Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Like Michael Jackson

There are still people who misunderstands him. This is for them.

The Top Ten

1 Magnificient Musical Talent

Simply he was magnificent handsome kindest and the purest soul in the world extremely down to earth breathtaking dance moves and music perfect example of perfectionism. Never called himself the king of pop vaingloriously. Best person ever. He inspires me a lot and suave looks

The very reason why he became the artist with the most number of fans.

2 His Floor Breaking Dance Moves

Any body who had seen smooth criminal cannot ressist this point

3 Adorable Smile

I love his slime. I mean I well alway Remember his cute slime.

4 Charity Sense

He is still the artist with the most charity contributions in the world

5 His Affectionate Love Towards Children

I just hate the people who said that he did bad things to some childrens - rock2metal

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6 For Earth Song, Billie Jean and Thriller
7 Great Lyric Sense
8 Generous Behavior
9 Handsomeness

The hot MJ from the 80's...

The hot MJ from the forever... :P

10 For Tolerating the Press
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