Top Ten Reasons Why Social Media Should Be Banned

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1 You get random messages from people you don't know

Welcome to TheTopTens, aka "social media"! - PetSounds

As much as I loathe social media, there's a such thing as only setting it to only certain people can message you - jack2244

Yeah, how dare people try to be social on social media. It's like they're somehow tricked by the name. - BlarchBlaces

2 They make no sense

What am I reading. - Swellow

3 People can talk physically

Social media is actually a great way to keep in contact with friends, and make new ones as well. I see no reason it should be banned. Nothing wrong with talking physically, though-social media just makes it to where you can talk at home. - Garythesnail

Yeah, if you're far away from somebody you can totally do that. - Skullkid755

But pah! Who wants to deal with that? - keycha1n

4 Selfies suck
5 People have turned careless over them
6 They are annoying
7 To keep the immature and abusive away

Wow, this is sad. - Swellow

8 It has been taken over by trolls and haters
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