Top Ten Reasons Why Sonic Is Better Than Mario

Here are some reasons why our speedy anthropomorphic hedgehog is cooler than the fat plumber.
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1 Sonic saves animals, Mario KILLS animals

Sonic and his world seem more realistic (in a world of fantasy games anyway).
1)He moves by rolling and jumping into a roll, while Mario jumps straight up with his legs apart.
2)A hedgehog thst can move fast to defeat an evil genius from harming animals seems more believable than an Italian Plumber going to stop a large turtle from harming a princess. Though anything can be made in fantasy worlds, some concepts flow better than others as Sonic.

I am willing to bet that the reason they attack Mario is because they heard he is evil, so they try to attack him and get rid of this psycho man forever. Sonic, we already know that he eats chili dogs, but only because they have not been dead by him or anyone else, or he doesn't know that. Either way makes Sonic Lost World a GENUS game to play.

The animals (other than Yoshi and a couple others) try KILLING Mario, even at the beginning of a Mario game. Completing a game without killing dangerous obstacles is a hard challenge, mainly because at the ends of a lot of the games you need to either drop Bowser into lava or kill him with fireballs.

Sonic frees animals from a capsule from the classic sonic games. Also, in lost world. Mario kills a whole bunch of turtle enemies including Bowser in a really lame way for example falling for that trapdoor instant kill.

2 Sonic characters are actually fun

Sonic is fast and cocky. Sonic is the only Sonic character I really care about (as he's the best Sonic character, and I AM a Sonic fan here), so that satsfies me.

Agree with this! One of the things I love most about the Sonic series is that the characters carry the story better and have better dialogue. Sonic is enjoyable for all ages due to this whereas Mario (fun though the games may be) can often feel very "kiddy" for lack of a better term, too family friendly and vanilla. Sonic brings more depth, humour and insight to each game plot, it's far more versatile. Also sonic music over mario music anyday!

Sonic, Silver, and Shadow even Tails & Cream have better powers Then those Mario Characters! Mario has a stupid jumping ability while having other powers but one hit no more power, and Sonic is more adventurous.

I like sonic more plus with Mario you can only be two people who can do the same thing but in sonic you can be three people that can do different things like knuckles is strong and he can glide and climb and tails can fly.

3 The girls seem to dress more modernly

Every main character girl: princess
Every sonic girl characters: things that make them not a princess that gets stolen by a turtle 15 times a second.

Just because the princesses in Mario wear dresses? Oh sorry, some women like dresses. I'm not one of them, but plenty of them do.

Female Character looks in Sonic

Rouge: Over 9000/10
Amy: 9/10
Cream: 8/10
Blaze: 9.5/10

Mario Female Character Looks

Rosalina: 100/10
Daisy: 9/10
Peach: 1 - 3/10 (1 - 3 means 1, 2, or 3)

What I meant is that the princess dresses are old fashioned, but dresses like Amy's and Cream's are more modern looking.

4 Mario only has one sibling whilst Sonic has more than one

While Underground wasn't canon, I think its important to note that Sonic treats Tails like his little brother and treats him well. Mario has Luigi and treats him like trash.

You can see Sonic's siblings in the show, Sonic Underground. I don't know if Luigi jumps higher than Sonic.

This reason makes no sense. How is having more than one sibling a valid reason?

Sonic doesn't have siblings and sonic underground was not canon

5 Mario is a copycat and idea thief

Super Mario Sunshine stole from Sonic Adventure 2, and everyone bypasses it. Sonic is better, and so is Sonic Adventure 2 (even though the first one is the superior one)

Come on people! This one has to be the dumbest one ever. First of all, Mario is all original but sonic copied megaman ( blue protagonist, doctor antagonist who makes robots) he also copied dragon ball ( 7 dragon balls - 7 chaos emeralds,the super sayian- super sonic, shadow- vegeta, silver- trunks ) he copied kirby ( kirby's burning copy ability- sonic's flame shield fire dash boxes with stars on them ) and even Mario.

Yeah Also He's On A Mushroom Filled Rage Cause By You Guessed It Mushrooms And He Destroys Peoples Neighborhoods To Save "The Princess" And The Bullet Bills Are Bullets The Cops Are Shooting At Him... Good God

But unlike the coins, you keep the ring total over 100. And they can protect you from losing a life. Plus, your ring total at the end of each zone can be added to your score. And don't forget the lighting ring dash, which 1st appeared in SONIC ADVENTURE (1998-99).

6 Sonic racing games are better than Mario racing games

I am a Sonic fan, but the only good Sonic racing game is Sonic R, and that's only good because Sonic isn't in a car. Until SEGA makes another Sonic R like Sonic racing game, Sonic racing games are bad.

Sonic did have ugh much darker ones like Sonic Drift (i liked the 2nd one) and sonic r...that tails doll. NEVER MIND THOSE MISTAKES! Sonic Riders is awesome and so is zero gravity! But, sonic free riders...ugh at least you have a good soundtrack. But Sonic all stars racing and the transformed OH YEA! And the Xbox 360 version of Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing had MY 2ND FAVORITE MASCOT BANJO AND KAZOOIE! !

Even if Mario racing games were never made, Sega would have still made some too. Mario Kart 64 wasn't the first racing game you know...

When was Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing released? I'll look it up. February 23rd, 2010. Now we look at Mario Kart. August 27, 1992. Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing is obviously a ripoff from MK.

7 Sonic has better music

Dream of an Absolution, I Am...All of Me, Live and Learn, Escape from the City, Open Your Heart, Infinite, Reach for the Stars, His World, Infinite, Fist Bump...need I say anything else?

Green Hill Zone, Emerald Hill Zone, Chemical Plant Zone, Angel Island Zone, Emerald Coast, Speed Highway, City Escape. All of those are stages Sonic goes through that have tunes you can rock too.

I love Sonic and Mario almost equally, but as a fan of both I must say Sonic's OST in 1,2, and 3 including knuckles in sonic games and CD honestly have the best soundtracks for the single levels that I've ever heard! If you don't believe me listen to Ice Cap Zone, Lava Reef Zone, Green Hill Zone, Flying Battery Zone and more the OST's are ridiculous and for 16-bit era games on the Genesis they still hold addictive and people still love the OST.

The best sonic song in the whole wide world is crisis city from sonic 06 every sonic game has good music so I may just saying crisis city

8 Sonic has better spin-offs

Look I'm a Sonic fan,but the only Sonic spin offs I like are Sonic Spinball and Sonic Chronicles The Dark Brotherhood. And that's good, because Sonic is known more for his main series than his garbage spin offs. Mario on the other hand is now known more for Mario Kart than Super Mario. So that's another reason Sonic is better in it's own

Sonic has Sonic Spinball, Sonic Chronicles The Dark Brotherhood, Sonic R, and Sonic Rivials 1 and 2 (Play as Sonic in the last 3 for the maximum fun experience). Those are the best Sonic spin offs and they make Mario's look like a joke

Mario kart ds is the worst racing game I've ever played! Shadow the hedghog and sa2b is nearly perfect sonic gamecube games.

Shadowthe hedghog is awesome. Mario spinoffs are terrible usually for example Mario kart ds. Worst racing game on ds. This list is completely right.

9 Sonic has a variety in plot, while Mario lacks that variety

Sonic always changes his plot and it's always awesome like Sonic himself. Mario is always, and I mean ALWAYS you Mario fans, just saving the princess. BORING. Sonic has variety and while it's not the main reason I buy Sonic games (That's to play as Sonic himself and to make Sonic go through levels fast), I appreciate that.

This is usually why Sonic is better than Mario. Every Mario game is just another way of saying "Hey rescue the princess". Sonic only did that once, and that was in his worst game ever. Even the classic Sonic games had variety in the plot. Take a leaf out of Sonic's book, Mario

Sonic has better diversity than Mario. Why? Let me explain.

Sonic saved animals (Sonic the Hedgehog). He has to save the world from the Space Colony (Sonic Adventure 2). He has to team up with his younger self to restore the timeline (Sonic Generations).

Mario, on the other hand, is just him saving the princess who never defends herself. THAT'S IT.

Sonic has himself go through a candy amusement park (Sonic Colors), a city (Sonic Adventure 2), and a PRISON?!

Mario has himself going through grass, desert, tropical island, jungle, snow, mountains, sky, and castle. He has to go through this for multiple games. Doesn't it get repetitive, boring, and uncreative after a while? Yeah, I thought so.

Do I need to explain? (By the way if you are a butthurt Sonic fan, don't bother reading this.)

Paper Mario Series:

Paper Mario: Just an introduction to the series, bla bla bla.

Paper Mario: TTYD: Adds a lot more characters, new locations, and more mechanics. Like, 3 more mechanics.

Super Paper Mario: The most unique one in the series. Introduces like 5 more mechanics, more interesting plot than Sonic will probably ever have. (In SPM you don't save the princess) And, once again, more characters.

Paper Mario: SS: This one isn't that great, but oh well. It has, well, this one doesn't have much more characters, but it has a LOT of new locations, and like 4 new mechanics, plus a very interesting plot and story.

Paper Mario: CP: More characters (a LOT), more locations, and 3 more mechanics.

Mario & Luigi series:

M&L: Superstar Saga: Just an introduction to the series, bla bla bla.

M&L: Partners In Time: Similar to that one Sonic ...more

10 Sonic fights more villains than Mario

Mephiles is overrated move on and stop whining about it. Sonics villans are mediocre because they all have the same intenshions mario fights one villan with the same goal not 1000 villans trying to do the same thing.

how many times has mario defeated bowser already? the only cool fight I can remember is when mario took down a dragon in the lost kingdom, but sonic been there and done that in Black knight.

Metal sonic and infinite are the best, eggman himsellf is to.
but sereoursly mephileis is overrated and criticly wanked by fans.

Zavok, Zazz, Master Zik, Zor, Zomon, Eggman, Chaos, Death Egg, Mega Death Egg, Infinite, TONS OF ROBOTS, Eggman Nega, Chaos, Metal Sonic, Neo Metal Sonic, Mephiles, Iblis, Solaris, Death Queen, Nega Wisp Armor, Dark Gaia, Bio-Lizard and so on...

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11 Sonic saves the world. Mario saves a princess who hasn't learned to save herself

Sonic has saved the world from a water monster (The other characters did nothing because they aren't Sonic) an edgiger version of himself, a robot version of himself, a goddamn SUN GOD, a dark god within the planet, An evil amusment park, an evil beast that destroys time, evil monsters draing the worlds energy, and a creation with a ruby that can alter time and Sonic wins every time (Sonic as a character by HIMSELF). Mario only has new villains in the pig crap Paper Mario series.

Don't you Mario fans give me that garbage about "But wait, Mario saved the universe in the Mario Galaxy games". No, you STILL saved the princess, you just went through Sonic Lost World levels. Sonic legitmently saves the world. Every time he has an adventure.

Sonic saved a princess once in his worst game ever (well, back than, as of 2014 and beyond, it was the 3rd worst). And even then, Sonic saved the world (from my knowledge, I didn't give a rats butt about the other garbage characters since they WEREN'T SONIC).

Who almost was about to make Sonic destroy the World Eggman and Sonic fixed the world In one peace unleashed, who went through time and save the world Three Times Sonic!
Who would only save a princess and be Lazy for the rest of the day Mario Stupid!
Oh and all Mario eats is Spaghetti from the Same 10 year old. Mario Stupidity, and Sonic fun impersonating and intriging

12 Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog is way better than The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3

I gotta admit, this is kinda true, Sonic did have a better cartoon trilogy than Mario's (even though they are both good), but still, we should like both games.

Now this is just ridiculous, find some REAL reasons guys not opinions

Nintendo did not make that cartoon so this does not count

Adventure of sonic sucks som3 is better

13 Sonic has a personality

We know that Sonic is fast, cocky, and awesome, and the best Sonic character. We know that Mario is the best Mario character. There's a big difference, and it's a big reason why Sonic the character is better than Mario

I think an excerpt from one Sonic issue explains it all...
" Even though he tries to maintain a certain level of 'cool'... At heart he's a lovable goof who loves his family and friends dearly. You can always count on him to come through in a tough spot... He's all for speaking his mind for what he believes in... And, well, he really cares."
That's Sonic's personality in a nutshell.

If you look closely you can see Mario does have a personality like in Mario power tennis, he was jealous of luigi winning so he stole his thunder and glory and in paper Mario the thousanth year door he freak out after getting kiss by that fat purple lady, jumping up and down after getting a kiss from peach.

This is actually a great reason since Mario is bland and tasteless when Sonic actually has a personality.

14 Sonic has cool villains

Alright... I will admit that Bowser is pretty bad-butt. He ruined a festival that happened once every 100 years. He kidnaps the love of Mario's life like a zillion times. Probably a bunch of other things, but I can't remember them right now. Anyways, Dr. Eggman is also pretty bad. He roboticized Sonic's entire family, he destroyed Knothole, and enslaved a bunch of adorable animals. Mephiles (according to other sites) is arguably the best villain in the entire Sonic series. He almost destroys everything that ever was, he betrays Silver, and... SPOILER ALERT... Kills Sonic. He is the only villain to do so. Metal Sonic... Don't even get me started with him. He is just bad, bad, and bad.
Oh well, I've said my peice... What do you think?

There all the same exept for eggman and metal sonic, all the other others only want to destroy the universe or part of it, but there are some with cool desighns and powers like infinite.

Honestly, Metal Sonic is the best villan in sonic games. 1: he can go as fast, sometimes faster, than sonic, he is better than shadow, and he turns into a dragon.

The Deadly Six? Pretty decent. Especially that joke about Zazz needing to take a bath.

15 Mario's live action movie sucks

Top 3 reasons why the Mario movie sucks 1. It was nothing like the game 2. Goombas made no sense 3. Luigi was pretty much the main character and Mario was just like another sidekick. This movie felt like sonic 06 ( no offense sonic ).

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show or the Super Mario Bros. movie where Princess Daisy is kidnapped by President Koopa?

Because I would give The Super Mario Bros. Super Show a 9.1 score and the Super Mario Bros. movie a 1.7 score.

The animated movie of Sonic made in 1996 has him going against Metal Sonic, and it's plot was awesome. The acting was too.

Has anyone noticed that Luigi was like the main character of the movie? Oh and the koopas look terrifying in the movie!

16 Eggman is better than Bowser

Bowser is a terrible excuse for a villain. What does he do with Peach when he kidnaps her? Play Checkers until Mario comes? You'd think after 34 years he'd come up with something new...

Eggman has an IQ of 300, and builds robots, and heck, would even control a creature of darkness that can control time! He uses animals as a power source for his robots. He's a great villain.

I agree how Eggman is better than Bowser but I am a Mario Player but less Sonic Player because I only got a few of them. Eggman's voice and comedy beats up Bowser so as his fatness. I am still tasting Eggman's voice and and how tall his legs

Robotnik A.K.A Eggman has better villainous heart inside him oh and Bowser looks stupid in giga form but Robotnik/Eggman caught Super Sonic best if u say Robotnik/Eggman is better because he almost destroyed Currently destroyed Mobious.

Eggman stole a sacred Jewel that keeps a part of the world in harmony leaving it in total chaos just to fuel his own robot AND he drained hundreds of wisps' life source to also fuel his own robot.

17 Sonic has a way more interesting cast

Sonic vs Mario- Sonic is faster, cooler, and more powerful including when he use the chaos emerald
Tails vs Yoshi-Tails is more useful because he's smart unlike yoshi
Knuckles vs Luigi-Knuckles is strong and more useful.
Amy vs Peach-Amy can defend herself and can fight using her hammer
Rouge vs Daisy- Rouge is a on of the best female fighter in sonic franchise
Dr. Eggman vs Bowser-Eggman can control bowser because he is smart
Rosalina Vs Blaze- Blaze is tougher and has a fire powers
Silver vs Waluigi-Silver has a psychokenesis(just spell it correctly)
Shadow vs Wario-Shadow is immortal and the ultimate lifeform and shadow is way hotter than wario
Bowser Jr. Vs Metal sonic- Metal sonic is faster and he can block Bowser Jr. attack
So... Sonic franchise won

Sonic is a speedy hedgehog who broke a speed record for fastest thing alive, tails is an engineering fox with 2 tails, and knuckles is an enchinda( Mario fans keep note of that word) who is the last of his kind, living on a island in the sky guarding the ultimate power, I could go on.

Mario Characters have a heart about thinking there selves and the King and Queen also Luigi cares about is bro the toad and princess peach Luigi is the only only one not souless other then Yoshi, but all Sonic Characters care about eachother and that's why only Luigi and Yoshi are good Characters in Mario only.

Yes. His friends are actually fun to play as in the games. Plus Luigi's the best Mario character, but nobody treats him any good. Mario abuses him, abandon him and even the toads whose more useless than peach abandon luigi.

18 Sonic has fun stages

Sonic stages feels different every time in the best way possible. Mario's stages, besides Galaxy, feels almost boring when you think about it.

The Christmas I got my GameCube I had sadx and sa2b I boots up sa2b first and city escape. Rollin' around at the speed of sound. The iconic stage the nostalgia is over 9,000. Also I boot up sadx then I get to emerald coast nostalgia is also over 9,000! Mario has never had stages like this!

What? Super Mario Galaxy has the best stages ever in a platformer!

Both games have fun games

19 Classic Sonic is better than Classic Mario

Classic Sonic is also better than 'modern' Sonic. Classic Sonic looked cool, and endearing without being some sickening cuteness attempt (Sonic Generations' Classic Sonic doesn't count; they made him a wide-eyed, muted 'cute' moron and couldn't even get his colour right - also, suddenly Tails had a voice back then, but Sonic didn't? - original Sonic, whenever depicted, was focused and confident; the opposite of Generations).
The 'modern' Sonic, however, looks like a cat that's just been pulled out of the washing machine, having, before that, spent several years on a stretching rack.
And every five years or so, what to sega do?
Ruin him further by putting him in for another wash cycle. Before long, he'll be (an extremely anorexic) Godzilla the HedgeCat. As for the oother characters, I shudder to think...
But to the point, whenever I see Mario, I want to slap him. And whoever started urinating about with Sonic's characters' designs; they're starting to look as stupid as ...more

Yes. Classic Sonic is more epic.

Classic sonic is cute

Enough with the opinion based reasoning guys it doesn’t help!

20 Sonic's power-ups are far superior to Mario's

In Mario there is a awesome huge amount of power ups but Sonic has cooler ones, the shields are great, you can turn in a fire ball in mid air, bounce and breathe underwater and make rings come to you and perform a double jump, with the speed shoes you can reach incredible speeds. Not to mention SUPER FORMS where your speed multiplies, you are literally imortal and can jump very very high and invurnerable. If forms and super forms count then Sonic wins but if we don't then I got to say Mario.

Super Sonic could kick Mario's butt no matter what Power Up he has, even the white tanoki suit, and even if he makes it through that, Sonic would kick his butt with Hyper Sonic

Okay, eating mushroom and getting big or flying short distances by becoming a Tanooki in Mario is fun, but being engulfed in stars as you gain super sonic speeds or invincibility and precede to plough through enemies, spin around in a loop, or break a wall is just a little more exciting.

In Mario, you get a mushroom that makes you grow bigger, and a star that makes you invincible for 10 seconds.

In Sonic, you have boxes with the power-ups. There's shields (Defensive, Flame, Water, and Electric), Invincibility, and Speed Shoes. 'enough said.

21 Sonic is sexier

Not a good reason to like a character/series more than the other. Calling something "sexy" is why something gets the wrong kind of attention from the wrong kinds of fans these days.

Some members of the Sonic fandom have sunk this low already. WOW.

When Sonic Idles long, he lays down with the pose you know.

Whoa! Going way too far there

22 Sonic has better classic games than Mario

He has Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Sonic and Knuckles (plus Sonic 4 and Sonic Mania if you want to count those) and they are the greatest 16 bit games ever (If you play as Sonic).

Sonic 1 alone is better than the NES Mario games, and don't even get me started on how bad Super Mario World looked against the Sonic games on the Genesis. Classic Sonic forever

First of all, I would just like to say that I'm not "Nostalgia Biased" or anything, I actually played the original sonic games much more than the original Mario games, but the sonic ones just can't compare. The game encourages you to be fast, but it's really difficult, so you basically aren't allowed to be fast. The game mechanics are slippery, the music is only okay. Mario might not be as fast, (which is actually not entirely true), but the game mechanics are much better and Mario actually has power ups that give variety, adding in much more variety. Also, the retro Mario games were hard as hell. Every sonic game made after the genesis era that isn't colors, generations, or maybe unleashed (not counting, that game's pretty good) sucked and can't even compare to Mario 64 or Mario kart.

Sonic 1 made all the NES Mario games look like a joke, and when we reached Sonic 3 and Knuckles (Which I still played as Sonic, I only used Lock On to play all the Sonic and Knuckles levels in Sonic 3) Mario was officialy the lamer version of Sonic, and Sonic became king of gaming

23 Sonic is by SEGA while Mario is by Nintendo

Sonic is also SEGA's only good franchise, so he's the best. Mario on the other hand comes 2nd to Pokemon when it comes to Nintendos best franchises (the other franchises from SEGA and Nintendo that aren't Sonic Mario and Pokemon SUCK

Super Smash Bros. is the best Nintendo franchise (which gets a 9.6).

Super Monkey Ball is the best SEGA franchise (which gets a 9.2).

What does that have to do with anything even though I like Sonic better.

But Nintendo is more popular than SEGA. Look at the amount of games sold for Mario compared to Sonic, there’s a HUGE difference

24 Sonic has a better variety in friends and foes

Sonic has for allies:

A two-tailed fox, an echidna, 3 other hedgehogs, Wisps, woodland creatures, a cat, a rabbit, a chameleon, an alligator, a bee, and much more.

Mario has for allies:

His brother, a "toad" that looks like a mushroom, and a girl who always gets kidnapped.

Sonic's had for enemies:

An evil genius, a water creature, a lizard attached to a space colony, a genie, 6 deadly foes, 3 robot clones of himself, badniks, a GOD, a dark creature that was sealed within the planet, a dark creature that has the ability to erase time and space, and I could go on...

Mario's had for an enemy:

A turtle who breathes fire.

I saw a book and it was which is better sonic or Mario and it came to allies and rivals and Mario won that WTFF? Shadow, Blaze, Metal Sonic, Silver, Eggman, Lyric, Knuckles, Jet, Storm, Wave, Rouge, Perfect Chaos and those are his rivals! Even more as well. Sonic's Allies: Tails, Knuckles, Amy, The Chaotix, Manic, Sonia, Princess Elise, Cream, Sally and way much more

Ok sonics friends and foes are all different colors, species, and personallities. Marios friends and foes are either turtles, people, walking muffins, and a couple of other immature things.

What about luigi and yoshi and toad and donkey kong, especially YOSHI

25 Sonic doesn't kill his helpers without any shame

Honestly mario is the player and if mario didn't have to jump off yoshi why did the developers do this as for sonic tails helps sonic to ledges and sonic doesn't have to sacrafice tails

Poof yoshi, ask sonic for help. I'm sorry Mario treats you like a piece of trash

Sonic doesn't jump off of Tails, but Mario jumps off of Yoshi

Stop using matpats Mario is mental video it's not real

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