Top 10 Reasons Why Songs About Partying, Drugs, and Sex Are Bad

This needs to be said. All you hear on the stupid radio nowadays are songs about partying, drugs, and sex. Now I know there is a difference between appropriate partying (just having fun and being safe) and inappropriate partying (destroying the house, getting drunk, having sex, etc), but there are songs on the radio where all they talk about is inappropriate partying, sex, drugs, drinking, and having no real positive message whatsoever. How do people not see this as a problem? How? I'm being dead serious right now. I really am.

What has society come to? What have we done to our humanity? I really want more people to read this list and understand what I'm saying. I also want users on this site to share this list with everyone they know because people need to know about this kind of stuff. I hope you people really think about this. This is something that needs to be talked about right now.

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1 Drugs are Dangerous

Songs about partying, drugs, and sex send bad messages and should be banned.

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2 Drinking is Bad for Your Health
3 It's Not Good to Have Sex with a Complete Stranger

Condoms exist for a reason, so not sure why this is on the list. - benhos

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4 Drunk Driving Can Kill You

As well as more likely kill others - Billyv

It's also illegal to drive drunk - kaitlynrad11

5 Having Unprotected Sex is Dangerous V 1 Comment
6 They're Horrible Songs to Live Your Life By V 1 Comment
7 They Have Negative Messages V 1 Comment
8 You Cause Sexual Abuse
9 Sex Overpopulates the Earth

Especially unprotected sex where most these songs just go on about f-ing not about protection.

10 There are More Interesting Topics to Sing About

Ex. Finding out who you are as a person, nostalgia for a simpler time in one's life, overcoming a difficult past to become successful, coping with loss or loneliness, learning to trust others, taking a risk on an opportunity, praising someone who helped you in your life, etc.

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11 Partying, Drugs, and Sex Don't Make You Happy in the Long Run
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