone I consider not a good rapper, but not because of his sexual lyrics but because of his lack of lyrical ability), he does not hate women. In fact, he loves them, that's why he brings them up so often. If he wouldn't love them, why would he love to have sex with them? - Martin_Canine

Even though many people seem to think it is, sexual lyrics are not a sign of uncreativity

In fact, Rammstein's "Bück dich", whose title translates to "Bend over", has some of the most poetic lyrics I have heard.

In fact, Kurt Cobain made a song called "Moist Vagina".

In fact, Liz Phair and Nina Hagen, both of who are acclaimed for their songwriting, have a high percentage of unusually explicit songs on their most praised albums. - Martin_Canine

Sexual lyrics are not necessarily cheap

Again, if the main topic of the artists' song is sex, then maybe it is not because sex always sells, and also not because they are out of ideas, maybe it is because they actually wanted to record a song about sex. - Martin_Canine

I don't have a probelm with lryics about sex, it's just that most pop songs are really annoying about it. - RecklessGreed

We should not ban something from music that is essential to our lives

We all wouldn't be here if sey didn't exist. And, except for asexuals, we are all interested in it. No matter the religion, descent, nationality, gender or sexuality. - Martin_Canine

The tone of the lyrics is more important than the sexual nature of them

Speaking of female artists: there is a huge difference between a female artist who expresses her sex life because she enjoys it or to confront male listeners, and someone who was clearly told by their managers and label bosses to act kinky in order to sell more records. Listen closely. Also: both Miley and Nicki belong to the first group of artists. They simply enjoy what they are doing, and want it to be part of their music. Especially Miley who considers herself a "female rebel". Jessica Simpson on the other hand was almost definitely told to act all sexy and dirty.

Speaking of male artists: when an artist sings/raps about how much he loves it when a lady does this and that, this does not automatically turn them into objects. It just says he likes it that certain girls he's into do it. Everybody, except for asexuals, has a type of person they're attracted to. But this does not mean that this is what they think of the entire gender in general. It just doesn't sound that catchy ...more - Martin_Canine

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Problem is they're overused. Not overhated.
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