Top Ten Reasons Why Some People are Vegetarians

The Top Ten Reasons Why Some People are Vegetarians

1 They think they will save animals
2 They want to upset people who aren't vegetarians

I'm not a vegetarian but I have eaten Quorn food. But this was obviously put on here by a troll.
Still try vegetable crisps they make vegetables that you could hate nicer. (Sorry no sprouts, peas or broccoli though, but you get some beetroot)

What a strange thing to do... - PassiveAggressive

3 They want to be healthy
4 They want to be cool
5 They think people shouldn't eat meat
6 They hate meat
7 They love vegetables
8 They want to be unique
9 They love animals
10 They want to be sexy

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11 Vegetarian Jelly Beans are made of natural fruit.
12 It's their weight loss diet
13 Humans are animals too
14 Red meat is less healthy
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