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1 They think cancer is funny

It wasn't making fun of cancer. The point of the episode was that there could be a really important reason why something must happen, but people cheer for the opposite when they don't know the situation of the other.

In the episode Stanley's Cup, the ending shows it all. Worst episode with a horrible ending. - Chaotixhero

Never seen the episode but I am watching the seasons in order and soon I may get to it I'm not excited but I want to see for myself - OneWayStreet

It wasn't making fun of cancer, it was teaching a lesson. But OP is so dumb and close minded that they think it's making fun of it - venomouskillingmachine

They are cancer

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2 Racism

Okay, I'm gonna laugh at this list. You know why? It makes me laugh because it's stupidly funny. Obviously you don't know the true meaning of South Park. It's funny to watch South Park haters not get the point of the show. - MontyPython

@MontyPython: It's South Park's goal, it's supposed to offend everyone in a funny way. Whoever made this list obviously loves Family Guy.

First of all, that's exactly what Monty said, and second of all, Family Guy is funny too. - RalphBob

That's one of the best parts of the show!

You think people should make racism jokes? you guys are either teenagers or immature adults.

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3 They made fun of Jesus

They make fun of everyone.

What if their not Christian... - Nateawesomeness

This is just wrong

Oh come on, Jesus is one of the coolest characters in SP.

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4 Gross outs

Go watch Sanjay he Craig and you will actually see gross outs - Nateawesomeness

If you haven't watch the show and wanna try it out, get use to some gross out. - Chaotixhero

5 Eric Cartman as a character

He's funny sure but he really is kinda evil. He fed a bully chilli with his own parents body parts in it, he dressed up as Hitler of all people, and much worst. - Chaotixhero

Cartman being flat out evil is HILARIOUS! Sure, sometimes it can be just a tad too far (like in Scott Tenorman Must Die), but he's by far one of the best characters in the show! He's perfect comic relief and sometimes a great antagonist. My all-time favorite moment of his was in The Passion of the Jew where he dressed as Hitler and led a horde of South Park citizens to a rally against Jews, while the civilians didn't know what they were getting into. Comedy gold! - Turkeyasylum

I know South Park is SUPPOSED to offend everybody, but Cartman seems to be the main tool for that more than any other character, thus getting the most glory, good character or evil. What if all the main characters had an equal share in that? Then how popular would Cartman be?

What? Eric Cartman is the main reason why the show is funny. People are too sensitive.

People are not too sensitive, they just don't like the show.

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6 They made fun of Family Guy

At this point now, Family Guy deserves it because they made an episode about Brian giving Stewie herpes.

Once again, Family Guy tries to be the funniest show but South Park is. - Hey1tsme

This is the only good thing about South Park. Family Guy is one of the worst shows ever! - RiverClanRocks

Family Guy a dumbed down Simpsons. Peter a fatter stupider Homer.

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7 It's just plain boring

Tried to watch the episodes. I better consider suicide

Boring? Ha! It's far worse than boring.

Oh he'll nahhh

It’s extremely boring. I tried watching an episode once, worst decision I ever made.

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8 Terrible songs

I acutely kind of enjoy them - Nateawesomeness

*Oscar-winning, grammy nominated, songs - venomouskillingmachine

Oscar-nominated songs. - BeatlesFan1964

Really Mr Hanky was one of the stupidest songs of the 90s.

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9 Nudity

The newest episode was seriously messed up. - BeatlesFan1964

10 Disturbing moments

It's an adult show for crying out loud - Nateawesomeness

Who gives a rat's ass if it's disturbing?

I cannot believe 11 year olds are watching this. This is 18+

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11 The "harmless" forest animals

That was one of the most classic episodes in South Park history.. I don't consider this one bad whatsoever..

Oh come on! That's one of my favorite episodes.. I watch it every Christmas.

Not a good reason - Nateawesomeness

Woodland Critter Christmas is one of the best episodes. - BeatlesFan1964

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12 Sexism

They are just joking - Nateawesomeness

Doesn't mean sexist jokes are funny. Get off this list. Not every single person on the planet likes South Park.

13 They hate Canada

You know something? I'm tired of all these "Canada is better than USA" comments! Yes, Canada has free health care and other great things but the USA has good things too. Why don't you look up the pros and cons of the USA and the pros and cons of Canada. You'll realize that USA has it's pros and cons but so does Canada. No country is perfect.

That's good because people in canada think their country is the best country ever when it's not.

Yeah, I really hate how they make fun of Canada. - Maddox121

Sorry never been to United States or Canada but a really sexy magician was born in Canada. He went on Britains Got Talent forgot what year though.

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14 Over reliance on swearing
15 Too offensive

We all have our health problems but that's what makes South Park funny! Because sometimes you gotta enjoy and laugh about yourself once in a while and embrace it.

Can someone tell me why their goal was to make a show that can offend everyone in every possible way? Just asking.

For hypersensitive people it is - Nateawesomeness

That is the point

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16 Too much sexual reference
17 It's irrelevant
18 The people who watch, quote it endlessly and still think everybody likes it

That's it skew this web page I'm going to my home browser

Because most people DO like it - Nateawesomeness

19 Not funny
20 It does not empower individuals such a children

Children should not watch this it is a very bad show. It's not even funny

Sorry back in the 90s when it first aired kids always watched it because the main characters are kids. I'm surprised a show based on just swearing and Kenny killed in every episode aired for more than one season.

21 "Oh my god they killed Kenny, you bastard" is super annoying

Your annoying :P

So are you.

22 Bad animation

No I like the animation better than squidbillies animation

23 They made fun of autism and aspergers

I have autism, and I thought that episode was great - JamesBourne

24 They called Ozzy Osbourne a "bastard"

Thanks a lot, KYLE. but I still like the show.

25 They said Canada is not even a real country
26 They act like stupid growtopians from growtopia


27 Too much swearing

At first when I watched it when it came on television in the 90s in the UK, I probably thought, cartoon about little boys, then the swearing who could make a show like this? Nutters, no offense ok.

28 It's immature
29 Too Many Side Characters
30 They offended Muslims
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