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21 Sonic lives in a more interesting world

Sonic goes to different places in the world while Mario just hang around in the Mushroom Kingdom

Agreed. Sonic lives in lovely peaceful world.

But Mario travels through the universe in Super Mario Galaxy 1&2, and he travels through many dimensions in Super Paper Mario.

Agreed, sonic lives in a place I would like to live in, as long as cyborgs show up ( yes, eggmans bots are cyborgs techniclly speaking)

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22 Gameplay variety

This is a good one. Sonic has so much variety in gameplay! Werewolf (or Werehog), Wisps... Mario's gameplay does vary but not as much. It mostly is just a rehash.

Usually Mario is just wait for the obstacle to be gone or jump over it.

Sonic has more action.

Mario has lots of gameplay variety such as 3d games rpg games party games sports games puzzle games etc

Yes, Sonic adds something new to every new Sonic game that makes it very different, like how they spindash and Super Sonic in Sonic 2, Super peel out and past future control in CD, instant air shield+Hyper forms+ Knuckles abilitys+ elemental shields all in Sonic 3 and knuckles. Light dash and different genes in Sonic adventure, Sonic Adventure 2 introduced complex plot and new moves like the bounce similar to the bubble shield. I can go on forever Mario kind of keeps the main formula and doesn't change it, an exeption could be Mario Galaxy - PampaZapp

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23 Sonic is more similar to Pac-Man than Mario & Mega Man

If you compare Classic Sonic and Ghostly Adventure Pac-Man, then you are kinda right. They act the same and most of all, act like brothers together - Chaotixhero

Sonic as Pac-Man

Tails as Cylindria

Eggman as Blinky

Sally Acorn as Mrs. Pac-Man

Amy Rose as Pinky

Knuckles as Spiral

Antoine as Professor Pac-Man

Shadow as Toc-Man

Rouge as Sue

Blaze as Orson

Silver as Kinky

Vector as Clyde

Silver as Kinky

Classic Sonic is way better than Pac-Man & the Ghostly Adventures, which differs from how Pac-Man used to be disgracefully.

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24 Sonic is sexier

Not a good reason to like a character/series more than the other. Calling something "sexy" is why something gets the wrong kind of attention from the wrong kinds of fans these days.

Some members of the Sonic fandom have sunk this low already. WOW.

When Sonic Idles long, he lays down with the pose you know. - bugger

He is a animal for crying out loud!

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25 Sonic doesn't kill his helpers without any shame

The person playing as Mario throws Yoshi off the edge does! Blame the player not the character idiots!

Poof yoshi, ask sonic for help. I'm sorry Mario treats you like a piece of trash

Sonic doesn't jump off of Tails, but Mario jumps off of Yoshi

Player choice.

Technically you can make Tails do all the work.

d ouble-standards. - mattstat716

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26 Sonic is a multi-platform game. Mario is exclusive to Nintendo consoles

Lets say you went over to a friend's house. You play some Sonic Generations, and you have an Xbox 360 at home. "How much did this game cost? " Then you can buy it, simple as that!

Mario, though, you have to buy a Nintendo Console BEFORE you buy the game. It's crap. Nintendo doesn't even put their games on the App Store.

Exactly. While Sonic games are more diverse, going to consoles from Sega to Nintendo (OK, I admit Nintendo probably paid Sega to do that) to Sony, Mario is just exclusive to Nintendo consoles. This may be because since Mario games are so popular, and by making people have to buy Nintendo-only consoles in order to play, makes Nintendo more $$$.

I know Sega went under but not really anyone I know owns a Nintendo system. I do but Sonic is better

This maybe why there are so many wars between Sonic fans. It's fine to be multi-platform, but making Sonic an entertainment icon instead of just a gaming icon is not right.

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27 Sonic is funnier

Sonic is more comical than Mario and Mickey mouse.

He never made me laugh the only thing that made me laugh is when he was first made I thought it was a joke but I was 100% wrong

Here's a joke from Classic Sonic, did you know that he says this: "All Mario has for an enemy is a turtle turd who breathes fire out of his potty mouth. Did you know that I'm the one who invented that 'Baldy Mcnosehair' nickname for that Dr. Fatnik guy? Oh wait, YOU DIDN'T 'CAUSE YOU ARE AS FAT AS YO MAMA, WHO IS ALSO AS FAT AT THAT GUY WITH THAT ROUND Mcnosehair!

See sonic x episode 5 cracking knuckles (the first joke of the episode is the title)

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28 Knuckles is better than Yoshi

Knuckles would crush him with the power of his fists!

Lol, you pick the most uneven match ups, these two aren't even similar

Knuckles is stronger but yoshi is better

Knuckles was always going to beat Yoshi at pretty mush anything but eating things!

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29 Mario is reluctant to let his friends have their own game while Sonic is friendly about it

Still have yet to see a modern Knuckles, Tails, Amy, Vector, Espi- god the list goes on, doesn't it? - mattstat716

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30 Sonic isn't fat like Mario

Lool I added this in but it is kinda true I mean Sonic IS the speed of sound so if he at 300 chili dogs he can run and lose all those pounds Mario is fat and can still get that princess jesus please be a bit more realistic Nintendo. - spodermanfan1000

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31 Sonic has vocal music while Mario doesn't

I find Sonic music to be more contemporary, with bands like Zebrahead, Crush 40, and Michael Jackson. Mario has classical music, which may not be popular with today's teens. A teen myself, when I ask people at school what their favorite music genre is, they almost always respond, "Pop! ", though I do get a few "Rock music! "s in there once in a while. Nobody said classical was their favorite.
If you asked me, then I would say there is no favorite genre. Each is different. Each has something special to it.
Except the theme songs for Yo Gabba Gabba, Barney, Dora, etc...

Sonic Adventure's music to all Mario's music (all of it) Sonic wins 100% - spodermanfan1000

Actually, Mario should have vocal music, not Sonic. I would rather pull Sonic's quills for sucking since Sonic Adventure.

The best thing about vocal music is that you don't just hum or whistle you sing your heart out. I love sonic music, and I find knuckles theame fun to sing, also most of sonics theames

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32 Sonic does not mind other characters being the star whilst Mario makes a huge fuss about it

During Shadow the Hedgehog, you don't see Sonic getting all mad because he isn't the star. Remember when Luigi got his moment of glory in that tennis game (I forget what it was called, tell me what it's titled in a reply, please), and Mario comes, slams Luigi on his back, then starts grinding his shoes into Luigi's shoes, ruining Luigi's moment of glory.

Mario abuses luigi during the time when luigi the real hero.

Oh you are just right Sonic never throws a fit when someone won Mario did because he wanted to win and he also try's to cheat.

Team sonic- tails- knuckles forever! ( I know it sounds immature but I don't care)

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33 Sonic is by SEGA while Mario is by Nintendo

What does that have to do with anything even though I like Sonic better.

Super Smash Bros. is the best Nintendo franchise (which gets a 9.6).

Super Monkey Ball is the best SEGA franchise (which gets a 9.2).

Actually it's the other way around. - nintendofan126

...And Nintendo has more memorable games than Sega. Also Sega over 90% of sonic's games by rushing them. - mattstat716

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34 Stronger characters

Knuckles and Shadow are stronger.

Oh & daisy weakling peach weakling Roy koopa weakling but what about that scaredy cat Luigi weakling oh and the same 10 year old.

Have you EVER played super smash bros.? Mario characters kick sonic characters butts!

Their both strong in their own way

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35 Sonic has better crossover SEGA characters than Mario has crossover Nintendo characters

You got it man!

36 Shadow the Hedgehog is much hotter than Wario

That's like comparing an ugly emo kid to a glorious model.

Shadow isn't emo he is always remembering a moment from the past that haunts him til this day even though he sounds like a emo and looks like one he isn't start playing sonic games and see for yourself. - spodermanfan1000

That's animal abu- wait, this is an anthropomorphic hedgehog/robot/android. Um... Well then. - mattstat716

Well Shadow is hot but how does that make Sonic better

And this is why he has a bad fanbase.

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37 Sonic items are better.

Mario items are mostly drug item. For example that so called poison mushroom just to get smaller. Not a hero.

...And they're in the Mushroom Kingdom. Duh. That could just be normal there. - mattstat716

Well actually I found out the mushrooms in Mario were inspired from the food in alice in wonderland that makes alice grow big

Sonic items are not better! That suck!

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38 Sonic is faster

Mario is really slow. Sonic is really fast. What do you get from Mario? A plumber who can jump. What do you get from Sonic? A hedgehog who can jump but then turn into a Super Sayian Sonic.

I agree that mario games do not focus on speed but I feel that sonic' speed is what makes his games really shine whereas mario games are boring and have no retaining features that you get throughout every game apart from jumping on things!

Oh yeah, bring in some DBZ references. And also, for those who say that I am a ripoff, well, let me just say one thing, I AM NOT A DBZ RIPOFF! THEY ARE AND SO ARE THOSE MORONS WHO ARE USELESS! Ah, but alas, Mario fanboys will be forever be influenced by Dbz parodies of Mario and then say, "He's cooler than Sonic." No, he's worse than dumb Knuckles. Don't tell him though. That is all and I'm Classic Sonic from your very own past.

Sonic gotta go fast, we all know that if he didn't sonic would just be another Mario game. and who called knuckles dumb?!

SONIC BOOM: Rise Of Lyric called knuckles dumb and then stole his entire brain/killed his brain cells. - mattstat716

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39 Sonic fights more villains than Mario

Now it's right! He defeat Dark Gaia,Deadly 6,Time eater and many more. P.S:To Nintendo:
Be more creative guys! don,t stuck in one villian.

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40 Rings are better than coins

They are more useful than just spent as money; they protect you from anything that would otherwise result in death. Except for pitfalls, of course, but what's there to say something that would counter this arguement, Huh? Well? - Classic Sonic

You watch sonic for hire didn't you


They're the same thing.
Just Mario has powerups that protect him from a hit. - mattstat716

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