Top Ten Reasons Why Slipknot Should Be Classified as Metal

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1 Their music is too heavy to be classified as normal rock

I agree, the only metal nu metal band to me. - Lucretia

Their music isn't very heavy, and can fit in the rock genre. Face it NikBrusk, Slipknot isn't real metal. Deal with it.

2 They fall under the criteria to be a metal band

Wikipedia describes metal music as "a thick, heavy, guitar-and-drums-centered sound, characterized by highly amplified distortion and fast guitar solos" Let's see, many of Slipknot's songs have a thick, heavy, guitar and drums centered sound, especially drums, the song Skin Ticket has highly amplified distortion, and the songs Pulse of the Maggots, Nomadic, and Sulfur have fast guitar solos. So yeah, Slipknot falls under the category of metal music. - NikBrusk

3 They have heavy screams

Many metal bands have screaming in them, and Slipknot is no exception. Many of their early songs from the self titled album and Iowa had screaming throughout most of the songs and the song People = had many screams in the beginning. - NikBrusk

4 Having soft songs doesn't mean they aren't metal

Enough said. - NikBrusk

5 Being on a TV show doesn't mean they are mainstream and aren't metal

Cannibal Corpse appeared on MTV, does that mean they are mainstream and not metal? MTV may not have been completely about pop and pregnant teens and did acknowledge and promote metal music when CC appeared on it, but they were still mainstream and popular. - NikBrusk

6 There are bands with a similar sound to Slipknot that aren't called "fake metal"

Go ahead and kill me, but I think Damageplan have a very similar sound to Slipknot with the screams and gritty and heavy instrumentals, especially in the song F You. As well as being popular and selling many records to the mainstream. I don't see anyone saying how they aren't metal, so why Slipknot? - NikBrusk

7 Nu metal and alternative metal is still metal

Popularity and airplay doesn't decide whether or not a metal band is actually a "real" metal band. Nu and Alternative Metal are sub genres of metal and, most of the time, have screaming and/or fierce vocals, as well as heavy instrumentals. Those genres are still metal whether you like them or not. - NikBrusk

8 A bad fanbase doesn't mean Slipknot isn't metal

There are people who think Slipknot is the heaviest metal band ever, which they aren't. But that doesn't mean they aren't metal at all, there's just heavier bands than them. - NikBrusk

9 Their genre isn't dependent on their image

Some people say that Slipknot appeals to 12 year old kids because they were masks, which is a load of crap. They were masks and boiler suits to stand out from the image of pop musicians, which is what many metal bands, especially death and black metal bands do, try to stand out and be different from popular musicians. Like I said in Number 6, if death and black metal bands can do that and still be classified as metal, then Slipknot should too. I bet if I said Cannibal Corpse or Amon Amarth do death metal screaming that sounds like very angry burping to appeal to edgy teenagers, their fans would flip out. - NikBrusk

10 Slipknot's song meanings are common in other metal songs

Slipknot makes songs about rage, hate, having something inside of you, and wanting to kill, as well as other common things sung about in Metal. Other metal bands such as Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, the aforementioned Damageplan and even Pantera sing about similar things and Pantera has even made a song about love and difficult relationships. If they as well as a guy who sung about Rainbows and Magic can be considered metal, then I don't see how Slipknot can't. - NikBrusk

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