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41 Sonic has better crossover SEGA characters than Mario has crossover Nintendo characters

You got it man!

42 Lava Reef Zone

I love the music and the secend zone is so buetiful🌋unhook

43 Sonic looks cooler than Mario

Well Classic Sonic mostly - Chaotixhero

If you read the comment below and wonder why Sonic's legs are getting longer, longer legs mean more graceful running in my opinion. SEGA must've realized this and gradually lengthened his legs so fans don't freak out because he turned into Slenderman suddenly.
Speaking of, I'm not sure if SEGA is going to turn Sonic into Slenderman. If they did, I'd die laughing.

So... Sonic's legs by 2050 are gonna make him tall enough to get a slam dunk without even jumping. - mattstat716

Sonic is the definition of cool

He has one joined eye that can somehow work just fine it's the stuff of nightmares

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44 Shadow the Hedgehog is much hotter than Wario

Wario is SUPPOSED to look bad!

That's animal abu- wait, this is an anthropomorphic hedgehog/robot/android. Um... Well then. - mattstat716

That's like comparing an ugly emo kid to a glorious model.

Shadow isn't emo he is always remembering a moment from the past that haunts him til this day even though he sounds like a emo and looks like one he isn't start playing sonic games and see for yourself. - spodermanfan1000

Lol. This item is pure bestiality right here.

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45 Sonic has a better debut than Mario

It's a shame, because everyone's like "Oh, SONIC! He sucks! " But Mario never, ever rolled around at the speed of sound. And let's be real. Green Hill Zone theme was legit.

True - PaperMarioFan

46 Sonic items are better.

Mario items are mostly drug item. For example that so called poison mushroom just to get smaller. Not a hero.

...And they're in the Mushroom Kingdom. Duh. That could just be normal there. - mattstat716

Well actually I found out the mushrooms in Mario were inspired from the food in alice in wonderland that makes alice grow big

Sonic items are cooler.

Oh my god.

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47 Sonic is faster

Mario is really slow. Sonic is really fast. What do you get from Mario? A plumber who can jump. What do you get from Sonic? A hedgehog who can jump but then turn into a Super Sayian Sonic.

I agree that mario games do not focus on speed but I feel that sonic' speed is what makes his games really shine whereas mario games are boring and have no retaining features that you get throughout every game apart from jumping on things!

Oh yeah, bring in some DBZ references. And also, for those who say that I am a ripoff, well, let me just say one thing, I AM NOT A DBZ RIPOFF! THEY ARE AND SO ARE THOSE MORONS WHO ARE USELESS! Ah, but alas, Mario fanboys will be forever be influenced by Dbz parodies of Mario and then say, "He's cooler than Sonic." No, he's worse than dumb Knuckles. Don't tell him though. That is all and I'm Classic Sonic from your very own past.

Sonic gotta go fast, we all know that if he didn't sonic would just be another Mario game. and who called knuckles dumb?!

SONIC BOOM: Rise Of Lyric called knuckles dumb and then stole his entire brain/killed his brain cells. - mattstat716

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48 Rings are better than coins

They are more useful than just spent as money; they protect you from anything that would otherwise result in death. Except for pitfalls, of course, but what's there to say something that would counter this arguement, Huh? Well? - Classic Sonic

You watch sonic for hire didn't you


They're the same thing.
Just Mario has powerups that protect him from a hit. - mattstat716

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49 Sonic has more heroic characters

You are beware that shadow was a bad guy at first and really shadow doesn't kinda care about the planet so...

I mean, Shadow ACTUALLY SACRIFICED himself to save the planet! So did Chip. And in Archie comics, one time, Sonic apparently SACRIFICES himself for his friends.
Does Mario contain any of that?

Many sacrifices are made by sonic and the others. The only one being sacrifced in Mario is poor yoshi

Lol sure.
If Sonic already doesn't have half as many heroes as it does villains. - PaperMarioFan

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50 Sonic has characters that sacrifice themselves.

Sonic has characters that sacrifice themselves in the main games. The paper Mario series is a different series altogether so it does not count as part of the main Mario series. Aside from that one RPG. Also, Mario knowing about the lives of his enemies is purely player influenced choices and is there any way that we can have Yoshi live whule riding on him? I don't know and please tell me if you think so. This list I believed talked about the main games of their respective series and not the spin offs. So please believe me that is has some truths to it. It depends if you count spin offs as canon or not.

Chip in Sonic Unleashed. Shadow in Sonic Adventure 2. And EVEN SONIC HIMSELF in the Archie comics!
Does Mario contain ANY of that?!
Oh.. nope.

Don't forget tails in sonic lost world

Mario characters do too!
Paper Mario: The Star Spirits
Paper Mario: TTYD: Peach
Super Paper Mario: Tippi and Count Bleck
Paper Mario: SS: Kersti
Paper Mario: CP: Huey
Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time: Baby Mario & Baby Luigi
Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story: Bowser
Super Mario Galaxy: The whole Luma Race
You guys are SOOO dumb! - PaperMarioFan

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51 Nice Theme Songs

Listens His World: *shakes his head*

I loved his world, it was so cool

Ii don't know why but everybody gets angery at knuckles theame I think it sounds unique, makes him sound like a wolf and a warrior

52 Sonic games have more intense emotional moments.

They could be better than Mario's. Man, Nintendon't has no memorable moments whatsoever because they have crappy characters that has no arguments that they are cliche, while you have Tails that can be defended by his cuteness, moments of funniness, smartness (meaning that he is smarter than those who would be lazy), and finally he has at least a cute classic form and a modern form. Knuckles is somewhat okay because of his tendency to be dumb, but not as dummy as the Sonic Boom version. Cream is okay because she somehow fights back when needed. Amy, while I am very annoyed by her thanks to her having a obsession for Sonic, is better because she has funniness in the comics about e.g. Sonic smells like a burnt fireplace. It's no wonder that sometimes they ship her with Sonic. But then you have "Useless" Toad(s), Princess Pinch-your-nose-until-you-love-me-or-so-help-me-that-I-will-be-very-annoying-to-you, and that is what or who should be removed from the franchise in order to actually ...more

Um, Super Paper Mario?


Neither of them are emotional.

I've never played a sonic/mario game to cry/feel scared.

That'd be stupid. - mattstat716

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53 Sonic has more cartoon shows that Mario

Not by much sonic has only 5 cartoons and Mario has 3 but Sonic's are creative while Mario's are boring for most part - spodermanfan1000

He has more BAD cartoons

And? - mattstat716

54 Sonic is a boy, Mario is a man

Oh no! it's "Dora Is a Girl" all over again! TWICE!

Let me put it this way, Sonic is only 16 and he saves the world many times. is old enough to get married and he only saves the world 2 times


Sonic is a boy, yes! He is male!
Mario is a man, yes! He is male!

I fail to see the point. - mattstat716

55 Sonic games have morals

I'm bet Sonic have many quotes and morals.This game doesn't like Mario.
Mario doesn't have any sense. People that fans with Mario is a dumbhead.

...Since when? - mattstat716

IDGAF about morals in T.V. nor videogames. I only like morals of books

56 Sonic is taller than Mario

If Mario is older than Sonic, Mario's too old to save Peach.

Sonic is 3"3 and 77 pounds. (Or so I've been told) how the shell can a plumber be shorter then that... 0-0 lol

Yes! But, Mario is older than Sonic.

Smash: Relatively same size. - mattstat716

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57 Starlight Zone
58 No third Mario brother (there could be a Mario, Luigi & Guido)

How does that make sonic better sonic has no siblings tell you what I win because I have 4 siblings

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59 Weak females are less frequent

Cream not in smash either. Mario when they do have femal characters they're useless except Rosalina. Daisy just a clone, useless!

Chris from Sonic X, "Everyone is trying so hard to fight at some point. Even Cream and Cheese had fought and that was not something easy to do. Me, I may as well just admit it. I am totally useless."

Here's what I say to Nintendo and Sega. Nintendo, take Peach out of Super Smash Bros Melee, Brawl, 4 and any future Smash game! Sega, convince Nintendo to make Amy in SSB5 and not Peach or at least be dlc in 4

Sonic Adventure Amy = Running away from the robot that you could easily destroy with a hammer.
Riight. - mattstat716

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60 Sonic is more productive than Mario

You have a point, dude!

That,s so true!

Who made this list?! - mattstat716

Whoever did this list really is a dumbass. - PaperMarioFan

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