Reasons Why Some People Hate Donald Trump

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1 He has been the first major party nominee since 1976 not to make his tax returns public.
2 An America First approach to trade
3 The dismantling of the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.
4 He is extremely nationalist and naive
5 They hate low minority unemployment

What does a low minority unemployment rate have to do with Donald Trump? The economy was still booming in the last years of the Obama administration. Donald Trump inherited an economy, and he did so little to boost it. The American people, entrepreneurs, business owners, and workers build the economy, and not by any politician. Republicans used to believe in that, and they smeared Barack Obama's statement of "you didn't build that."

This has honestly got to be one of the most ridiculous lists on this site. Like, who hates Donald Trump simply because they like seeing babies getting aborted? This is honestly not much more than a strawman argument list.

No offense but a lot of these reasons aren't exactly why many don't like Trump. And this is coming from someone who is more conservative then liberal. - B1ueNew

6 He has threatened to sue the educational institutions he attended if they released his grades
7 They want war with North Korea
8 They want America to be 100% socialist
9 They hate tax cuts

A lot of us like a tax cut, but the Trump tax cuts were quite flawed since it didn't have enough of a tax break for the middle class, and it favored the rich a bit too much. If you increase taxes, then you can invest in more initiatives.

10 He is a con artist

People don’t even know they are being conned. That is the genius behind it.

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11 They love illegal immigrants
12 They enjoy watching babies get aborted

No, I don't. - RoseWeasley

13 He is friends with dictators Kim Jong Un and Lee Hsien Loong
14 They don't like a booming economy
15 He nearly started a war with Iran
16 He said that injecting disinfectant into your bloodstream would kill COVID-19
17 They want the second amendment banned, leaving US citizens defenseless against government tyranny
18 He openly promotes conspiracy theories
19 They want war with Russia

Trump is too nice to Putin, the Democrats want war with Putin. Either way you're screwed.

Putin would rather have a puppet as president.

20 They hate liars
21 They don't like America

If they hate Donald Trump so much, then is it patriotic to call someone out who isn't efficiently serving the nation?

Agree with Rose

I do.

22 His response to COVID-19 was terrible

He denied its existence at first, then promoted baseless conspiracies. He was okay with people going maskless, and even after over 400,000 Americans died he didn’t clean up his act.

23 The movement of the US Embassy in ­Israel to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv under the Trump administration
24 They don't like his personality
25 He downplayed the Coronavirus
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