Top Ten Reasons Why Some Girls Like Girls

Just so you know. I'm pansexual so I don't necessarily care about gender but I definitely find some things attractive about girls, so why not. I'll probably get some hate for doing this but no one makes lists like this so I guess I'll make them.

The Top Ten

1 Their hair

Probably but the girl I liked had well not nice hair

2 Girls have nice lips
3 Girls are often nicer to you

Sometimes, I've been bullied and harassmed by this one girl, she really ruined me, and this one girl spat at me when I asked her out, I don't think boys are any better (they're probably equal) I just don't think many people know that female on male bullying and harassment exists but it's happened to me so I know, I do think for the most part you're right girls usually tend to be more nice, but there are as many female - Quart

Bullies as there are male bullies, but there a a few more male bullies, but female ones still exist - Quart

There are also genes that make someone like girls.. - ToptenPizza

4 You can talk about girl problems with them

Definitely! As a questioning individual myself, I'm extremely glad there's someone who wasn't scared to make a list about this. Girls are often more open emotionally, and that's attractive. - keycha1n

I just love the fact that you can talk about that dude that harassed you and she has experienced it herself. - JelloLife

5 Girls are softer and warmer
6 You can shop together
7 Boobs

I don't know how to comment on this without sounding stupid, but I'll try, I'll just say that I love them - Quart

Boobs boobs boobs boobs...whoops
*Naughty Guy* - CerealGuy

8 Girls tend to want to cuddle more

I love cuddling, and I'm a guy, but people find that weird, I don't I just love cuddling - Quart

Nice. I love cuddling. - JelloLife

9 You can share all your clothes with each other
10 Girls can do everything in bed

I don't think they can do everything, they can do many things but now everything - Quart

Just to what extent is "everything" - frankjackson

"everything"? There are many bed-ridden people who are unable to do many things. - keycha1n

The Contenders

11 They smell nice
12 Genetics

Pure cancer

13 Girls are simple-minded
14 They are more "neat" or put together
15 More sentimental
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