Reasons Why Sonic the Hedgehog is Better Then Dora the Explorer


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1 Sonic is for all ages. Dora is for toddlers and babies.

Do you know about rule 34?

This list is like comparing a dinosaur to a pebble.

These franchises have nothing in common... - nintendofan126

What do Sonic and Dora have anything in common

2 Dora the explorer is dumb

She's like hey kids I don't see the answer even though it's right there plus fox the swiper or whatever the heck his name is dumb

Even in Dora the explorer I thought you were going to entertain them and really challenge them but Dora fails on every level. Sonic on the other hand tries to get to every level.

She is not Dora the Explorer is smart she knows stuff sonic may not know - epictoonsfan1

So true. - GamerBoy

3 Dora is fat. Sonic is skinny

Sonic has a good diet, - Nateawesomeness

Dora is not fat her shirt is just to small 0 - epictoonsfan1

I think this is why Dora is such a slow show - Kid_ethinederland

Dora ate too much,the down half couldn't gain more,so the rest of the fat she gains goes to her head. - SamuiNeko

4 Sonic is actually cuter then Dora.

Sonic is hot. Dora is very ugly. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

For the last time dora is not ugly - epictoonsfan1

Classic sonic is cute,not modern sonic,but still has a good look - Nateawesomeness

Dora is ugly - Nateawesomeness

5 Sonic has more games

Dora only got 5 and that's including a go dego go game I Agree - epictoonsfan1

Sonic the Hedgehog has some really weak games like Sonic Next-Gen, Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, most of the educational Sonic games, the Sonic Drift duology, Sonic & the Secret Rings and Sonic Jam ( version). But they will always be one of the most epic games of all time compared to Dora the Explorer's video games.

6 Sonic has a fandom. Dora doesn't.

Yes she does, but I'm the only one at the moment... - myusernameisthis

I hate to say it, but Dora actually has fans. - GamerBoy

Dora the explorer is the impossible to have fans - Nateawesomeness

7 More people like Sonic
8 Dora is inappropriate for kids

Whoever made this is either a little kid trying to make Dora look bad or a troll. Probably the former. Although Dora does suck so I'll give you that. - GamerBoy

This show sucks but it's not inappropriate.

No shes not - epictoonsfan1

9 Dora has a bad voice

I agree. Sonic sounds like a grown responsible teenager while Dora's voice is too high and squeaky. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

No she doesn't - epictoonsfan1

10 A lot of people make Dora YTPs

Dora and amy rose in a nutshell. - NoOreoForU

Whats wrong with YTPS?!

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11 Dora eats with her mouth open

No she doesn't I have never seen her do it in one episode - epictoonsfan1

She does other little kid shows are better even barney baby bop or bj would not do that

12 Sonic is kind and caring, Dora is rude and mean

Doras not rude and mean she has always been nice to everyone even swiper - epictoonsfan1

Yeah that's right sonic has more friends and is more kind and caring and dora is so rude and mean she well yell to much and she does not care about her anmial friends the I felt bad for her anmial friends dora was rude to them

Sonic is funny to. dora is just an copy of mangle ( fnaf), anglea ( talking tom and friends), rogue the bat ( sonic) and ratiy ( mlp) all those characters like mangle, angela and stuff are nice nad better than dora.

13 Sonic songs are so much more awesome than Dora's.

Live and Learn, Endless Possibility, Reach for the Stars, Sonic Heroes, and Open Your Heart are just a few of dozens of songs better than Dora's.

Both sonic songs and dora songs are great - epictoonsfan1

Sonic songs: Awesome.
Dora songs: Just the same repeated over and over again.

Those dozens Gotta go fast,Fastest thing alive (Sonic satam theme),The instrumental wordless adventures of sonic,and Wordless sonic boom

14 Sonic has more friends than Dora
15 Sonic is faster
16 Sonic is cooler in style than Dora
17 Boots Sucks and Tails Rocks
18 Dora is bland
19 The Map is crap and Knuckles is not
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