Top Ten Reasons Why Sonic Boom is Awful

A list of reasons about how Sonic Boom is not as good as some people claim it to be.

The Top Ten

1 There have been personality changes in the characters

Sonic X had may have had this, but they only altered Knuckle's and Amy's personalities. Sonic Boom on the other hand altered everyone into unmemorable characters.

Sonic: He's gone from cocky and arrogant hedgehog who is somwhat humble to a cocky and arrogant hedgehog who just simply portrayed as a unenergetic and depressed character to dish out lines with attitude.
Tails: He's gone from genius intellectual mechanic and pilot to a reincarnated Jimmy Neutron.
Knuckles: He's gone from a tough hothead who is sometimes very gullible to a slight replacement for Big the Cat.
Amy: She's gone from obnoxiously overbearing and often very caring to mature and very confident and sometimes silly. Some people would consider Amy's personality to be an improvement, but she sometimes still acts like her video game counterpart.
Dr. Eggman: He's gone from an evil scientist to an expy of the Ice King from Adventure Time. And he is probably the only interesting character in this ...more - Jeff35122

They made Knuckles into a dumbass

Sonic Boom(T.V. Series) is Somewhat Decent But Not The Best

2 The show revolves mostly around humor

How is a comedy show bad? Doesn't everybody like to laugh? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

There's a difference between good humour and plain obnoxious humour. Sonic Boom is full of the latter. - Entranced98

Makes it funny

3 This often feels more like a generic cartoon rather than a sonic cartoon
4 Everything is rushed rather than well thought out
5 The action scenes look very one-sided
6 The minor characters are often redundant
7 The villains have very low intimidation
8 The show doesn't really have good consistency
9 This show has way too much variety
10 Because one of the episodes had Eggman take a selfie

Pop Cultural references. - Jeff35122

The Contenders

11 The way shadow is portrayed


12 The way Knuckles is portrayed

That is not knuckles


13 The characters are often so unemotional
14 It's so overrated
15 It's not canon
16 Its fanbase is too wild
17 The way Sonic is portrayed
18 The villain is not named Dr. Robotnik
19 The writers were lazy
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