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1 It Gets Dark Humor Right

Family Guy sucks! - Kenny_McCormick

Family Guy is a great ANIMATED show in terms of the strides it makes in it's production, designs, musical numbers etc it's an all rounder. South Park is better T.V. show because it is in my view the only show in television that goes there. There is no limit. If they want to do a joke on terrorism, incest, celebrity heck even suicide they'll do it. There is no filter and why we may not always like it the fact that a show has the guts to unabashedly call out modern culture, politics etc and make fun of it some cases more light heartedly and appreciatively than others, or sometimes actively criticise but above all it gets people talking. Whether in shock, disgust, or sometimes even serious conversation about what the heck is wrong with the world we are in today, it still inspires something in people. Family Guy is entertainment.

Yes - JazzyJulie

Neither do.

2 Eric Cartman Eric Cartman Eric Theodore Cartman is one of the main characters in the animated television series South Park, created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker, and voiced by Trey Parker.

I love it how eric cartman is a factor on his own

Family guy is better

Eric Cartman is the coolest fat guy on the street, way better than peter

Eric Cartman is gold! He's so funny. I don't like him as a person. At least he's not that ass Peter Griffin

3 Family Guy Tries To Hard To Be Funny

Family Guy just does dumb gags that don't even have anything to do with the plot of the story. South Park on the other hand is clever, everything makes sense and it doesn't use cheap jokes. - Kenny_McCormick

Watch Magic the joke is- Roosters playing cards but Randy Marsh's "cock magic" in the middle

I don't watch South Park much but I love family guy - RockStarr

The Simpsons tried to be funny, and it was.
South Park tried to be funny, and it was.
Family Guy just tried to be the most inappropriate show out there and still is South Park more inappropriate.

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4 South Park Has Better Characters

Despite how South Park is a pretty inappropriate show just like Family Guy, the characters from South Park have more depth in personality. Unlike how the characters personalities from Family Guy are more negative and have limited redeeming qualities to them.

Not really. in my opinion Stewie Griffin is better than all South Park characters - venomouskillingmachine

Cartman, Butters, Kenny, and pretty much everyone else on the show is original and unique in their own way. - Turkeyasylum


5 South Park is Clever, Family Guy is Not.

Family Guy used to have class to their humour. The new writers have killed the inappropriate yet classic vibe the show had

Peter griffin being a terrible father is just done so wrong, kinda gross actually.

South Park has things that anybody who isn't completely uptight can laugh at, because even though the show makes fun of everything, the jokes relate to real life and tend to have messages. Family guy also has things that can be considered comical, but there is no actual structure or basis to the jokes in the show, just random stuff to get a laugh or two.

True. South Park makes dedication to other shows and has good morals and messages. Family Guy doesn't.

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6 Better animation

The great animation makes all the characters' faces look cute (well mostly the younger kids).

I do agree. It looks like cutouts but, at least it's not Family Guy's ugly faces.

I think the characters in South Park look cute, even though it's not supposed to be. Family Guy animation is ugly and weird. - Popsicles

South Parks animation looks like it's budget's been cut - Wehraboo29

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7 Family Guy's Jokes Are Not TImed As Well As South Park's

Family Guy jokes go on for a PAINFULLY long time. Men grunting with newspapers for 3 minutes? Really? South Park is better

You do have a point with this. I like Family Guy, but you do have a point. - RalphBob

Yea they do go randomly but I like it sometimes - OneWayStreet

8 Peter Griffin is Way too Dumb

Peter is actually funny. Without him, it would suck, but yeah I agree that he's dumb. - Kenny_McCormick


This makes him funny. I actually like Family Guy more. - Therandom

That is what makes him funny

9 South Park's Catchphrases Are Funnier

Screw you guys, I'm going home! - Kenny_McCormick

Oh my God! Killed Kenny! You Bastards! is funnier than giggity giggity goo.

Oh my god! They killed Kenny! You bastards!

Does Family Guy even have a catchphrase (I like both shows but I like South Park more)

10 Stan and Kyle is the Best Friendship on ANY Adult Cartoon

Definitely One Of The Best - JPK

This wrong Milhouse and bart and brian and Stewie are more famous

They are a good friendship but I think the Brian and Stewie is really famous - OneWayStreet

Stan and Kyle has a true friendship.

True brian and steiwe are sometimes best friends but stan and kyle are true friends

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11 South Park Has Story

South Park is way better

12 It's Funnier

That's what this whole list is about, dumbass.

True true

13 Family Guy played Second Fiddle to The Simpsons on Fox in the ratings for 5 seasons
14 South Park Has a Great Plot with a Mix of Humor About Today's Society


15 South Park Never Played Second Fiddle In Ratings to Anyone on Comedy Central

Futurama got pretty close though. - RalphBob

16 Family Guy Tries to be Politically Correct Way too Much

Politically correct does not mean, fear of let's say making fun of someone who is down syndrome or so.. It means being correct with the political climate. It is an old Communist term, if someone was politically correct, they were in line with what the government thought, if they weren't politically correct, then they were not in line with government, and needed to be corrected. Family Guy is politically correct, because they tend to MOSTLY trash Republicans, or anything seen as "Conservative"- Whereas on South Park, they will hilariously, roast EVERYBODY- and unlike with Family Guy's political humor/roasting, the South Park stuff is funnier, because it's so true.

The creator of Family Guy is quite the leftist, so he will make fun of the right A LOT.. The creators of South Park, are Libertarians, and cannot stand the right or the left- which is why their political stuff is way funnier, because they aren't politically correct.

No... Not really... At all...

No they don't. But South Park is clever. - BeatlesFan1964

This is not a valid argument. - RalphBob

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17 South Park Has a Movie

Actually, Family Guy did get a movie, but it was released direct-to-video and was centred on Stewie (however, Stewie if my favourite Family Guy character)

Damn right they do. - BeatlesFan1964

Family guy should have a movie - OneWayStreet

No way Jose! Family Guy is very boring and it would be an hour and a half of people wasting their time. - roflcash4

Although the South Park movie was amazing, family guy dosnt need a film to be good

18 Family guy is mostly shock value, while South Park is more satire

Family guy is rather satirical - Wehraboo29

19 More Episodes and Seasons

South Park has never been cancelled it is more popular.
They have even made songs that got in the charts in the 90s Chocolate Salty Balls and at Christmas Mr Hanky.
Video games since the 90s.

Maybe because it's been out longer? - EpicHorrorMaster

Also, South Park has yet to be cancelled. Family Guy however, has been cancelled twice. South Park has always brought it's A Game where as Family Guy should have died out after Season 3. - Eloy89

20 Family guy is random south park isn't

And not random in a funny way. - 3DG20

21 South Park Was Made First

This is fact, but it proves literally nothing. - RalphBob

I don't think that's a reason South Park's better... but I still like it more than Family Guy


I prefer “South Park” by a mile, but this doesn’t make it better. - 3DG20

22 South Park Doesn't Have Stupid Cutaway Gags

Yup I hate those cut aways - JazzyJulie

I agree, they're annoying! - Fireboy

23 It has better songs
24 No Annoying Bleeping Sound

Hulu has no bleep I love it - JazzyJulie

You mean for swears? South Park has that too.

South Park has it too. Just watch 201. - Popsicles

Yea because it makes it better with no BLEEEP sounds! - OneWayStreet

25 South Park is On More

Actually Family Guy is on Fox, TBS, Adult Swim, and a lot of CW stations while South Park is only on Comedy Central and MTV. But I love South Park more.

26 Better animals

Brian may a jerk, but he is nothing compared to the sadistic and disturbing monsters that are the Woodland Critters. (Not saying they're bad. They actually are disturbing... and that makes them really memorable South Park villains) - MorganDunn

Cartman's cat is way better than Brian. The cat isn't a dick.

Mr. Kitty is the best. - Popsicles

Honestly, That rooster in W.T.F was better than all the animal jokes in Family Guy

27 South Park is Original, Family Guy Isn't

What's more original a show about cussing fourth graders or a show about a dysfunctional family? Obviously the show about cussing fourth graders is far more original. Honestly Family Guy wasn't original from the start while South Park was.

South Park is unique because it's 4th grade boys swearing. Family Guy is ripping off the Simpsons.

What most shows are: A family that lives a normal life cursing with some jokes in between.

Cleveland Show, Bobs Burgers, Simpsons, Family guy.

HOW MANY OF THOSE DO WE NEED?! - mattstat716

28 The Characters in South Park are More Relatable and Mature
29 Family Guy is a ripoff of The Simpsons

Yup - JazzyJulie

30 South Park Gets Jokes About Religion Funny
31 Fewer Flashbacks

South Have one episode with flashbacks (City on the Edge of Forever Season 2) and Family Guy have it every 2mins

32 South Park Does Satire the Right Way

Including the simpsons and Bob's Burgers as well.

33 South Park Hasn't Been Canceled Once.

Well I mean, you got a record for having your show canceled twice. As far as I know, South Park hasn't been canceled throughout its years but has been pretty close to it a couple of times.

34 Randy Marsh is More Hilarious

Unlike that Peter Griffin guy, Randy Marsh is the personification of irony, satire and silliness.

35 South Park is more relevant and topical, and doesn't force memes in

*cough cough* Brian doing peanut butter jelly time *cough cough*

36 South Park Theme Song is Better Than Family Guy's
37 Family Guy is Offensive

Both are weird

South Park is also offensive, so I don't get why this is on the list. - RogerMcBaloney

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