Reasons Why Sonic Boom is Very Similar to Teen Titans Go!

These two shows have many similarities, here is a list of those similarities.
The Top Ten
1 The villains are not very intimidating

Teen Titans Go is Much Worse Than Sonic Boom

2 The shows are portrayed as generic cartoons where comedy is the main target
3 The characters have personalities that are unmemorable and overdone
4 Shadow and Terra are portrayed terribly

Fine I'll give you that but shadow can beat a silly teen age girl - rachleblue

5 Everything is rushed instead of well thought out
6 The action is very one-sided
7 They use way too much variety
8 The episodes are always eleven minutes long
9 The heroes that don't really do many heroic things

Sonic saves the town every week - rachleblue

10 The main protagonist is portrayed as a huge jerk

Robin care for fame and riches
while sonic really care for his friends and the people even dr.eggman
does robin care for his enimes - rachleblue

The Contenders
11 They both have bad hatedoms
12 They're based on a franchise
13 They both have gone downhill
14 Sonic is Similar to Robin
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