Top Ten Reasons Why Sony PlayStation Is Better Than Microsoft Xbox


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1 PlayStation has better consoles

PlayStation is better because I'm a PlayStation household in someone brings an Xbox in my house I will smash

Not really I got a ps4 pro for my birthday and two months later it breaks by turning on for 1 second then turns off - XxwileyxX38


It's better I played all of them
Microsoft is good and so is PlayStation in my opinion PlayStation is better

We should really be talking about how suck Nintendo is - speed

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2 PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One

PS4 is clearly superior lads


Playstation all the way

PlayStation all the way

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3 PlayStation 3 vs. Xbox 360

Well xbox 360 beats ps3. Maybe ps4 beats xb1 but xbox 360 beats ps3.

Xbox 360>ps3
Xbox one<ps4 - DarkXide99

4 PlayStation consoles do not get heated up

It is true me SteVe

Any console can get heated up if you play it too long. The white Xbox 360, sure. But The black one, no.

Any console will heat up if played long enough, and I've never had trouble with my Xbox. - Skullkid755

This is true it doesn't - speed

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5 PlayStation has a blue ray disc

So what?! Video game consoles are for games anyways, not movies! And you could always use Netflix or YouTube on Xbox.

Whenever I point this out to people, this just tell me it's "irrelevant." - IronSabbathPriest

Blue ray makes ps good because no one wants to waste money buying a dvd player - speed

No wonder Xbox suck.They used HD DVD

6 Xbox copies PlayStation

More like playstation and xbox are coping nintendo - bjinmaro64

Price of something doesn't determine the quality.

How? They're called Multiplatform games, not ripoffs. Multiplatform games are games that are released on multiple systems, not just one.

Well not excactly. Activision selles call of duty games to both of them, for example. The only games that are exlusives on playstation4 are those who they maded themselves. - DarkXide99

7 PlayStation is older than Xbox

Using this logic, virtual boy is better than ps4 because it's older than ps4

This is not a list for nintendo players

Nintendo is older than PlayStation!

PlayStation has better franchises.

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8 PlayStation has more iconic games

Oh so halo, gears of war, and some classic Nintendo games (bomberman for example) aren't as iconic as the last of us, etc.

I agree with this. But I still prefer Microsoft, cause, Xbox 360 made me a hardcore gamer and I just love windows 10. - Skullkid755

Shadowof the colossus enough said

True - speed

9 PlayStation is cheaper than Xbox

PlayStation Quality is better. Many of the Xbox 360 after release is broken. Xbox one has lower specs

Price doesn't determine the quality.

Remember when the ps3 launched at $700 - ikerevievs


10 PlayStation has better exclusive titles than XBox

True like the Last of us

not at all

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11 Xbox is more aimed for mature players while PlayStation is aimed for everyone

That's not true, they have mostly M rated games on playstaion. - myusernameisthis

This does not make sense they also make everyone games for xbox too

Why does PS4 have Call of Duty then? - bjinmaro64

12 Playstation 4 Controller is Awesome

Na... Not really... Like the touch screen is not really used for touch, more for a main button. And the "share" button is pretty useless if you're not one of those who share every time they play. - DarkXide99

Best Controller PS4

13 Free online gameplay

What no, you have to pay to play online like xbox with the PlayStation card.

14 Rechargeable controller

Yes you can recharge the batteries on a xbox controller...but come on we all know that's way too extra when you could just get a regular cord charger. Also the chargers are less expensive compared to an xbox controller.

15 Playstation DualShock controllers have a built in headphone jack

So does the xb1s controller, look it up.

16 PlayStation is more organized

Most indubitably

The best home screen definitely goes to the PS3. God damn do I love that screen, so peaceful, brings serenity right before killing some zombie bitches. - PROblemGamer

17 Xbox controllers are complicated

There both the same just one with letters one with shapes - speed

Neither are complicated. - Skullkid755

No they aren't. They just swap the places of the D-

18 PlayStation is what we all grew up with

I played xbox for a while but I started my gaming career playing black ops 1 when I was 4 on my dads ps3 and when I saw the ps4 I switched back and never looked back.

19 Xbox is better than Playstation

Xbox has better graphics and its more popular.If u ask people more will say Microsoft than Sony cause Microsoft and Xbox are more popular

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