Top Ten Reasons Why Sonic 06 is Better Than Sonic Adventure 2

Sonic 06 is the best Sonic game ever, while Adventure 2 is the worst! And here's some reasons why 06 is better than Adventure 2

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1 Better story

SA2: Insane teleportation + Shadow is apparently a GENIE. Military mistakes Shadow for Sonic despite them looking nothing alike.

S06: A proper story that makes sense. Chaos Emeralds are plot points rather than direct objective, making a less repetitive story. Sonic, after a decade and a half, finally has a REAL girlfriend. (And don't give me any of that " BESTIALITY" crap)

And in Sonic 06 he's so much faster and realistic in this game but in SA2 he's so out of character

Even with the kiss oh leave the poor hedgehog alone and his game. Sonic team had more pressure on them than SA2

Sonic '06's story is so overrated because of Princess Elise III (re: how mind-blowingly dainty she is, her over-dependance over Sonic's rescue and her unreasonably realistic character design).

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2 Tails isn't in a mech
3 Better voice acting

Don't apologise - You're absolutely correct! Sonic 06 is the absolute BEST! Now, I'm not sure if SA2 is the worst, but it certainly may be. Possibly even worse than Rise of Lyric, though I've not played Rise of Lyric, so I may be wrong.

You can really tell that the voice actors are having fun in this game because of they’re voices even if they stub a line.

Sorry if I sounded like a jerk on here. I was angry about something. - SonicFan4Life

4 Silver debuted in 06

He is a saving grace to Sonic Next-Gen besides the emotional soundtrack. Knuckles and Blaze are some of my favorite Sonic characters as well, but they served no purpose to the story.

5 Better graphics

People say “Oh no it sucks” HOW?! IT LOOKS SO PROMISING SONIC IS IN THE REAL WORLD! And he doesn't run like in ROL he runs like a Sonic character.

6 The gameplay

Sonic 06 better and faster!
Sonic adventure 2 for every 1 badnik you destroy, a badnik will summon 25 more and it just goes on like that for the whole game. I love Sonic reguarly and Shadow a lot but this was just maddening.

06 has proper, working gameplay. SA2 is the glitched up mess, having defective Homing Attacks, Light Dashes and Somersaults and that's just for starters.

7 Shadow's way cooler

I loved how heroic he was. I thought his story in 06 was the perfect direction to take his character after Shadow the Hedgehog. I also think his story was the best out of the three. His quote at the end though, just awesome.

Sorry I'm too busy coughing the word "troll" into my arm. - DCfnaf

8 Better bosses

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9 Longer
10 More fun

It's more fun in my opinion. - SonicFan4Life

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11 Adventure 2 doesn't have hub-worlds

It is awesome with Sonic in the real world right? I mean it’s not me Sonic 06 was actually good right, it was inspired by Venice and you’ve got to admit the hub-world was the best way to progress with the story.

12 More playable characters

They were very likely to be great and special, but instead, the characters are painful to play as, and the only character (and hr gameplay) which sucked big time and didn't disappoint is Amy Rose! She is one major reaosn why Sonic '06 is one of the most overrated Sonic games of all time.

13 '06 sold more copies

Guy below, your reason is bull crap. You're saying Sonic Adventure 2 is better because it's older. By such logic, one of the best games ever would be E.T., and we know how bad that sucked. Face it, fanboy. Sonic Adventure 2 sucks more than the world's most powerful vacuum cleaner.

By the way, I'm not attacking you, just because I've attacked your list. Don't take it so personally. Yeesh.

Sure. If this is true, it only sold more copies because it was massively hyped. Sonic 06 is infamous for being the worst Sonic game ever (barring RoL) and one of the worst video games created. Period. SA2 is infinitely better than 06. SA2 is a classic, in spite of its flaws, 06 is not. Sonic 06 will never measure up to Sonic Adventure 2. This list is bull crap.

SA2 is to a classic. You can't deny it.
And no, I'm not going to 'shut the hell up'. Freedom of speech, bucko. I don't need to be told this is your opinion. Duh! You aren't the only one who can state their opinion.

14 Better Cutscenes
15 The story

SA2 has a jumbled mess of plot holes and characters teleporting all over the place. 06 has a definite Doctor Who-esque story that makes sense.

16 Mephiles the Dark Mephiles the Dark

Need I say more?

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