Top Ten Reasons Why Some Christians Need to Stop Ruining Yo Mamma Jokes

Christians are up to no good over a great list(top ten yo mamma so old jokes)I hope this list gets their attention

The Top Ten

1 They get really dramatic with the jokes

I'm a Christian and besides they're dumb and funny like all other jokes. And besides, we don't even know whose MAMA the joke was addressed to

You should come to my church youth group. We love yo mama jokes.

Yo mama is so dumb that she said choose sketchers Jordans or Adidas she said sketchers

It's a dumb joke but I don't think people should go to hell I just think its annoying

2 They take it to seriously unlike everyone else
3 They can't enjoy any of the jokes

I've barely seen any Christian get mad over these jokes. Besides, there's not really any correlation between the fact that someone is a Christian and a Yo Mama joke. I am Christian and I enjoy these jokes.

I'm christian and I found them hilarious!

4 They bum us out when they approach a yo mamma list
5 They can't accept the fact it's a joke
6 They make us mad when they ruin it

Especially me - Nateawesomeness

7 They get offended too easily

I don't find the jokes that funny (most of the time). But "offensive"?! I'm a christian, but some people need to grow thicker skin. - RoseWeasley

I know right! I'm Christian and I did not get offended by that at all. Those fools need to calm the hell down and realize it's a joke.

8 They keep threatening us
9 They keep thinking we should go to hell

Nobody goes to hell,wow,something they don't know about the bible - Nateawesomeness

10 Other Christians like the joke

Last comment is so true

Buts those few christans I'm talking about has to accept the joke

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