Top Ten Reasons Why Sonic Is Better Than Mario

Here are some reasons why our speedy anthropomorphic hedgehog is cooler than the fat plumber.

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1 Sonic saves animals, Mario KILLS animals

True Sonic dose save animals

Sonic frees animals from a capsule from the classic sonic games. Also, in lost world. Mario kills a whole bunch of turtle enemies including Bowser in a really lame way for example falling for that trapdoor instant kill.

WELL DONE. This is the top voted answer over why sonic is better than mario it's honestly pathetic. So does this make sonic the best franchise ever. Is zelda rubbish because you kill ganondorf, is skyrim trash because you can become an assassin? Is every game in which you kill people bad? NO. - Justinianism101

That is True!

Mario sucks! but and he better not kill.

2 Blue is better than red

They both have the EXACT SAME colour palettes.

How does this make sonic better than Mario? - nintendofan126

Mario may have blue trousers, but he's more known for his red hat. Sonic's shoes are red, but he's more known for his speed than his appearance.

So? Mario is much more awesome! Mario has a much better voice than Sonic.

No, red is better than BLUE!

3 Sonic characters are actually fun

Waluigi is fun though

Mario characters often or mostly useless! Dreadful stupidity.

Mario characters are bland and simplistic with almost ZERO personality. At least sonic characters actually have likable forms and characteristics!

I like sonic more plus with Mario you can only be two people who can do the same thing but in sonic you can be three people that can do different things like knuckles is strong and he can glide and climb and tails can fly.

4 The girls seem to dress more modernly

They do upgrade the character designs more often.

This is interesting because sometimes when I see Peach and Daisy, I think Mario's old, but when I see the Sonic females, it makes me think Sonic is all new

No offense when I said Mario's old

Just because the princesses in Mario wear dresses? Oh sorry, some women like dresses. I'm not one of them, but plenty of them do. - LemonComputer

5 Mario only has one sibling whilst Sonic has more than one

While Underground wasn't canon, I think its important to note that Sonic treats Tails like his little brother and treats him well. Mario has Luigi and treats him like trash. - Wolfy_29

Mario has two, Luigi and Stanley Bugman form Donkey Kong three.

You can see Sonic's siblings in the show, Sonic Underground. I don't know if Luigi jumps higher than Sonic.

Oh wait now I know why sonic is better. BECAUSE HE HAS MORE SIBLINGS. Well, here I was thinking that Mario was good because of the innovative games and fun game play but all the time I was wrong. It's the amount of siblings that make's a game good. If I ever design my own character I'll have to take this to account and give him a million of them - Justinianism101

Sonic doesn't have siblings and sonic underground was not canon

6 Sonic has a variety in plot, while Mario lacks that variety

Mario is just "SAVE THE PRINCESS! " in almost every single game. Can you be more creative, Nintendo?

Sonic, however, has had MANY MANY plots. From saving animals from an evil genius, to being stuck in time with his younger self! There's a lot of plots, but I'm too lazy to list them.

Yes they can with super mario sports mix, super mario maker, and the smash bros and mario kart series - YOSHIA2121

Sonic may have new plots but the new plots suck

Mario: I've-a-gotta-save-a-princess!

Sonic:...While I take down monsters and robots and dark entities!

What’s even more weird about this is that even though Mario does the same story. For some reason the Mario games are making more money than the Sonic games and the Sonic games have more story lines...Okay can someone explain this to me please?

7 Sonic has better music

My favorite sonic song is escape from the city. And I kinda hate jump up super star because it gets stuck in your head

Green hill is a tune that's unforgettable.

Sonic has the best music in the entire franchise.

That is a weak point. Even non-mario fans could sing along and remember the original theme. And nintendo games altogether has great music. - Justinianism101

My favourite music is sonic heroes

8 Sonic racing games are better than Mario racing games

The Sonic racing games were completely copied off the Mario racing games. If you love the Sonic racing games, be thankful that the Mario racing games exist. If Mario racing games wouldn't exist, Sega wouldn't have been able to copy the idea. Sega just copies everything Nintendo does but does it so badly that nobody notices. If you're against people who copy other people's games, you're against Sega. If you're for Sega, spend months making a game and let me copy every game you make and form a fanbase to see how you would like it. The racing games is the biggest example of why Sega needs to not exist. Sega should be arrested or severely charged due to copyright laws right now.. - LemonComputer

Y’all all know good and well that Sonic is better. Their racing games look more realistic than Mario.

So you're basing it off a game you haven't played you're doing a contest on a page made by sonic fans so of course it wins hover boards are just stupid Mario kart is better

Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing vs. Mario Kart Wii:
Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing wins!

Sega all stars racing is Sega's retarded play off of mario kart. Plus we now have the original mario kart, mario kart 64, mario kart double dash, mario kart wii, mario kart 7, and 8 I think we know who has better racing games. - Katekat123

9 Sonic has a personality

I agree. Sonic has more personality than Mario. Mario is just soulless - Chaotixhero

Mario sucks! Sonic rules! - kitten2015

Mario is kind of like must-save-peach all the time. Too soulless.

If you look closely you can see Mario does have a personality like in Mario power tennis, he was jealous of luigi winning so he stole his thunder and glory and in paper Mario the thousanth year door he freak out after getting kiss by that fat purple lady, jumping up and down after getting a kiss from peach.

10 Mario is a copycat and idea thief

Mario kills toads because every time he breaks a block a toad dies so mario is evil sonic frees animals from robots

Mario was created before Sonic was. - Kerbiman123

Mario was made before Sonic. - MasterHand

Mario came first before Sonic idiot - Flowerrose


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11 Sonic has better spin-offs

Yea! and why don't people like the shadow the hegehog game?

Shadow the Hedgehog actually is an award-winning game. Are you sure it sucks? Also, Luigi's Mansion is the only good spinoff of Mario that I could think of.

Again, this is an opinion not a reason

Actually this is a reason.
"Better spin off games" is technically a reason although weak but a reason. - Devlinjustus

Mario strikers my favorite mario spinoff.

12 Sonic saves the world. Mario saves a princess who hasn't learned to save herself

Sonic actually saves the world from disaster, while Mario just chases his girl. You'd think that she'd take self defense classes by now.


True, but Sonic also has saved time itself. THREE TIMES.

Sonic did more than Mario, went through different dimensions, went through time multiple times, fought all powerful monsters like bio-lizard and dark gaia, and other stuff that's better than Mario has - jay10


Should Peach be able to help herself now? Why is someone like her in smash if she can't save herself? In super princess peach, she helped fight browser with Mario, but then get kidnapped again, really peach? - jay10

Yeah, now there's something that comes up every, single, almost everyone says all the time time. Sorry for this weird wording, but its well, just think annoying in your head. Add pink, and feminism and girly princess. And what do you get? Toadstupid. Now think cool, awesome, stooky, and fun loving. Add blue and dancer, and modern and heroic. What do you get? Sonic the hedgehog with an attitude to match. He is the best of the best because people want to be like him and so they actually learn to defend themselves. But the Mario characters have to make people depend on them for themselves to be rich. While that's not exactly a bad thing, they are pretty dumb-dumb, which explains why some people might find them funny. Sonic is morally better though.

13 Sonic has a way more interesting cast

Sonic cares about all his friends. Mario hits and sacrifices his dino friend in Super Mario World, Grabs his helpers and throws them in a pit of death, and he treats his brother Luigi like dog crap.

Yes. His friends are actually fun to play as in the games. Plus Luigi's the best Mario character, but nobody treats him any good. Mario abuses him, abandon him and even the toads whose more useless than peach abandon luigi.

Sonic is a speedy hedgehog who broke a speed record for fastest thing alive, tails is an engineering fox with 2 tails, and knuckles is an enchinda( Mario fans keep note of that word) who is the last of his kind, living on a island in the sky guarding the ultimate power, I could go on.

Mario Is Mental Fanboy Alert

14 Sonic fights more villains than Mario

I agree. Mario fights Bowser as a final boss in almost EVERY game. - TopTenX

This is cool.

Now it's right! He defeat Dark Gaia,Deadly 6,Time eater and many more. P.S:To Nintendo:
Be more creative guys! don,t stuck in one villian.

Is this serious?
Mario fights:
Goomba King
Koopa Bros.
Tubba Blubba
Tubba's Heart
General Guy
Lava Piranha
Huff N' Puff
Crystal King
Do I need to explain?
Mario fights a TON of villains! - PaperMarioFan

15 Eggman is better than Bowser

Bowser is a terrible excuse for a villain. What does he do with Peach when he kidnaps her? Play Checkers until Mario comes? You'd think after 34 years he'd come up with something new...

Eggman has an IQ of 300, and builds robots, and heck, would even control a creature of darkness that can control time! He uses animals as a power source for his robots. He's a great villain.

Bowser isn't a terrible villain. Eggman fails all of the time. Bowser has better stuff. Eggman didn't do anything to time because that's not canon ether. - TheQ

Do you know whats weird why did they make Bowser talk in super Mario sunshine I meanni don't mine that he talking but the Mario characters never talked which is unlike sonic the hedgehog that is

I wish the Mario characters talked instead of the Sonic characters.

I agree how Eggman is better than Bowser but I am a Mario Player but less Sonic Player because I only got a few of them. Eggman's voice and comedy beats up Bowser so as his fatness. I am still tasting Eggman's voice and and how tall his legs

What does Bowser hope to achieve by kidnapping Peach anyways? Is he a rapist?

16 Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog is way better than The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3

Yeah Sonic The Hedgehog 1 Is Better Than Super Mario Bros 3 #Mario Got Ownd

Now this is just ridiculous, find some REAL reasons guys not opinions

Nintendo did not make that cartoon so this does not count

Adventure of sonic sucks som3 is better

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17 Mario's live action movie sucks

The animated movie of Sonic made in 1996 has him going against Metal Sonic, and it's plot was awesome. The acting was too.

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show or the Super Mario Bros. movie where Princess Daisy is kidnapped by President Koopa?

Because I would give The Super Mario Bros. Super Show a 9.1 score and the Super Mario Bros. movie a 1.7 score.

The sonic the hedgehog movie was amazing and metal sonic was in it I liked every thing in the movie only put sonic and tails voice acting while the Mario movie was like do I have to explain

Ugh, opinion not a reason. Seriously, these reasons need to be more legit than opinion based

It's true though. They didn't even get costumes that relate to the characters in Mario games. Like, come on, did they really have to come up with a President Koopa!? - MasterCreepy

18 Sonic has cool villains

The Deadly Six? Pretty decent. Especially that joke about Zazz needing to take a bath.

*eye roll* Opinion!

Alright... I will admit that Bowser is pretty bad-butt. He ruined a festival that happened once every 100 years. He kidnaps the love of Mario's life like a zillion times. Probably a bunch of other things, but I can't remember them right now. Anyways, Dr. Eggman is also pretty bad. He roboticized Sonic's entire family, he destroyed Knothole, and enslaved a bunch of adorable animals. Mephiles (according to other sites) is arguably the best villian in the entire Sonic series. He almost destroys everything that ever was, he betrays Silver, and... SPOILER ALERT... Kills Sonic. He is the only villian to do so. Metal Sonic... Don't even get me started with him. He is just bad, bad, and bad.
Oh well, I've said my peice... What do you think?

Honestly, Metal Sonic is the best villan in sonic games. 1: he can go as fast, sometimes faster, than sonic, he is better than shadow, and he turns into a dragon.

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19 Sonic has better classic games than Mario

Compare the old Super Mario Bros. games to the Sonic games on the SEGA Genesis.

The old Super Mario games get a 7.5 at least and a 9.0 at most.

The SEGA Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog games get an 8.0 at least and a 9.5 at most.

First of all, I would just like to say that I'm not "Nostalgia Biased" or anything, I actually played the original sonic games much more than the original Mario games, but the sonic ones just can't compare. The game encourages you to be fast, but it's really difficult, so you basically aren't allowed to be fast. The game mechanics are slippery, the music is only okay. Mario might not be as fast, (which is actually not entirely true), but the game mechanics are much better and Mario actually has power ups that give variety, adding in much more variety. Also, the retro Mario games were hard as hell. Every sonic game made after the genesis era that isn't colors, generations, or maybe unleashed (not counting, that game's pretty good) sucked and can't even compare to Mario 64 or Mario kart. - Rageg_

Sonic games are better then Mario games

Much better classic games, especially Sonic 2 (which gets an 8.4) on the Mega Drive & Knuckles' Chaotix (which also gets an 8.4). However, Super Mario 64 on the Nintendo 64 is one of the best games of all time and gets a 9.9.

20 Sonic lives in a more interesting world

In Super Mario Odyssey Mario moved to a city - Kambochia12

Marios world sucks and he is evil the manual says the toads are bricks why do mario fans always denie it

Agreed. Sonic lives in lovely peaceful world.

Sonic goes to different places in the world while Mario just hang around in the Mushroom Kingdom

21 Gameplay variety

This is a good one. Sonic has so much variety in gameplay! Werewolf (or Werehog), Wisps... Mario's gameplay does vary but not as much. It mostly is just a rehash.

Usually Mario is just wait for the obstacle to be gone or jump over it.

Sonic has more action.

Mario has lots of gameplay variety such as 3d games rpg games party games sports games puzzle games etc

Yes, Sonic adds something new to every new Sonic game that makes it very different, like how they spindash and Super Sonic in Sonic 2, Super peel out and past future control in CD, instant air shield+Hyper forms+ Knuckles abilitys+ elemental shields all in Sonic 3 and knuckles. Light dash and different genes in Sonic adventure, Sonic Adventure 2 introduced complex plot and new moves like the bounce similar to the bubble shield. I can go on forever Mario kind of keeps the main formula and doesn't change it, an exeption could be Mario Galaxy - PampaZapp

22 Classic Sonic is better than Classic Mario

Classic Sonic (poking Classic Mario): Poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, po- Classic Mario: ENOUGH! Mama mia. Gosh, why do you have to annoy me? Classic Sonic: Because I think that Princess is that annoying, but you don't seem to think so. So I have to show ...more

Classic sonic is cute

Yes. Classic Sonic is more epic.

I don't care. It's an opinion. I like both. - mattstat716

23 Sonic has fun stages


Sonic stages feels different every time in the best way possible. Mario's stages, besides Galaxy, feels almost boring when you think about it.

Both games have fun games

Yes, City escape rocks.

24 Sonic doesn't kill his helpers without any shame

Honestly mario is the player and if mario didn't have to jump off yoshi why did the developers do this as for sonic tails helps sonic to ledges and sonic doesn't have to sacrafice tails

Funny, in sonic 2 I had to sacrifice tails many times (his plane gets shot and sonic leaves him possibly DEAD). Sonic fans are idiots.

The person playing as Mario throws Yoshi off the edge does! Blame the player not the character idiots!

Sonic doesn't jump off of Tails, but Mario jumps off of Yoshi

25 Sonic's power-ups are far superior to Mario's

In Mario, you get a mushroom that makes you grow bigger, and a star that makes you invincible for 10 seconds.

In Sonic, you have boxes with the power-ups. There's shields (Defensive, Flame, Water, and Electric), Invincibility, and Speed Shoes. 'enough said.

Umm that is SO not true can sonic throw fire and ice balls out of his hand?! NO! Can sonic walk through walls (super Mario 64)? NO! Can sonic get a cap with wings to make him fly? NO! (even with tails the wing cap lasts longer) Can sonic turn to metal? NO! (metal sonic is a completely different character) can sonic turn huge and smash everything in sight? NO! I think I have made my point!

What like diamonds who turn sonic yellow, wow real amazing, mario has a smash ball that gives anyone awesome abilities but it hates sonic because sonics power ups are so bad that all he can do is turn into the same super sonic from any power up including the smash ball and mario can turn into countless other awesome things - YOSHIA2121

Can sonic shoot fire from his hands? No! And besides that water shield sucks! Mario can breathe water all day!

26 Sonic has a better variety in friends and foes

Sonic has for allies:

A two-tailed fox, an echidna, 3 other hedgehogs, Wisps, woodland creatures, a cat, a rabbit, a chameleon, an alligator, a bee, and much more.

Mario has for allies:

His brother, a "toad" that looks like a mushroom, and a girl who always gets kidnapped.

Sonic's had for enemies:

An evil genius, a water creature, a lizard attached to a space colony, a genie, 6 deadly foes, 3 robot clones of himself, badniks, a GOD, a dark creature that was sealed within the planet, a dark creature that has the ability to erase time and space, and I could go on...

Mario's had for an enemy:

A turtle who breathes fire.

Did anyone forget another thing, sonic has more personality than Mario I mean lets face it Mario had little to no personality in the games

Right you are my friend - Chaotixhero

Yes his friends are actually good characters.

27 Sonic is by SEGA while Mario is by Nintendo

MrCool Nintendo is for babies


Nintendo is way better than Sega. - MrCoolC

What does that have to do with anything even though I like Sonic better.

28 Sonic is sexier

He’s a cartoon character but he is cooler

Not a good reason to like a character/series more than the other. Calling something "sexy" is why something gets the wrong kind of attention from the wrong kinds of fans these days.

This is Beastility, but sonic still is cooler - Hummingbirdf

Whoa! Going way too far there - Chaotixhero

29 Sonic isn't fat like Mario

That is true

Lool I added this in but it is kinda true I mean Sonic IS the speed of sound so if he at 300 chili dogs he can run and lose all those pounds Mario is fat and can still get that princess jesus please be a bit more realistic Nintendo. - spodermanfan1000

He does not look fat

Lol, but true

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30 Sonic's had plenty of good TV shows

Mario, however... that's like trying to compare Uncle Grandpa to Dragon Ball Z.

For some reason, Super Show bores me to death!

I remember being completely disappointed by The Super Mario Bros. Super Show when I watched it for the first time in 2002. When I saw Sonic SATAM in 2008 for the first time, I was officially addicted. Not even coming close to SATAM, The Super Mario Bros. Super Show lost to SATAM in my opinion. The Mario anime wasn't bad (even though they were basically taking the story lines from fairy tales), but Sonic X (which is an anime) stole the show, despite the jacked-up "canon" it had. Frankly, all of Sonic's T.V. shows were much better than Mario's.

Sonic is better

31 Sonic has better crossover SEGA characters than Mario has crossover Nintendo characters


Yes sega does have better crossover charitcters

You got it man!

Opinions opinions! How many OPINIONS are we going to have in these reasons?!

32 Sonic is funnier

Sonic is awesome!

Sonic is more comical than Mario and Mickey mouse.

Sonic saved my from hell

He never made me laugh the only thing that made me laugh is when he was first made I thought it was a joke but I was 100% wrong

33 Knuckles is better than Yoshi

Knuckles would crush him with the power of his fists!

Lol, you pick the most uneven match ups, these two aren't even similar

Knuckles may be better than Yoshi, but he is also much stupider than Yoshi. - kdoraisamy23

Sonic Boom isn't canon, and there's a difference between gullible and stupid. - Kerbiman123

Knuckles was always going to beat Yoshi at pretty mush anything but eating things!

34 Sonic's speed makes his games so much fun


Yeah, I know!

Actually it’s harder to control his speed and lacks variety for his games. At least Mario can go normal speed, super slow, or super fast as shown in the Mario and Luigi Dream Team game. This makes Sonic’s games harder to control and harder to watch in my opinion.

35 Sonic is a multi-platform game. Mario is exclusive to Nintendo consoles

Lets say you went over to a friend's house. You play some Sonic Generations, and you have an Xbox 360 at home. "How much did this game cost? " Then you can buy it, simple as that!

Mario, though, you have to buy a Nintendo Console BEFORE you buy the game. It's crap. Nintendo doesn't even put their games on the App Store.

Exactly. While Sonic games are more diverse, going to consoles from Sega to Nintendo (OK, I admit Nintendo probably paid Sega to do that) to Sony, Mario is just exclusive to Nintendo consoles. This may be because since Mario games are so popular, and by making people have to buy Nintendo-only consoles in order to play, makes Nintendo more $$$.

I know Sega went under but not really anyone I know owns a Nintendo system. I do but Sonic is better

This maybe why there are so many wars between Sonic fans. It's fine to be multi-platform, but making Sonic an entertainment icon instead of just a gaming icon is not right.

36 Sonic does not mind other characters being the star whilst Mario makes a huge fuss about it

Sonic actually lets his friends get attention. Mario is just a dick. - Kerbiman123

During Shadow the Hedgehog, you don't see Sonic getting all mad because he isn't the star. Remember when Luigi got his moment of glory in that tennis game (I forget what it was called, tell me what it's titled in a reply, please), and Mario comes, slams Luigi on his back, then starts grinding his shoes into Luigi's shoes, ruining Luigi's moment of glory.

Mario abuses luigi during the time when luigi the real hero.

That's true.

37 Sonic is more similar to Pac-Man than Mario & Mega Man

If you compare Classic Sonic and Ghostly Adventure Pac-Man, then you are kinda right. They act the same and most of all, act like brothers together - Chaotixhero

Sonic as Pac-Man

Tails as Cylindria

Eggman as Blinky

Sally Acorn as Mrs. Pac-Man

Amy Rose as Pinky

Knuckles as Spiral

Antoine as Professor Pac-Man

Shadow as Toc-Man

Rouge as Sue

Blaze as Orson

Silver as Kinky

Vector as Clyde

Silver as Kinky

Classic Sonic is way better than Pac-Man & the Ghostly Adventures, which differs from how Pac-Man used to be disgracefully.

This means sonic is a copycat

38 Sonic is for older audiences

Shadow made the franchise 10+

Mario 6+ sonic 10+

Modern Sonic has some moments where it gets kind of dark and realistic at the same time. Mario, however has so many games based around this Princess that is a liar that it's no wonder why people say it's for kids. You know, while we have a mutant fox, and other weird animals, I think that it's more likely that we would live with animals in harmony rather than teach kids to kill some plant life just because they are depicted to be evil.

What are you on? LSD? Lost World has kids jokes in it... - mattstat716

39 Mario is reluctant to let his friends have their own game while Sonic is friendly about it

I seen sonic fuss too

Sonic abuses tails

Still have yet to see a modern Knuckles, Tails, Amy, Vector, Espi- god the list goes on, doesn't it? - mattstat716

Mario never does this

40 Stronger characters

Knuckles and Shadow are stronger.

Oh & daisy weakling peach weakling Roy koopa weakling but what about that scaredy cat Luigi weakling oh and the same 10 year old.

Have you EVER played super smash bros.? Mario characters kick sonic characters butts!

You're joking right?
Smash Bros series BALANCES the character traits, retard. If they didn't, Mario would be destroyed by Sonic before he could even move an inch. - MasterCreepy

Their both strong in their own way

41 Starlight Zone


42 Sonic looks cooler than Mario

Well Classic Sonic mostly - Chaotixhero

If you read the comment below and wonder why Sonic's legs are getting longer, longer legs mean more graceful running in my opinion. SEGA must've realized this and gradually lengthened his legs so fans don't freak out because he turned into Slenderman suddenly.
Speaking of, I'm not sure if SEGA is going to turn Sonic into Slenderman. If they did, I'd die laughing.

So... Sonic's legs by 2050 are gonna make him tall enough to get a slam dunk without even jumping. - mattstat716

Sonic is the definition of cool

Whats so cool about normal plumber?

43 Shadow the Hedgehog is much hotter than Wario

Wario is SUPPOSED to look bad!

That's animal abu- wait, this is an anthropomorphic hedgehog/robot/android. Um... Well then. - mattstat716

That's like comparing an ugly emo kid to a glorious model.

Shadow isn't emo he is always remembering a moment from the past that haunts him til this day even though he sounds like a emo and looks like one he isn't start playing sonic games and see for yourself. - spodermanfan1000

Well Shadow is hot but how does that make Sonic better

44 Sonic has a better debut than Mario

It's a shame, because everyone's like "Oh, SONIC! He sucks! " But Mario never, ever rolled around at the speed of sound. And let's be real. Green Hill Zone theme was legit.

First off, look at the popularity Mario has over Sonic. Mario’s games have sold WAY MORE than that blue rat! And besides, it actually has been proven that in earlier games Mario is faster than Sonic. Pay attention to the facts guys!

True - PaperMarioFan

45 Sonic items are better.

Mega mushrooms is one of the best Mario items.

Mario items are mostly drug item. For example that so called poison mushroom just to get smaller. Not a hero.

...And they're in the Mushroom Kingdom. Duh. That could just be normal there. - mattstat716

For the millionth time, THIS. IS. AN. OPINION!

Well actually I found out the mushrooms in Mario were inspired from the food in alice in wonderland that makes alice grow big

46 Rings are better than coins

Actually, coins make you look rich, while rings make you look lik you divorced 100 TIMES! No wonder sonic hates Amy!

They are more useful than just spent as money; they protect you from anything that would otherwise result in death. Except for pitfalls, of course, but what's there to say something that would counter this arguement, Huh? Well? - Classic Sonic

You watch sonic for hire didn't you


47 Better Powers

From a 10 year old: Silver Telekenesis, Shadow & Sonic Speed, Amy Sonic Knuckles & Shadow Strength, Silver & Tails Fly want more Silver can move threw Time & Space.

Amy rose in Sonic adventure 2 battle gamecube version she have awesome powers like Amy flash.

Geez, sonic's fanbase sucks!

Mario has super jumps and strength

48 Nice Theme Songs

Sonic heroes theme song is way better than super mario Bros 2 music

I love his world it is my favorite song

Listens His World: *shakes his head*

I loved his world, it was so cool

49 Sonic games have more intense emotional moments.

They could be better than Mario's. Man, Nintendon't has no memorable moments whatsoever because they have crappy characters that has no arguments that they are cliche, while you have Tails that can be defended by his cuteness, moments of funniness, smartness (meaning that he is smarter than those who would be lazy), and finally he has at least a cute classic form and a modern form. Knuckles is somewhat okay because of his tendency to be dumb, but not as dummy as the Sonic Boom version. Cream is okay because she somehow fights back when needed. Amy, while I am very annoyed by her thanks to her having a obsession for Sonic, is better because she has funniness in the comics about e.g. Sonic smells like a burnt fireplace. It's no wonder that sometimes they ship her with Sonic. But then you have "Useless" Toad(s), Princess Pinch-your-nose-until-you-love-me-or-so-help-me-that-I-will-be-very-annoying-to-you, and that is what or who should be removed from the franchise in order to actually ...more

Sacrifices are more emotional than being kissed by a princess in almost every ending. - MasterCreepy

Super Paper Mario, Mario and Luigi series, and Super Mario galaxy one and two. Look at these games and there are some seriously emotional moments

Um, Super Paper Mario?

50 Sonic games have morals

I'm bet Sonic have many quotes and morals.This game doesn't like Mario.
Mario doesn't have any sense. People that fans with Mario is a dumbhead.

...Since when? - mattstat716

IDGAF about morals in T.V. nor videogames. I only like morals of books

So you’re telling me that saving your loved ones isn’t a moral in Mario even though Mario saves Peach a lot? Wow, that’s sad. The only moral I can think of for Sonic is that friendships are important (even though Sonic treats his friends like crap). Here are Mario’s morals:
-With our family and friends we can do anything
-Be nice to your friends
-It’s not all about being in the spotlight
-Appreciate those who care for you
-Care for the ones that love you and help them.
So Mario does have morals if people would pay attention.

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1. Sonic has a personality
2. Sonic has a way more interesting cast
3. Sonic has a variety in plot, while Mario lacks that variety
1. Sonic saves animals, Mario KILLS animals
2. Blue is better than red
3. The girls seem to dress more modernly
1. Sonic characters are actually fun
2. Sonic fights more villains than Mario
3. Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog is way better than The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3


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