Top 10 Reasons Why Slayer is Better Than Megadeth

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1 Slayer Has Better Songs

Better songs and better albums are so subjective arguments that they are basically just another way of saying one band is better than the other, it's not a form of reasoning - Alkadikce

Megadeth music is way better the songs you can sing too slayer not good lyrics

Raining Blood is better than Holy Wars... The Punishment Due - christangrant

Um, no, not really.

2 Megadeth Has Released More Bad Albums

No, they haven’t.
Megadeth has three bad albums. Slayer has three.

Megadeth's bad albums Cryptic Writings, Risk, The World Needs a Hero and Super Collider.

Slayers bad albums
Undisputed Attitude and Diabolus in Musica - christangrant

First off, no they haven’t.
Second off, even if they did, the amount of good albums balance out with Slayer’s good albums.
Third, you really can’t say Slayer is better because of this.

3 Slayer Has a Better Vocalist

This is a proper reason, it's a bit subjective, but in this case it's so obvious that it counts as a good reason in my book - Alkadikce

Even Dave admits he can't sing.

Tom Araya is a far better singer than Mustaine.

Tom Araya sings better than Dave Mustaine - christangrant

4 Slayer Never Abandoned Thrash Metal

As I know, you prefer Kreator over Sodom; Kreator made Endorama, Renewal and Cause for Conflict, Sodom was always thrash. - Alkadikce

Even Diabolus in Musica was Thrash Metal that Slayer is known for - christangrant

Megadeth experimented, doesn’t mean they abandoned thrash metal.
Dystopia is thrash metal.

5 Slayer Has Had Fewer Line Up Changes

Accidentally voted. Don't take my comments as personal attacks, just expressing my opinions in the name of free speech. By this logic, ZZ Top is the best band ever because they kept the same members since 1969 - Alkadikce

6 Slayer Has Better Albums
7 Slayer Sounds Better

I like their more Violent sound of their guitars than Megadeth's sound - christangrant

No they don’t.

8 Slayer Never Made Pop Songs While Megadeth Has

Some of the tracks on Risk basically are Pop songs - christangrant

Megadeth’s songs on Risk are basically metal songs with pop elements, not just pop songs.

9 Slayer Has a Cooler Name

Who doesn't love the name Slayer - christangrant

And a better band logo.

So what? That’s not a reason. That’s not even close!

10 Slayer is Faster at Playing Music

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11 Slayer's Music is Heavier and More Brutal

How does brutality and heaviness define quality? The most iconic and most respected metal bands weren't Devourment and Abominable Putridity when I last checked. - Alkadikce


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