Top Ten Reasons Why Sonic Is Better Than Mario

Here are some reasons why our speedy anthropomorphic hedgehog is cooler than the fat plumber.

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1 Sonic saves animals, Mario KILLS animals

Sonic frees animals from a capsule from the classic sonic games. Also, in lost world. Mario kills a whole bunch of turtle enemies including Bowser in a really lame way for example falling for that trapdoor instant kill.

Mario is a animal abuser! - kitten2015

Think: Sonic jumps on badniks to FREE the animals. Mario jumps on hypnotized goombas and KILLS them.

I like BOTH series! - Drawbox

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2 Amy Rose is better than Princess Peach

PEACH SHOULD FOUGHT FOR herself, but no the useless character that she is. The many reason most Mario bros are 1/10 from me. They suck! Amy who isn't in smash only have to save her twice. She deserve to be in smash, but no. Whatever Mario been dead since 64!

Yes. Also, she worth saving she's not in smash bros. Peach you save her tons of time, but she's in smash its not worth it. She's terrible.

Even though Amy isn't exactly Sonic's "girlfriend", she has lots of things that Peach wouldn't even come close to having. Amy can defend herself, while Peach is always in need of saving (Damsel in Distress Cliche). Also, Amy's a joy to listen to because of her comical remarks in past games. Peach basically only says "Mario~! " and "Peachy~! ". To keep it brief, Amy is more of a character than Princess Peach Toadstool will ever be.

That one is wrong
Amy is terrible
except in Sonic boom show - Garoto_Oceano

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3 Blue is better than red

How does this make sonic better than Mario? - nintendofan126

Mario may have blue trousers, but he's more known for his red hat. Sonic's shoes are red, but he's more known for his speed than his appearance.

So? Mario is much more awesome! Mario has a much better voice than Sonic.

Sorry for adding this. Back then the color red always made me feel angry, but blue made me happier as it's my favorite color.

This is a weak reason on so many levels. - Randomator

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4 Sonic characters are actually fun

Mario characters often or mostly useless! Dreadful stupidity.

I like sonic more plus with Mario you can only be two people who can do the same thing but in sonic you can be three people that can do different things like knuckles is strong and he can glide and climb and tails can fly.

Sonic, Silver, and Shadow even Tails & Cream have better powers Then those Mario Characters! Mario has a stupid jumping ability while having other powers but one hit no more power, and Sonic is more adventurous.

I Agree because Sonic,Tails,Knuckles,Amy And More Are Better Than Mario

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5 Sonic has a variety in plot, while Mario lacks that variety

Mario is just "SAVE THE PRINCESS! " in almost every single game. Can you be more creative, Nintendo?

Sonic, however, has had MANY MANY plots. From saving animals from an evil genius, to being stuck in time with his younger self! There's a lot of plots, but I'm too lazy to list them.

Yes they can with super mario sports mix, super mario maker, and the smash bros and mario kart series - YOSHIA2121

The Mario franchise's plot is actually an insult like Princess Peach, that aggressively annoying blond priss!

They are right. Sonic has lots of plots but Mario... Is all the same.

Mario has super mario maker but I don't see a super sonic maker - YOSHIA2121

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6 Mario only has one sibling whilst Sonic has more than one

You can see Sonic's siblings in the show, Sonic Underground. I don't know if Luigi jumps higher than Sonic. - bugger

Sonic doesn't have siblings and sonic underground was not canon

Sonic underground is not canon

Mario's siblings: Luigi. That's all. Sonic's siblings: Manic and Sonia. - TopTenX

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7 The girls seem to dress more modernly

This is interesting because sometimes when I see Peach and Daisy, I think Mario's old, but when I see the Sonic females, it makes me think Sonic is all new

No offense when I said Mario's old

Just because the princesses in Mario wear dresses? Oh sorry, some women like dresses. I'm not one of them, but plenty of them do. - LemonComputer

What I meant is that the princess dresses are old fashioned, but dresses like Amy's and Cream's are more modern looking.

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8 Sonic has better music

Sonic has the best music in the entire franchise.

That is a weak point. Even non-mario fans could sing along and remember the original theme. And nintendo games altogether has great music. - Justinianism101

Much better soundtrack than Mario which recycles old music. In sonic there is always something

Sonic has the best music I have ever heard

Dreams of an Absolution is the best song ever!

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9 Sonic has a personality

I agree. Sonic has more personality than Mario. Mario is just soulless - Chaotixhero

Mario sucks! Sonic rules! - kitten2015

Mario is kind of like must-save-peach all the time. Too soulless.

Are you kidding!? Mario has a personality like sonic. He is very kind hearted to peach, Luigi, he'll sometimes to bowser, his archenemy! Sonic treats tails, Amy he'll even knuckles like crap! #marioisbetterthansonic

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10 Sonic racing games are better than Mario racing games

The Sonic racing games were completely copied off the Mario racing games. If you love the Sonic racing games, be thankful that the Mario racing games exist. If Mario racing games wouldn't exist, Sega wouldn't have been able to copy the idea. Sega just copies everything Nintendo does but does it so badly that nobody notices. If you're against people who copy other people's games, you're against Sega. If you're for Sega, spend months making a game and let me copy every game you make and form a fanbase to see how you would like it. The racing games is the biggest example of why Sega needs to not exist. Sega should be arrested or severely charged due to copyright laws right now.. - LemonComputer

So you're basing it off a game you haven't played you're doing a contest on a page made by sonic fans so of course it wins hover boards are just stupid Mario kart is better

Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing vs. Mario Kart Wii:
Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing wins!

Sega all stars racing is Sega's retarded play off of mario kart. Plus we now have the original mario kart, mario kart 64, mario kart double dash, mario kart wii, mario kart 7, and 8 I think we know who has better racing games. - Katekat123

None of the Mario kart games are bad. However Sonic R exists and it sucks. Mario wins this one - Randomator

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? Sonic's speed makes his games so much fun

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11 Eggman is better than Bowser

Bowser is a terrible excuse for a villain. What does he do with Peach when he kidnaps her? Play Checkers until Mario comes? You'd think after 34 years he'd come up with something new...

Eggman has an IQ of 300, and builds robots, and heck, would even control a creature of darkness that can control time! He uses animals as a power source for his robots. He's a great villain.

Bowser isn't a terrible villain. Eggman fails all of the time. Bowser has better stuff. Eggman didn't do anything to time because that's not canon ether. - TheQ

Do you know whats weird why did they make Bowser talk in super Mario sunshine I meanni don't mine that he talking but the Mario characters never talked which is unlike sonic the hedgehog that is

I wish the Mario characters talked instead of the Sonic characters.

I agree how Eggman is better than Bowser but I am a Mario Player but less Sonic Player because I only got a few of them. Eggman's voice and comedy beats up Bowser so as his fatness. I am still tasting Eggman's voice and and how tall his legs - bugger

Both are good - Randomator

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12 Mario is a copycat and idea thief

But unlike the coins, you keep the ring total over 100. And they can protect you from losing a life. Plus, your ring total at the end of each zone can be added to your score. And don't forget the lighting ring dash, which 1st appeared in SONIC ADVENTURE (1998-99).

Mario copied sonic 100 ring gets an extra life in Mario bros.

Not always, Sonic and Sega Ultimate Racing is a rip off of Mario Kart

You misspelled SEGA - Randomator

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13 Sonic has better spin-offs

Shadow the Hedgehog actually is an award-winning game. Are you sure it sucks? Also, Luigi's Mansion is the only good spinoff of Mario that I could think of.

Mario strikers my favorite mario spinoff.

Mario kart ds is the worst racing game I've ever played! Shadow the hedghog and sa2b is nearly perfect sonic gamecube games.

NOPE. - Randomator

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14 Sonic saves the world. Mario saves a princess who hasn't learned to save herself

Sonic actually saves the world from disaster, while Mario just chases his girl. You'd think that she'd take self defense classes by now.


True, but Sonic also has saved time itself. THREE TIMES.

Sonic did more than Mario, went through different dimensions, went through time multiple times, fought all powerful monsters like bio-lizard and dark gaia, and other stuff that's better than Mario has - jay10

Should Peach be able to help herself now? Why is someone like her in smash if she can't save herself? In super princess peach, she helped fight browser with Mario, but then get kidnapped again, really peach? - jay10

Yeah, now there's something that comes up every, single, almost everyone says all the time time. Sorry for this weird wording, but its well, just think annoying in your head. Add pink, and feminism and girly princess. And what do you get? Toadstupid. Now think cool, awesome, stooky, and fun loving. Add blue and dancer, and modern and heroic. What do you get? Sonic the hedgehog with an attitude to match. He is the best of the best because people want to be like him and so they actually learn to defend themselves. But the Mario characters have to make people depend on them for themselves to be rich. While that's not exactly a bad thing, they are pretty dumb-dumb, which explains why some people might find them funny. Sonic is morally better though.

Bitch, untrue sure sonic saved the world, but Mario did that multiple times. And he saves more than the world, more than the galaxy, he saves the entire UNIVERSE! Get on marios level u dumbass sonic

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15 Mario's live action movie sucks

The animated movie of Sonic made in 1996 has him going against Metal Sonic, and it's plot was awesome. The acting was too.

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show or the Super Mario Bros. movie where Princess Daisy is kidnapped by President Koopa?

Because I would give The Super Mario Bros. Super Show a 9.1 score and the Super Mario Bros. movie a 1.7 score.

The sonic the hedgehog movie was amazing and metal sonic was in it I liked every thing in the movie only put sonic and tails voice acting while the Mario movie was like do I have to explain

I hate mario

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16 Sonic has a way more interesting cast

Sonic cares about all his friends. Mario hits and sacrifices his dino friend in Super Mario World, Grabs his helpers and throws them in a pit of death, and he treats his brother Luigi like dog crap.

Yes. His friends are actually fun to play as in the games. Plus Luigi's the best Mario character, but nobody treats him any good. Mario abuses him, abandon him and even the toads whose more useless than peach abandon luigi.

Sonic is a speedy hedgehog who broke a speed record for fastest thing alive, tails is an engineering fox with 2 tails, and knuckles is an enchinda( Mario fans keep note of that word) who is the last of his kind, living on a island in the sky guarding the ultimate power, I could go on.

His cast is all hedgehogs - YOSHIA2121

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17 Sonic fights more villains than Mario

I agree. Mario fights Bowser as a final boss in almost EVERY game. - TopTenX

This is cool.

Now it's right! He defeat Dark Gaia,Deadly 6,Time eater and many more. P.S:To Nintendo:
Be more creative guys! don,t stuck in one villian.

Is this serious?
Mario fights:
Goomba King
Koopa Bros.
Tubba Blubba
Tubba's Heart
General Guy
Lava Piranha
Huff N' Puff
Crystal King
Do I need to explain?
Mario fights a TON of villains! - PaperMarioFan

18 Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog is way better than The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3

Nintendo did not make that cartoon so this does not count

Adventure of sonic sucks som3 is better

Is robotnlik better than Mama Luigi?

19 Sonic has better classic games than Mario

Compare the old Super Mario Bros. games to the Sonic games on the SEGA Genesis.

The old Super Mario games get a 7.5 at least and a 9.0 at most.

The SEGA Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog games get an 8.0 at least and a 9.5 at most.

First of all, I would just like to say that I'm not "Nostalgia Biased" or anything, I actually played the original sonic games much more than the original Mario games, but the sonic ones just can't compare. The game encourages you to be fast, but it's really difficult, so you basically aren't allowed to be fast. The game mechanics are slippery, the music is only okay. Mario might not be as fast, (which is actually not entirely true), but the game mechanics are much better and Mario actually has power ups that give variety, adding in much more variety. Also, the retro Mario games were hard as hell. Every sonic game made after the genesis era that isn't colors, generations, or maybe unleashed (not counting, that game's pretty good) sucked and can't even compare to Mario 64 or Mario kart. - Rageg_

Sonic games are better then Mario games

I also forgot all of sonics wisp powers from my previous post sorry about that ;-) - Craftygeek

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20 Sonic has cool villains

The Deadly Six? Pretty decent. Especially that joke about Zazz needing to take a bath.

Alright... I will admit that Bowser is pretty bad-butt. He ruined a festival that happened once every 100 years. He kidnaps the love of Mario's life like a zillion times. Probably a bunch of other things, but I can't remember them right now. Anyways, Dr. Eggman is also pretty bad. He roboticized Sonic's entire family, he destroyed Knothole, and enslaved a bunch of adorable animals. Mephiles (according to other sites) is arguably the best villian in the entire Sonic series. He almost destroys everything that ever was, he betrays Silver, and... SPOILER ALERT... Kills Sonic. He is the only villian to do so. Metal Sonic... Don't even get me started with him. He is just bad, bad, and bad.
Oh well, I've said my peice... What do you think?

Just a few of the legendary villains in Sonic.

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1. Sonic has a personality
2. Sonic has a way more interesting cast
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1. Sonic saves animals, Mario KILLS animals
2. Amy Rose is better than Princess Peach
3. Blue is better than red
1. Sonic characters are actually fun
2. Sonic fights more villains than Mario
3. Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog is way better than The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3



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