Top 10 Reasons Why the Songs in Frozen are Awful

Before you start saying Frozen is Overhated yes i know it is Overhated however that still doesn't mean the movie is good but i wanted to make this list because this is the thing i hate the most about frozen is the songs because of the reasons on this list

The Top Ten Reasons Why the Songs in Frozen are Awful

1 They don't add anything to the plot

You could takeout the songs from this movie and nothing would change. Why? Well that's because they don't add anything to the film and this mainly applies to most musicals even the best musicals have this flaw where the songs maybe good but they don't add to the plot and bascaily are just filler - christangrant

Read my mind! They are only extending the time by this and they are inescapably repetive. Idina Menzel is very good but the sing of Let It Go is all about Elsa throwing her problems in a trash, baseless ice castles and Elsa changing her outfit. She looks like Full-Of-Makeup clowm as she designs her needless dress and little girls don't understands sparkles do not make a dress nice, they need nice colour and design. Plus, Elsa's too-thick white braid like a grandma and sticking with horrible snowflakes is bad. 'U wanna build a snowman' is of a baby knocking the door until her hand pains and 'In Summer' is for a snoman wanting his death. That People vs reindeer competetion shows Krisstoff two-facing and 'love is an open door' supports tricking a dumb girl in a trap and if the man is crazy as u, u must mary him. The animation is bo-oo-ri-ng. Snow just wants to prove it better than lanters, but Tangled still has the best romance, animation, songs n plot.

2 They are only there to fill the run time of the movie

All the songs are bascially filler because they don't add anything to the movies plot - christangrant

3 The songs are annoying

In The Prince of Egypt the songs were amazing and really were enjoyable. Here the songs feel so cringe. I can't help but cringe! It's Disney's version of the Prince of Egypt, even though the director does not know how to make a good Prince of Egypt rip off. I HATE LET IT GO! But I like Playing with the big boys.

Do Wanna Build A Snowman Especially but anyway the songs are very annoying and add that with them being sung and played everywhere makes them even more annoying - christangrant

4 The songs are repetitive
5 Some of the songs are forgettable
6 The songs are generic

Songs about Love gee haven't heard a million songs about that before (sarcasm) and this isn't even the first time Disney has done this - christangrant

7 They are only in the movie so Disney could call frozen a musical
8 The songs were only made so Disney could sell the soundtrack to the movie
9 There was only one good song in the movie

Vuelie is the only descent song from the movie but its forgettable and the rest of the songs go from bad to some of the most annoying songs ever made - christangrant

10 They were inescapable

You couldn't go anywhere without hearing Let It Go
which if you want a better song with that title go listen to the Def Leppard Song its way better than the frozen one - christangrant

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