Top 10 Reasons Why Sonic X Is Awful

This cartoon... it is even worse than Dora the Explorer, Sonic Underground and all other cartoons. It was a very big disgrace to the whole Sonic franchise. Why is it even named Sonic X anyways? It's the top 1 worst cartoon since release.

P.S. This is not a reference to the Japanese version, which is an okay show despite horrible stereotypes.
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1 The 4Kidz voice acting

They've should've never changed the script, it's like 4kids wanted to have the most obnoxious voices ever, oh and damn there is a lot of awful jokes, also why did the dub remove certain songs from several episodes?! They've also managed to make Chris even worse...

Sonic the Hedgehog sounds like a male version of Princess Daisy of Sarasa Land, Miles "Tails" Prower sounds like a girl, Amy Rose has a high, over-aggressive voice, Knuckles the Echidna sounds like Raphael from TMNT, Rouge the Bat sounds like a pedophile with a southern accent, Chris Thorndyke always whines for Sonic the Hedgehog, Cream the Rabbit has a voice that is similar to Princess Peach's voice, etc... It's all so annoying and miscast! And the announcers on which episode is next in the outro and etc... The Japanese voice acting is decent in Sonic X.

Amy's voice is the only one I can tolerate, the rest are annoying, especially Cream's... unfortunately this does not save Amy from her jerkass attitude.

I mainly hate how they completely trashed all of the sonic adventure series's awesome stories!

When I found out that the Japanese version of Sonic X was longer than the English version.

2 All the characters and locations of this show

All the other characters in Sonic X do not piss me off, but Chris and Cosmo just do. Now Chris, Chris was pretty awful. I am pretty sure that if you add up all the characters' screen time, Chris would have the most. Hell, in some episodes Chris was in it more than Sonic! Somehow, they'd always force Chris into the plot. Now Cosmo, god do I hate her. Tails is my favorite Sonic character and I'm major fan of him, but I've never liked Cosmo. I guess I just don't like it when companies ship Tails with another character. They've been doing that kinda a lot lately with Sonic cartoons.

Amy Rose is so miscast, just by getting angry almost every time even if it is not necessary (I wish I had a Piko-Piko Hammer so I could bash her to bits with all my rage)... and Scratchpad is making things worse by saying 'Peach as Amy". What the hell?! Imagine Princess Peach in sonic X. Luigi was in Sonic X for real. Amy Rose would bash Super Luigi with a Piko Piko Hammer. Also, Scratchpad said "Luigi as Knuckles". Scratchpad, you are so dishonest. And this has to take place in Vancouver, British Columbia. And don't get me started on this show's humans, especially Chris Thorndyke! He is even more annoying than Amy Rose.

I hated the original sonic x characters aside form decoy, bocoe, bokkun and the metered and I hoped that I just used the correct spellings for their names!

The locations aren't bad, and the only character I find annoying is Chris.

3 The 4Kidz intro & outro songs

The background music sounds like crap, but the intro and outro sounds great. Same with 4Kids. Speaking of 4Kids, why is it that the theme songs for the dubbed anime’s sound awesome, but the background music during episodes are just bad in my opinion?

At least we got a bunch of YTP's? Oh wait, that's no good! But in all seriousness, yeah they are pretty stupid.

Japanese and American ones are good, European version sucks.

Eh you get use to the intro after a while

4 Amy Rose ruined it

Amy Rose deserves to be murdered (big time) for accusing a much better, more skillful character for doing what she forced him to do. I can't believe this is why Amy Rose is one of the higher-rated Sonic characters.

Why? Ok, so maybe there was that annoying episode where she chased Sonic all day and just screamed all the time, but GIVE HER BREAK THAT WAS ONE EPISODE! Or 2, or maybe 3, you know now that I think about it... Yeah she did ruin it a bit...

They made her character into an obsessive baby freak. No wonder Sonic can't stand being near her.

I don't really agree in fact they got Amy better in this show than any of the games

5 Chris Thorndyke Chris Thorndyke is a fictional character and the main human protagonist of the Anime series based on the Sonic the Hedgehog series created by Sega, Sonic X.

Chris is the worst human character of this show.

Bad in the first two seasons. Matured in season 3

I want o punch him in the face!

He's so annoying.

6 The 4Kidz episodes all suck

There's nothing decent about this show. Also, all the Sonic animals that are older than Chris Thorndyke shall be taller than him.

I loved The Cosomo Conspiracy. They have some good episode sin my opinion!

It has some bad episodes, but also some good ones.

Honestly the whole series is a wattpad fanfic of what happens when sonic visits some craze obsessed fan's world

7 How Shadow is portrayed

Thank you! Someone else who dislikes how Shadow was portrayed in Sonic X. They missed the mark with him. He was totally out of character. And don't get me started on the Molly episode. Everything about it was just wrong! Another, even more unnecessary Maria clone. Man, I hated that episode.

Shadow is at his best, actually!

Shadow's still good.

Yeah! And his voice. He doesn't sound ANYTHING like actual Shadow. His voice is just... generic.

8 It's Modern Sonic, not Classic Sonic

All mainstream Classic Sonic games get a 9.0 at the lowest and 9.5 at the highest. Most spin-off Classic Sonic games gets 6.0-8.5 score, however. Dreamcast Sonic games get a 2.0 score.

I really don't care about that. At least it's not sonic boom, right? Seriously, those two games are my two least favorite sonic the hedgehog games of all time!

Eventhough I like classic sonic, I like modern sonic more

A Classic fan added this

9 Sonic is hardly in it even though he's the main leading protagonist, and the show is named after him.

That annoys me sooooo much. Some episodes he’s in it more often but like most of them ITS LIKE SHADOW TELEPORTED HIM TO SPACE! Or he took a rabbits place and decided to jump inside a hat for once XD! But still It's SO ANNOYING! LIKE COME ON DUDE WHERE ARE U?! YOUR THE BEST SO BE HERE!

Chris gets the most screen time, which after the first episode he just uses for whining. Might as well be called Chris X.

They mainly have the camera on Chris Throndyke

10 All the characters' relationships with each other.

Sonic X portrays Sonic to be very stupid - even more ignorant than Amy Rose AND Knuckles the Echidna. This is Sonic the Hedgehog's worst moment besides the Sonic X education game and Sonic X Archie Comics. Pac-Man should be on archie Comics, not Sonic the Hedgehog! And why are there no Archie Nintendo comics? It's because Nintendo said no to Archie Comics! SERIOUSLY?! Princess Daisy of Sarasa Land and Rosalina who have great designs would have awesome Archie Comics series! So would Pac-Man! Not Sonic the Hedgehog, nor Mega Man! What the hell?! Classic Sonic Archie Comics were decent, though. But oh no, Archie Comics is sold everywhere in Canada, and don't get me started on Betty & Veronica! They do not even need to exist!

Tails cares for Cosmo
My Thoughts sonic Cares more for shadow than Amy But Less for Tails

Sonic has a more horrible relationship with other characters in Sonic Boom.

What's wrong with relationships?

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11 It's boring

They completely trashed the sonic adventure stories and sonic adventure 2 stories by forcing Christopher thorndyke into the plots of both of them and having him steal the other characters accomplishments that they accomplished and achieved and accomplished in the sonic adventure series games sonic adventure and sonic adventuren2!

Not really, in my opinion.

12 Sonic is lazy all the time

I wish he would act lazy very time he seems Sam Speed or should I say Sam Slug.

13 Amy Rose accused Sonic the Hedgehog for winning her heart, which she forced him to do
14 Extremely overrated

This show got an extremely average response from the whole population overall. I do not see anything decent about this show except for the original Japanese/French version of Sonic X.

Actually a lot of people actually seem to actually dislike the show. I would personally gibe this show a mixed review.

Sonic Boom is worse!

Boom and SatAM are better

15 It's 2D, not 3D!

Do we really need the exclamation point? Its anime, anime is handdrawn. This is like sOng that all anime and other kinds of cartoons suck.

Were they decided to produce a 3D anime? This don't exist!

I think it would look pretty bad if it was 3D back in 2004

16 How it completely differs from the older Sonic cartoons

" So it mostly talks about Ships, Sad theories, Their VOICES are awful, and Why is it even Called Sonic X If they're gonna add ships Or new characters like Cosmo the stupidhead. And how is it Sonic if there are humans in the show that take it over. Man, that show was a waste of time and I hope the people who made it Will Regret their life.

17 They treat Knuckles and Rouge as a couple rather than rivals

Knuckles is Rouge's arch-rival, not Amy Rose! Gand, this is why Sonic Battle is even worse than Superman 64!

At least they didn't get married, thankfully.

Ray William Johnson as Knuckles
Tina Fey (in Russian accent) as Rouge

Cool Maker Studios cast, eh, HeavyDonkeyKong?


18 Horrible stereotypes

Like the fat cop police man.

19 The 4Kidz Dub

Didn't tails tell Cosmo that he loves her int he orogonal Japanese version? Why did the English version edit that out? And/or replace that? Out? What is up with that?

I obviously put this on the list. Technically, I find sonic X to be hateable. At the same time, I want to expose my strong opinion towards Sonci X.

20 Sonic X Archie Comics

You respect many opinions, Heavy.

You really seem to hate this Archie comics thingy...

Josie & the Pussycats are the worst comic strips ever, and got even worse when it went to manga style!

21 It's graphics

Well, this is anime, and the animation is actually okay in my opinion!

its an anime not a game

22 Barely any decent quote in the English dub

I don't hate sonic x, but I don't like it either more do I love it in my opinion! Sonic x is okay on my opinion! Positive stuff include some interesting stories and music but negative stuff includes Chris thorndyke Amy rose and how sonic and shadow are usually the only ones who accomplish anything and when they get help they stillbget all of the credit!

UMMM "ARE YOU CRAZY" is a really good line.

23 Knuckles being the butt of the jokes.

Knuckles disagrees with the group on something dangerous or risky, they taunt him, force him into agreeing, and then it's all sunshine and rainbows... not even funny.

24 The addition of Cosmo

This is a terrible character. I was glad when Tails killed her.

Cosmo is the best character

25 Overdosing on pathetic, teen-themed heavy metal music
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