Top Ten Reasons Why South Park Is Better Than Dora the Explorer


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1 Eric Cartman is Nicer to His Mom

This item, is invalid... - nintendofan126

This item is invalid. - EpicJake

Yes, he's nice to his mom, but what about EVERYONE ELSE he meets?

I like South Park better but Eric Cartman isn't nice to anyone else - venomouskillingmachine

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2 South Park is Funnier
3 "You Killed Kenny"

What is that comparison (a baby show with an adult show)? - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

South Park is meant for adults but kids mostly watch it like people in my school - venomouskillingmachine

One of the best quotes - Nateawesomeness

4 More People Watch South Park
5 Dora's Meaner Than Eric Cartman

Dora is deaf! She tells people to shout backpack, then she says "LOUDER! " ARE YOU KIDDING ME DORA - AlecS172

Dora makes Cartman look like an angel

6 People Actually Watch South Park
7 Dora Is Annoying
8 South Park Has Better Animation

What? Mr Hanky?

9 Dora Is One of the Lamest Shows
10 Eric Doesn't Have to Sing to Be Likable

You mean: "Eric doesn't have to stop singing to have people like him"?

Yep I like wed

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11 South Park is for a Mature Audience, Dora is for Toddlers and Babies

So what little kid shows are awesome there better reasons

12 The Boys Learn Lessons, Dora Doesn't
13 Cartman Is Awesome, Dora Is Lame
14 South Park Has Fans, Dora Doesn't
15 South Park Episodes Make Less Sense Than Dora and Is Still Funny
16 South Park Has Likable Characters
17 Stan is Cute Dora is Not
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