Reasons Why the Song "Despacito Remix" Sucks

I hate this song, so this song should never exist everywhere I go.

The Top Ten

1 It's overplayed
2 It features Justin Bieber in this hit song
3 This song is annoying
4 This song will be the longest running hit song in the world history today

This hit song doesn't deserve that. - waraypiso

5 Many people sing this song everywhere you go
6 This song is soulless
7 This song makes no sense
8 This song will beat the "One Sweet Day" song

No because Taylor Swift's new single will block Despacito from break the song tie with One Sweet Day. - BeaM456

Yeah, this song got 16 weeks at number 1, but this hit song still sucks - waraypiso

9 It's overrated

I like it but the remix not too much - YanRocky

I hate this song SO MUCH! I used to like Luis Fonsi's "No me doy por vencido" (I will not give up) and "AquĆ­ estoy yo" (Here I am), but now since this song is all over the net and radios, I feel more Mexican than ever. This song makes me feel more racist to the other Latin American countries, and I don't like that. I always say "No, listen to (regional) Mexican music" because reggaeton takes all of the credit for the music. I hate listening to this song in parties. I swear, in my birthday, I will NOT have this or reggaeton music playing. I hate it. - ClassicGaminer

10 This song gains so much popularity

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11 This song has to do with sex
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