Top 10 Reasons Why Slender Man (2018) Will Be a Good Movie


The Top Ten

1 Slender Man is the best Creepypasta out there

Uh, no. The best is the Russian Sleep Experiment. - Not_A_Weeaboo

I like Smile Dog better - Pokemonfan10

It's actually not. There are much better and scarier creepypastas out there. - Scr3aM

2 It is kind of like the new IT movie

How? I can't see any similarities. - Scr3aM

Connor, this list is just as cringy as your others.

3 Slender Man is in it so many times
4 The trailer looked great
5 It is the first Slender Man film that's not behind the scenes or hidden camera
6 it is the first Creepypasta movie ever

It really isn't. In 2015, another studio made a movie called Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story. - Scr3aM

7 Annoying Orange has trashed it

He is the best YouTuber of all time - Sausagelover99

8 The plot is awesome

Erm... WHAT? - Scr3aM

9 It has great characters

The film isn't even out yet... - Scr3aM

Like every movie I watched - Sausagelover99

10 It is about the Slender Man stabbing

I don't know what the exact plot is but the people involved with the movie said it wasn't related to the stabbing incident and frankly if the movie did do that, it would be very distasteful and disrespectful to the young girl and her family. - judo8alex

If this movie was, it would be very sad and disrespectful. If it were a documentary, then maybe that would be different, but this movie is not a documentary, and isn't actually about the stabbing. - Scr3aM

That is not what its about! - judo8alex

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