Top Ten Reasons Why The Simpsons is Better than Family Guy

For those who agree that Family Guy dosen't compare to The Simpsons, these are the reasons why.

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1 Family Guy was pretty much based on The Simpsons.

Family guy is a hilarious show, however, it contains too much disrespectful terms and slurs against all people. Unlike the Simpsons, who make us laugh, cry, and smile. In the theme song of Family guy, they state "lucky there's a man who positively can do, all the things that make us. Laugh and cry".. But, I never cried. I may have laughed, but it didn't make me release emotion like the Simpsons did.

Family guy is great, but I assume the Simpsons is better, even though I'm yet to see it. Peter is sort of like a clone of Homer gone horribly wrong. - worstmusicoftheyear

And it says "who POSITIVELY can do" in the theme song. That's not entirely true because there is a lot of offensive humour. I get offended sometimes. So NOT always positively

Well, Family Guy is a sitcom. An animated sitcom. You know that The Simpsons did'nt owned this sitcom genre, it was the Flintstones. Every animated sitcoms has the same formula especially Family Guy and The Simpsons (or every other sitcoms). I know both shows were great but I don't think Family Guy is actually a rip-off. Because Family Guy has different perspective as The Simpsons did. The Simpsons have kid-friendly tone while Family Guy has adult humor as South Park have. I mean, did you see the theme songs are the same? No. The Simpsons opening was just seeing every people in Springfield and what The Simpsons are doing (also the couch gag is the same but more of a twist). While Family Guy theme is more of a type of Broadway musical kind of thing. Also, did you see a baby and a dog can talk in The Simpsons? No. It's belong to Family Guy. There is no such thing as talking baby and a dog in The Simpsons (unless it was just a crossover: The Simpsons Guy).

The humors were also ...more

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2 The Simpsons is actually funny.

Whoever said the the Simpson's are boring is stupid - llamaboy17

Simpsons over family guy any day - CoolCat999

The swearing takes the fun out of family guy

The Simpsons is Hilarious But Family Guy Is More Hilarious in my Opinion - WWEWBMortalKombatFan

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3 The characters are more complex.

Simpsons characters are more complex, if you want to say no then why has this been voted into third place

It seem like all the Griffin kids are just half-assed rip off of the Simpson kids.
Bart might not be bright but he never got stupidly dumb but Chris is just a moron and Bart at least is interesting and all the Simpson family and most of the characters have good personalities while all the Family Guy characters are just forgettable. And the Simpsons are not

Outside of the griffin family Family guy has maybe 3 three dimensional supporting characters. Almost all of the Simpsons supporting characters have multiple sides to them

I can't speak for the older Family Guy episodes, but from what my lifespan has shown me, I'm more drawn to Homer than to Peter.

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4 D'oh!

D'oh is one of the funniest quiotes in the history of television, always makes me laugh - andreymoutelik

D'oh is actually so popular a catchphrase that it was put into the dictionary!

Even the rest of the simpsons have been heard saying d'oh

D'oh was the most wisest word whenever you get ticked-off with. But do you know much funnier than D'oh? Peter Griffin fistfights with Big Chicken was much funnier.

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5 Homer Simpson Homer Simpson Homer Jay Simpson is the protagonist of the American animated television series The Simpsons as the patriarch of the eponymous family.

Sorry, but Homer is ten times the hilarity of Peter Griffin. Family Guy couldn't hold a candle to the Simpsons. - PositronWildhawk

Homer's a lovable oaf. He also still loves his family, just not the things they do. In one episode, Lisa passes out at one of her concerts and Homer says "when I prayed for this to end, I didn't mean like this." It's funny but you can still see Homer loves his family.

Homer loves all his kids and wife with all of his heart while Peter has no respect for Meg and Lois and doesn't even know who Stewie is. Even if Homer messes up you can see his heart is in the right place and Peter is just a jerk.

Many might call Homer a jerkass nowadays, but he isn't really. He has good and bad episodes in every season.

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6 There are more characters to work off of in The Simpsons.

The simpsons has more side characters and barts school friens like ralph and milhouse are hilarious

Yeah simpsons

I love Family Guy but the Simpsons is AWESOME! WAY BETTER IN MY OPINION! GO THE SIMPSONS! - HeavyDonkeyKong

No there are not..

7 It has seniority.

Yes it does - DoroExploro13

8 Family Guy bases their show almost entirely on their high shock value.

If your offended by it, then don't watch it. - EpicHorrorMaster

Actually people have different tastes in humour. Family Guy is also childish.

9 Family Guy can be really annoying sometimes.

Well I think the Simpsons are good because it's got all sorts of jokes and story's but family guy is mainly abusive and not very complex it was manly made for weird people who like the wrong things in life but the Simpsons have all sorts of products and games So I'll vote Simpsons 100% and family guy 85%

Obviously people like him are talking like that because they are underage of watching Family Guy - FerrariDude64

The jokes last too long and get boring in Family Guy

Family Guy is the worst show ever. I think it should be cancelled!

This baby in family guy is it was like "good morning! Good morning! To You! " And it kept on going after a while the baby came when he finished and said "good morning! Good morni-oh I though we continued so bye..."

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10 Bart Simpson Bart Simpson Bart is the oldest child in The Simpsons. He was created by Matt Greoning. His hobbies are pranking people including Lisa Simpson and Homer Simpson.

He's the best their is so cool and awesome

Bart would only prank, but if he killed a guy or at least injured a guy, he would feel guilt. Once, Chris smashed his father's head and just laughed.

He is so much better than all the family guy characters put together! - 4557789pom

Yeah he likes to only prank but he has a good heart

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11 The Simpsons is timeless. Family Guy is not.

SHUT UP! Although The Simpsons came out like, 10 years before Family Guy, it will live on forever! Also, Seth MacFarlane went on strike for like, 2 weeks, unlike Matt Groening, who didn't give up on his characters!

The Simpsons will be remembered forever. Family Guy will be forgotten a year or two after it ends. - Tacosarelife

The Simpsons has 24 seasons or 23. how many does Family Guy have

Maybe because family hasn't been around as long as the Simpsons? - EpicHorrorMaster

The simpsons is the greatest television show of all time ever hands down end of discussion. the simpsons will be here for many generations to come. they will be remembered forever. the simpsons is the god of television. the simpsons will always will reigns supreme.

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12 Appropriate for kids

Family-friendly is more like it. There is a curse and a sex reference here and there, but not in overdose. We all know that Simpsons is better than Family Guy just like we all know SpongeBob is better that Fairly Odd Parents. - Garythesnail

The Simpsons are more fun for the whole family. Family Guy should only be for adults.

Only the very old and new ones, the ones after the first couple of seasons could be kind of edgy. They even show Bart's wang in the movie

This is a little wrong, because then you're going to say that SpongeBob and Adventure Time should be on Adult Swim because they show their butts uncensored. It's not nudity. Has a woman ever exposed her breasts? Eh? - PizzaGuy

Both are because American humour is immature.

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13 The stupid Meg-hating gag

It's so annoying! Please shoe Meg RESPECT for once!

There's no reason to hate Meg. She doesn't really look ugly. Lisa is hated for being so smart.

Do The Simpsons abuse Lisa? No. So why does Family Guy abuse Meg for no reason? - Turkeyasylum

It was said in an interview that, "a bunch of male writers not knowing how to write about a teenage girl" - EpicHorrorMaster

Please shoe meg some respect - alwaysforgetmypassword

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14 The Simpsons support and love each other despite their flaws. The Griffins treat each other badly and constantly do horrible things to each other.

I dare you to say, that the Griffins are nicer than than, the Simpsons. - nintendofan126

What bugs me is that the creators think hate and abuse are funny.

It's not. - TheAlbinoWolf

Sorry, but I gotta agree with this one. I don't actually recall the Griffins ever having a nice moment together that didn't feel cheap and fake, but I haven't watched in a while.

They aren't violent and psychotic unlike family guy

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15 The Simpsons have a feature movie

I KNOW! And Family Guy just put 3 episodes together and called it a feature movie, which proves my "Family Guy Copies off The Simpsons" theory true.

It is the best movie in the world

I watched it! It was awesome! If u are talking about the one where they put a giant thingie on spriendfield and yeah that was awesome

16 The Simpsons has never been cancelled.

I was worried that The Simpsons may get cancelled.

On the road since 1989 baby!

This show started in the 1990's...
And it will never end!

Though one episode of Simpsons was canceled in several country's beacause of kids copying homer by shooting people

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17 None of the kids in The Simpsons are sex-crazed, in comparison to Family Guy

Bart and Lisa are 10 and 8
Chris and meg are teenagers.

18 Animation is better

Family Guy has the most generic, boring animation ever.

The 1st episode in the Simpsons even have better animation then family guy and the Simpsons is ten years older than family guy

Tracey Ullman episodes are better than Family Guy.

Now it is, but look at the first few seasons.

19 Better art style

Family Guy's art style sucks! - sketchysteve

20 The Simpsons' Hallowe'en specials are great!!!!

The newest one had a lot of horror movie references.

I don't really like the Halloween episodes sorry

Horror tree house? Yeah cool

Fly vs Fly is awesome hehe

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21 It doesn't have 5 minute Conway Twitty jokes.

I like family guy better, but even I'll admit, those were annoying!

So? It had those in like 3 episodes..

22 Better parodies

Oh Margie.You came and you found me a Turkey.

23 Better storylines

No there are not... Family guy has a lot parodies and other AWESOME episodes

Family guy is horrible 😡

24 Family Guy sucks at being heartfelt

So true, I almost have tears when Simpsons does emotional, no tears family guy

Life of Brian was the closest family guy got, they still managed to screw it up.

I go into tears when people die it's SO emotional

You mean when Homer is sitting on his car when his mother has to leave.
When they are being mean to Lisa when she is going into school in Moaning Lisa, Marge grabs Lisa back into the car.
When Maggie wants Mr Burns old teddy bear.
When Bart had a test and actually got a D-
When Marge and Homer finally get together after Homer ruined the prom date. He was really the one she should've gone with.
So Family Guy is like that.

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25 Eat my shorts!

No, family guy doesn't make new jokes. It doesn't even make jokes at all - just offensive garbage.

Like on Boaz the Simpson's. - HomertheSimpson

Whats fun about him saying the same joke for 30 years... Family guy can even make new jokes

26 Stewie's an alcoholic

Normal? Babies don't drink booze, its illegal, no one can drink till their 21 and babies aren't attracted to any gender, too young to understand. So that's normal.

An alcoholic, homosexual BABY

Pretty normal

27 Treehouse of Horror

SHUT UP the simpsons treehouse of horror is so awesome

Still have nightmares...

Treehouse of horror xx Please watch and subscribe to my videos sausagelover99

I LOVE how it makes fun of horror movies the guy who said it isn't awesome is a bitch

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28 Seth made Stewie gay

I only voted so that I could comment. This is rather homophobic, wouldn't you say? What's wrong with having a gay character?

Babies aren't attracted to any gender, they are too young to fall in love, too young to understand. Little boys usually hate kissing.

Its not homophobia. How many babies are gay? Are babies attracted to any gender?

If you are male, when you was little did you like seeing kissing?

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29 Seth killed Brian

It's a lose-lose situation. If Brian stayed dead, then the show seems to just be too kill crazy. They've already killed off non-important characters every time they got bored with them, and once they start with main characters, it's a clear sign the writers don't care, and whatever disturbingly loyal fans that stayed will be alienated.

On the other hand, Brian's a douche.

I hate you, Seth! Why you kill off Brian?! Matt Groening does so much better.

Brought him back to life too, so why is this on here? - Songsta41

SO WHAT? "South Park", kills Kenny all the time, and the next day, he's in his bed and nobody remembers his death.

Except that's the joke, they don't kill kenny because they don't like him anymore - Yatagarasu

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30 Family Guy makes fun of well liked people

Family Guy is constantly lying about famous people. The Simpsons have said FACTS about celebrities.

So? South Park does that too. It's just satire (which Family Guy doesn't do well).

The SIMPSONS are annoying celebrities but at least they are annoying Donald trump! Yay!

So u say u like

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31 The Simpsons appeals to a wider audience than Family Guy

Family Guy is designed to appeal to frat boys and immature teens. The Simpsons can appeal to a wide range of groups. A ten-year-old and a seventy-year-old alike could watch an episode of The Simpsons and find different things about the episode that appeal to them.

Family Guy is designed to appeal to frat boys and immature teens. The Simpsons can appeal to a wide range of groups. A ten y

32 There is a Simpsons ride at Universal Studios Orlando

Does family guy have their own ride? No, they don't because everyone knows that Simpsons is the BEST!

I want to ride it

And it's on a couch

Really? Aw cool!

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33 Ralph Wiggum Ralph Wiggum Ralph Wiggum is a side character in The Simpsons. He is the son of Chief Wiggum. Ralph is not very smart at all. He is voiced by Nancy Cartwright. Some episodes such as I Love Lisa and This Little Wiggy have him as a major character.

An instant classic characters who along with homer and bart beats all family guy characters

Is that the fatty who eats chocolate? Yeah he beats everybody in family guy along with homer Bart and the little Simpson baby in this blue blanket

Most of the characters on the Simpsons are funny except Patty and Selma and Ned Flanders.

Ned Flanders is funny

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34 The Simpsons are more famous

Because a lot of kids are watching it.. Family guy isn't based for little kids...

The Simpsons get a 100%. Family Guy 12%

The Greatest Show In The World; this title belongs to The Simpsons, not
Family guy.

Because they put Donald trump in there -.-

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35 More suited to an adult audience

Even though the age rating for Family Guy is higher, the cheap jokes and gags in Family Guy are childish and can be understood by most. The jokes in The Simpsons are often very subtle and cleverly hidden.

God, I HATE it when people say that! Just because family guy is more vulgar doesn't mean it's better for adults. The simpsons is far more grown up that family guy.

You really learn SOME stuff from Lisa

And Simpsons is for ALL ages

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36 Marge Simpson Marge Simpson Marjorie Jacqueline "Marge" Simpson is a fictional character in the American animated sitcom The Simpsons and part of the eponymous family.

Don't even get me started on Lois. Marge is a great character, a much nicer, supporting, and caring wife and mother. She can even be funny sometimes as well. - FJS19

Got nothing on Lois..

Marge is a perfect mother. with a few flaws. Lois is a flaw herself

Hey this guy who wrote she is a perfect mother stole mine! :(

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37 The Simpsons doesn't make fun of black people

And they don't make fun of disabled people

Racism is one of the only humor they have. - nintendofan126

I'm black and proud. Seth made the Cleveland Show to get people to stop saying Family Guy is racist. but it still is.

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38 Family Guy is too mean spirited

There are comedy shows that are way more funnier than that Family Guy trash.

39 Chris Griffin masturbates to his own mother
40 Lisa Simpson Lisa Simpson Lisa Marie Simpson is a fictional character in the animated television series The Simpsons. She is the middle child and most intelligent of the Simpson family.

Lisa is funnier then meg

Lisa is a lot more beautiful than same old boring Meg.

And a LOT more smart

Meg is funnier than lisa :P

41 Family Guy relies on fart jokes too much

Just throw in the farting moose from Doogal, maybe the dog too. Then three talking dogs. Brian, Vinny, Doogal (Who was from a little kids movie)

42 The Simpsons doesn't waste half an hour on Conway Twitty

Each episode that has him in it waste like 10 minuets

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43 The Simpsons is more family oriented
44 The worst episodes of Family Guy are worse than the worst episodes of The Simpsons.

It's rip offed that's why

45 Lois Griffin is a horrible mother

She's just as bad as Peter to be honest... - SomePersonYouHate

Better than marge not joking - Ilyas678

46 Brian gave Stewie Herpes and didn't even care
47 The Simpsons know how to be funny without being inappropriate
48 The Simpsons don't kill their main characters

Unless a death happens in the last episode ever.

49 Homer chokes Bart

When Homer chokes Bart, it's disciplining but a little to far. Peter just farts in Meg's face just for fun.

So what's fun about dad trying to kill his own son?..

What did you just?! Bart:ghghghgghblarghgh

Was this just put on here because its one of the most famous jokes from The Simpsons because its like in nearly every single episode.
Its not something you would ever do to someone in real life, because its just murder or injury.
Its just something everyone laughs at in the Simpsons, it can only exist in fiction.

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50 It has more episodes

Because it was started 10 years before Family Guy..

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