Top Ten Reasons Why Social Media Should Be Banned

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1 You get random messages from people you don't know

Welcome to TheTopTens, aka "social media"! - PetSounds

Yeah, how dare people try to be social on social media. It's like they're somehow tricked by the name. - BlarchBlaces


So anti-social! A random person sending messages to other people they don't know shows that they’re bored, friendly, or lonely. Who adds this on the list?! Maybe an anti-social kid. We’re all humans! It’s just like meeting other people in real life. I don't know why people think random people are dangerous and they think they will kill them or hack them. ANTI SOCIAL PEOPLE ALWAYS BLOCKING FOR NO REASON! I HATE IT WHEN OVERPROTECTIVE PARENTS THINK THAT they're DANGEROUS BUT they're NOT! That’s why I'm shy to talk to random people now! >:( Just talk with the person! Don’t be afraid!

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2 Selfies suck

I absolutelly HATE when people post all their garbage online, I have a friend (not addicted) ex: shows me a picture of her saying that she made curly hair and it looks awful, and then in the evening when I enter to my fb account this photo that she sais was awful is posted already... (True story) I HATE this...I HATE stories... I HATE social media! By the way I'm only 13, and sorry for my english, not english.

Yes! This is the EXACT reason why I despise social media. Pictures of EVERYBODY whose faces take up the WHOLE screen!

Duck face selfies,
Bathroom selfies

I would agree But first:Let me take a selfie.

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3 They make no sense

Many people I know post such rubbish updates constantly when there's no need to.

What am I reading. - Swellow

4 People can talk physically

Social media is actually a great way to keep in contact with friends, and make new ones as well. I see no reason it should be banned. Nothing wrong with talking physically, though-social media just makes it to where you can talk at home. - Garythesnail

Yeah, if you're far away from somebody you can totally do that. - Skullkid755

But pah! Who wants to deal with that? - keycha1n

5 Children can end up finding porn by accident

My brother was already exposed by her sister

My friend said he found it on purpose

6 It’s useless

I agree

7 People have turned careless over them

Our kids need to know simple stuff like how to talk to another person face to face. Also the less they know the better have you noticed high school shootings have increased since social media PEOPLE DO I NEED TO SAY ANY MORE ( OUT A SIGHT OUT OF MIND).

8 They are annoying

Yes. when your on social media, people anoy u even when u don't want to

9 It has been taken over by trolls and haters

Its basically being use to hurt people from not just bullying, but people trolling about who they are when they're not. which results in people catching online stalkers and predators

10 It makes people narcissistic

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11 To keep the immature and abusive away

Wow, this is sad. - Swellow

12 It’s addicting

If this was a chemical substance it would be completely banned, enough said

Yup. My sister doesn't do anything else. Only social media. - Userguy44

VERY addicting.

13 It upsets people

True. - Userguy44

14 People can't separate fiction from reality.

Agreeing with this comment...Social Media is a fantasyland and the people you meet online...will you really mwet them in real life? Social Mdia is nohing but deceptive and false.

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