Top Ten Reasons Why Some Friendships Can't Last

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The Top Ten

1 Some rules you made with your friends are broken

You keep bugging us. I'm not gonna forgive an idiot like you. Now please either make better content or get the hell off this site!

2 One of you moved away

If you're committed enough to the friendship, it can and will work. - keycha1n

3 Sometimes you just drift
4 You let frustration and irritation fall to the way side.

Would you shut up with the sorry thing? - JaysTop10List

5 Your friend or you becomes a traitor

Happens almost every time I make a new friend. It's hard to trust people. I had a friend who's funny and nice to me, but suddenly when I was in a fight with another girl, he turned his back to me and sided with that extremely hypersensitive girl for no reason and began to insult me like crazy until now. We became worst enemies after that fight - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

Yep had a friend who was cool then everyone started liking him. He became a bully when he hung out with the cool kids. Ass hole

6 Priorities shift
7 You unwittingly insulted your friend
8 Your friend finds another friend and abandons you.

It's like I'm never good enough for anyone. People always find someone better than me. And when they do, they'll ditch me - FireWasp2004

9 Your friend no longer treats you like a pushover.
10 The friend you made was a mistake to yourself.
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