Top 10 Reasons Why Snow White Is the Best Disney Princess


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1 She's Kind & Gentle

She is really kind and gentle to everybody she meets! - jaythomo2

Yea. But keeps dreaming about a prince, has no girl power, sounds so frail, never protesting against injustice, too little to marry, cute but not beautiful

The kindest Disney princess!

2 She's the 1st Disney Princess

Most people hate her because of her voice and looks but she was made in 1937 and LET ME SAY THAT AGAIN 1937! she is the first disney princess and Walt Disney created her himself! I think she is special and really good for something created so long ago and during the Depressian time.

Am so happy that she is the first princess - Disneyfan2005

Danteem: Really I thought it was Cinderella.

So prom!

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3 She's Pretty

She is the most beautiful disney princess!

Of course,she is the most beautiful disney princess!

She is more beautiful than other disney princess,like Cinderella,Aurora,Ariel or Belle. Oh, and Elsa too. Right?

4 She Has a Star On the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Only Princess Snow White has one! No other Disney princess has one - jaythomo2

5 She Is Cute V 1 Comment
6 She Has a Beautiful Dress

Her dress is beautiful. More than other disney princess.

7 She's Loving V 1 Comment
8 She's a Good Cook V 1 Comment
9 She's Totally Awesome
10 She is sassy

I love her sassyness when she´┐Ż's with Grumpy, reminds me of Belle with Gaston

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11 She has the best hair out of the earliest Disney Princesses

It's short, black and curly. I love her hair!

12 Her voice is beautiful V 1 Comment
13 She's in most of her movie

This is true unlike some other Disney princesses *cough* *cough* Aurora *cough* *cough*. - Anonymousxcxc

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