Top Ten Reasons Why Slenderman Is More Dangerous Than Jeff the Killer

The Top Ten

1 Slenderman can kill you just by looking at him

Anything is more scarier and dangerous then Jeff the person who should be blind right now. - XxembermasterxX

2 Slenderman can get to you wherever you are
3 Slenderman can teleport
4 Slenderman is faster
5 You can fight Jeff the killer
6 You'll never know where Slenderman could be
7 Slenderman can kill you from a far away distance
8 Slenderman can give you headache and make you feel sick in the stomach
9 Slenderman has more abilities
10 Slenderman is an unknown species

True that. Jeff is a masked murderer - P-51IsDaBest

Meanwhile Jeff is a human

He's a Cryptid.

The Contenders

11 Slender man is like 10 feet taller
12 Slendermen is inescapable you can easily escape Jeff by shooting him in the face
13 Slenderman is hard to spot at night

He never comes into the light.

14 Slenderman is actually a believable character
15 Slenderman has the power to defeat Thanos
16 Slenderman would last 10 seconds in a fight with Chuck Norris, but Jeff can only last 2 seconds.

Ghosts and Creepypastas sit around the campfire and tell Chuck Norris stories.

Wait, did you really just call Chuck Norris "a normal adult human male"?

I believe slenderman has unnatural physical strength, far beyond a normal human adult male.

17 Slenderman is older and more experienced
18 Slenderman has telepathy
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