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61 All the levels from Sonic 2 (especially Casino Night Zone) V 1 Comment
62 Sonic's first games are better than Mario's.

No, mario world is definitely better than sonic 1 reason in sonic 1 all you half to do it click right and press jump, in mario world you have a jump, spin jump, fireballs, and even close up combat (cape feather) I don't know why people like sonic 2 sorry sonic fans I'm gonna admit it, I don't like sonic 2, some of the level designs are boring, and your like, "but mario always have grasslands and sonic has better levels" have you played mario 3 it has other level design, and " well sonic 2 has super sonic" yeah ya know why I hate it, 1 it goes of when you jump, why can't I just press jump twice, 2 he is too fast, your probobly like, "whats so bad about that, well ever played wing fortress zone with super sonic? , 3 it's a super saiyan rip off, 4 is it even worth it? , also the ending in mario world is better than sonic 1 reason, mario world ending has awesome music, sonic's is just a remix of other stages, also we can see all types of enemies at the end, sonic's ending screen is just ...more

Yes. The first game, Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) was the first Sonic games.
It was simple, fun, and it made sense.

Not to spoil anything, but Mario's first games are more than 5 years older than Sonic's.

Mario Bros is better than Sonic 1.
Sonic 2 is better than Mario 2.
Sonic 3 & Knuckles is better than Mario 3... in my opinion.
So yeah. - mattstat716

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63 Rouge is better than Waluigi V 2 Comments
64 Knuckles in Sonic 2
65 Shadouge is better than Luaisy

Shadow and Rouge are a creative couple. Luigi and Daisy are an unfair couple.

Shadouge isn't fanon. Have you even played the later Sonic games? They interact many times toward each other and Rouge flirts with him for god's sake.

Yeah no shadouge sucks

Well... I don't care for Shadouge because you just put a horrible thought into my brain, but I guess Luaisy makes sense. I mean, it sounds more like they're on a date rather than... egh. - mattstat716

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66 Sonic is for older audiences

Modern Sonic has some moments where it gets kind of dark and realistic at the same time. Mario, however has so many games based around this Princess that is a liar that it's no wonder why people say it's for kids. You know, while we have a mutant fox, and other weird animals, I think that it's more likely that we would live with animals in harmony rather than teach kids to kill some plant life just because they are depicted to be evil.

What are you on? LSD? Lost World has kids jokes in it... - mattstat716

Lol are you kidding me? 10 year olds even like it!

That's Not True - VideoGamefan5

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67 SonAlly is way better than Mareach

Sonic games have no love relationships, whatsoever because they would suck if Sonic is paired up with any female characters. Although I will say this. Sonic is not gay and he will never never be one.

Both are stupid. - mattstat716

Even though Sally hasn't shown up in a game (which sucks) that is SO true! :o

SonAmy is better than Mareach AND Sonally.

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68 Wave the Swallow is better than Iggy "Hip" Koopa V 1 Comment
69 Princess Peach is very annoying

Hi, my name is Classic Sonic. At least, that's what you SEGA freaks called me. No offense to my fans. However, I treat anyone as offensive only when they say good things about that witch. Because she deserves a worse punishment than Luigi and I think that fatso should've just either watch YouTube to find out why she is annoying, or just make sure to tell Bowser to kill her off and not do anything... inappropriate. Well, I'll see you soon in the next game that comes out. By ME!

Yes. She always gets kidnapped and Mario always shows up in the wrong castle.

Actually, I have some revisions to the post below. I was gonna say that I think that the whole thing was an act to really get PeachXBowser together. But sometimes, it gets to the point where we wanted to have Mario to come clean about this whole play just to see the ending. If so, then we would be very glad and I could finally deal with him better. But other than that, I still think that I am better than him. This is weird coming from Classic Sonic.

Toad's worse. - mattstat716

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70 Mario is mean to Yoshi in Super Mario World

Even if you say that it was staged, it still was a pretty mean thing to do in the play like this. I personally think that all he has done for himself was make the name Mario associated with sadistic. This is Classic Sonic, saying that just because I eat chili dogs doesn't mean that I eat all kinds of animals.

I remember that mean glitch that yoshi killed baby Mario in yoshi island

It was real

Why, Mario, why? Right after everything Yoshi did just for you? Why?



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71 Sonic influenced gaming companies in the 1990s to make animal mascots with different attitudes

And Mario Bros saved the Gaming Industry. - mattstat716

We're COMPARING, not just saying stuff that Sonic does. - PaperMarioFan

Yeah and Mario only revolutionised gaming.
Wow giving these comebacks feels great - Justinianism101

72 Sonic has a pretty impressive comic strip series with Archie.

It's been running since 1992. 23 years! I only recently started reading them, and I think they're pretty good. But that's just my opinion...

How does that make it better?
We're talking about the video games, not the comics!
Plus Mario doesn't even have any comics so it doesn't count! - PaperMarioFan

73 Better Couples

No way, because then he would've break up with her if he found out that she was cheating on him. No, he is not to be trusted unless we see some characters admitting that he has it staged. THE END!

What the hell is a good couple?!

Romance is stupid in those type of games. Sonic will probably not be married at all while Mario is even more of a dummy than Ninfandoys ever realized. Because of the princess that is so DUMB DUMB

There are no canon Sonic couples, thus fans only ship whatever the heck they want.

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74 Silver is better than Rosalina

A hedgehog with telekinesis hat say "its no use" is better than a princess that can stop time and destroy the universe, really, of course you would put that here

Silver Have cooler Powers than that stupid princess

okay? - ParkerFang

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1. Sonic has a personality
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1. Sonic saves animals, Mario KILLS animals
2. Amy Rose is better than Princess Peach
3. Blue is better than red
1. Sonic characters are actually fun
2. Sonic fights more villains than Mario
3. Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog is way better than The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3



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