Top Ten Best Reasons Why Sonic Unleashed Is Great On the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and Not On the Wii and the PlayStation 2

After Sonic '06, Sonic was getting good and bad at the same time. But Sonic Unleashed was fun on the 360/Ps3 but not on the Wii.

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The Graphics

They could be good on the wii but, sonic team used ps3 and Xbox 360 graphics

Sonic Unleashed graphics are amazing on the X Box 360 but the Wii version are good too. - Chaotixhero

Sonic Unleashed still is the best looking Sonic game, even considering Sonic Forces.

These graphics are like FEEAKIN PIXAR!

Sonic Is Faster

Sonic is way more faster on the 360. Sonic is truly the fastest hedgehog alive. But on the Wii version is slower. - Chaotixhero

Due to being able to just hold down the boost, Sonic can go a ton faster.

That's right, Chaotixhero. Thanks for the opinion.

The Hub Worlds

I like the hub worlds in Xbox 360 and ps3

I agree with this completely. The hub worlds alone made the PS3/360 versions far better in my opinion. - SonicFan4Life

More Stages

The 360/Ps3 version have more stages then the Wii version. - Chaotixhero

Sonic the Werehog Have More Combos

And he dose not control like on ice

The werehog gets WSY TOO MUCH Shen the adventure titles already had the same problem!

Sonic Can Boost Longer

And is not broken up into pecies

You Can Upgrade Both Sonics
It's Not Mission Based
It's More Fun
You Can Get Music and Videos Faster

On the Wii/PS2 version, you have to find them everywhere but on the 360/Ps3 version, you can find and buy them. - Chaotixhero

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Yes - Minebaggel

The Wii is Just Lazy

Sega would of done better with the Wii. They should just import the Xbox 360 or PS3 game instead but now it... Wait, was the Xbox 360 and PS3 version was before or after the Wii?

Voice Acting

More specifically, there's more dialogue during the gameplay, such as Dr. Eggman talking more in his Egg Beetle boss fight with Sonic. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This game was without a doubt the best voice work Griffin gave!

Isn't the voice acting the same? - SonicFan4Life

Shorter Stages

If you play on the PS2 and Wii version, night stages with Sonic the werehog are 30 minutes. On the 360 and PS3 version are only like, 12 minutes or something.

Shorter Night Stages

I think the proper way to say this is not as much night stages.

As frustrating as they are, the night levels are MUCH better on PS3.

On the PS2 or the Wii version, the Sonic Unleashed night stages are 30 minutes. On the 360 or the PS3 version, the night stages are like, 12 minutes or something.

Well, that depends on how long it takes for someone to play it. Maybe, on average, it's 12 minutes, but for me, it takes 25 minutes to complete a night stage. And to this day, I haven't completed a single stage without dying. - ladybug375

The night stages are tedious. I enjoyed the combat segments of the nighttime stages, but I ahted the platforming! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Higher Definition

Since the Wii is weaker, like the Ps2, Sonic Unleashed is not HD like the Ps3 and X360, giving it a sort of outdated look.

Better Controls
Less Tutorials
Controls aren't gimmicky

The Wii controls are very gimmicky, unlike the more natural PS3 ones.

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