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21 No Annoying Bleeping Sound

You mean for swears? South Park has that too.

South Park has it too. Just watch 201. - Popsicles

Yea because it makes it better with no BLEEEP sounds! - OneWayStreet

22 Family guy is mostly shock value, while South Park is more satire
23 South Park is On More

Actually Family Guy is on Fox, TBS, Adult Swim, and a lot of CW stations while South Park is only on Comedy Central and MTV. But I love South Park more.

24 South Park is Original, Family Guy Isn't

What's more original a show about cussing fourth graders or a show about a dysfunctional family? Obviously the show about cussing fourth graders is far more original. Honestly Family Guy wasn't original from the start while South Park was. - BoredJeff02

South Park is unique because it's 4th grade boys swearing. Family Guy is ripping off the Simpsons.

What most shows are: A family that lives a normal life cursing with some jokes in between.

Cleveland Show, Bobs Burgers, Simpsons, Family guy.

HOW MANY OF THOSE DO WE NEED?! - mattstat716

25 South Park Gets Jokes About Religion Funny
26 Fewer Flashbacks

South Have one episode with flashbacks (City on the Edge of Forever Season 2) and Family Guy have it every 2mins

27 South Park Has a Great Plot with a Mix of Humor About Today's Society V 1 Comment
28 South Park Does Satire the Right Way

Including the simpsons and Bob's Burgers as well.

29 Better animals

Mr. Kitty is the best. - Popsicles

Honestly, That rooster in W.T.F was better than all the animal jokes in Family Guy

30 South Park Hasn't Been Canceled Once.

Well I mean, you got a record for having your show canceled twice. As far as I know, South Park hasn't been canceled throughout its years but has been pretty close to it a couple of times.

31 Randy Marsh is More Hilarious

Unlike that Peter Griffin guy, Randy Marsh is the personification of irony, satire and silliness.

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