Reasons Why the Simpsons Are Better Than American Dad!

The Top Ten

1 The Simpsons never made fun of Asians like American Dad! did many times

They always make fun of Toshi and his language

2 Homer Loves his wife

Stan only likes Francine for her breasts, I can tell that he really doesn't love her and Francine is a attention stealing whore anyway.

3 Stan treats his kids like crap

Stan nearly kills his son sometimes because he wants him to "Man up" well maybe man up can be a little too much.

4 All characters think they are so perfect

Stan thinks he's superior to his son when he's a major wimp himself, Francine thinks she's prettier than Hayley in that one episode.

5 American Dad is too Stereotypical
6 Roger is annoying

He's a prissy alien dude. enough said...

7 American Dad uses too much sex jokes

All they care about is sex, sex, boobs, sex, sex, panties, boobs, sex, sex

8 Francine is a terrible mother

Not as terrible as Stan though.

She's a whore, in that one episode she made a huge garden of how many men she slept with and that is a lot, and we never seen Francine teach her kids any morals, and she just complains and bitch a lot and she thinks she's sexy? Honey, I've seen sexier people than you stop thinking you're the sexiest person in the world.

9 The Simpsons never made fun of gay people
10 Bart is 10x funnier than Steve

Steve just stands right there and cry over nothing, that's the reason why you can't get any "boob".

At least Steve is better than Chris from Family Guy.

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