Reasons Why Simpsons is Better Than Invader Zim

I like the Simpsons. Invader Kim sucks. Here's why!

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1 Simpsons Aired Before Invader Zim

Which means it's the longest running cartoon of all time.

2 Homer Simpson is Better Than Zim

No Way They're both great, not one is better than the other. They're Tie.

Homer's better. Homer 10/10 Zim 0/10 because I don't know him.

3 Maggie Simpson is Cuter Than Gir

Bitch! They're both equally cute.

4 Everybody Loves the Simpsons

We used to love it before the old writers retired, now with the new writers, it sucks.

5 Simpson's Characters are More Likeable


6 Fox is Better Than Nickelodeon


7 Bart Simpson is Awesome

That is correct. he's one of the funniest television characters of all time.

8 Invader Zim Sucks

Not everyone worships Invader Zim and cried when it was cancelled.

Just kidding. I like the show a lot. - Jay12


9 Invader Zim Has Lame Characters
10 Homer Simpson is Funnier Than Zim or Gir

NO WAY Just because you hate kids, but please appreciate everyone no matter what age. You were a kid too.

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11 Invader Zim is Overrated
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